I’m fostering this criminal

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  1. STEM develops so quickly though and he hasn't worked in a relevant role in what, a decade? It's great to have but I wouldn't necessarily assume he'll automatically have an easy time transitioning back into that field.

  2. Agreed!! Everyone keeps saying he has a Yale degree, he will be fine but he only has an undergraduate degree that he abandoned like 10 years ago. Not only is he out of practice but in the world of STEM that might as well be an eternity. Especially in a competitive field like chemistry. He’s so fucked.

  3. Careful, something looks a lil off about him. Get him to a vet if you haven't already. The way he's holding his head, he may have mild cerebellar hypoplasia...which in itself isn't bad, but is usually accompanied by a few other things that may be dangerous

  4. Im glad someone said it. I have read the replies and know now that op is aware that the kitty is a little unwell and has been taking care of it but before that I was disturbed a bit by the video. When I saw all the other comments that just mentioned his smol cuteness then I doubted myself a bit. Glad to see I wasn't alone at least in thinking his neck/head/eyes looked a little off. Hope kitty ends up being ok after his treatments and gets adopted.

  5. Awwww such sweet babies! I hope you get the little black one some help though, looks like he has an eye infection

  6. Do you have the codes for the dresses out front? So cute!

  7. No she isn’t but how many nmt do u offer for her

  8. Looking for the dog house diy, magazine rack diy and cosmos shower diy. 3nmt?

  9. Lol purrito them, then they have no choice but to accept your love

  10. This is a kitten I’m fostering from my local shelter. Her and her siblings are going through a rough patch right now. But if all goes well they will get all their vaccines, be spayed/n and be adoptable soon! Wish them luck!

  11. Please educate yourself. Cats are domesticated, have been breed to our liking and abandoned outside. They are NOT a native species resulting in them being one of the most invasive species on the planet. There are responsible for the EXTINCTION of 63 species and continue to endanger over 50 more species. There is a huge over population issue in this country. Approximately 3 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year. 80% of which were treatable but simply had no place to go. It does not matter that they are content without human beings. These are NOT wild animals, there is nothing NATURAL about how these animals are suffering. Which they are because they do not belong in these ecosystems. By allowing your animals to breed you are adding to this issue and adding to the suffering of these animals. That is why so many people are passionate enough to comment and make sure these animals are being treated correctly.

  12. They’re adorable, are you fostering? Also when they’re 2-3 months you should spay/neuter if you don’t plan too already the kittens will have much better lives if you do

  13. Yup, I foster with the Mcspca! These little guys were found outside with their mother. And now they are going through a rather rough deworming. As soon as they start gaining weight they are gonna get back on track for their vaccines and when they hit 2lbs they will get s/n and go up for adoption!

  14. Adorable! If you haven’t already, you should contact your local shelter! They look young enough to be socialized. You should give them that chance if possible! :) If not, please please make sure you get them and momma spade/neutered!! Wish you luck with these little guys!!

  15. Nop! Well probably lol. She’s one of my fosters. She has two identical sisters with the same ear tufts so who knows maybe they have some Maine coon in them!

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