Where's the logic?

It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

All in favor, raise a paw.

  1. They are mentioning several exploits here. None have been released yet. The one likely coming soon is not based upon the TheFlow exploit.

  2. I feel like if your elected officials didn’t vote for an infrastructure bill, or the governor of the state was critical of it, the state should receive no funds. Then, let them explain to the voters why the AOL screech comes from their computers and phones whenever they try to access the internet. Then again, I’m petty.

  3. If that were the case then they should also be able to opt out of federalism entirely

  4. I think you guys take jokes way too seriously 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. I'd be careful about buying Black Friday deals on cheap TVs. I got burnt buying a cheap Hisense that died barely 2 years later. The warranty is only 1 year and it costs more to have a technician fix the TV than it originally cost to buy it.

  6. What makes a U8G purchased on Black Friday different than any other U8G?

  7. Probably nothing. Just warning people to be careful about buying cheap TV brands. I know Hisense is getting better, but they have some ground to gain still. I would have been fine with my purchase failing on me so quickly if Hisense would have offered any decent support on it, but they were pretty rude and unprofessional.

  8. no worries dude, sometimes I think I know more than I actually do lol

  9. It’s good to be inquisitive. I wouldn’t apologize.

  10. everyone turn auto update off!!!! webkit still works on latest ps5 firmware so make sure to turn it off before it gets patched, presuming that he hasn't released this to sony yet it might work on the latest firmware as of now. so turn auto updates off and be prepared to wait who knows how long this could take to release

  11. Pretty good chance we're looking at a 4.03 exploit. Disclosure could take a while, or never. I hope he takes his time and releases when PS5 matures a bit more.

  12. Should be noted that Progressive Democrats voted no as well

  13. Yes, because they said they would. They all waited until the bill was sure to pass and then voted no to protest the fact that the social spending bill hadn't been passed yet.

  14. Yep, that’s generally how leverage works

  15. Can't you upload a screenshot from your console to a usb drive? I don't have a ps5 and never tried it on my ps4

  16. Not sure. But the Tweet is literally labeled with “PlayStation Network” as the client. So at the very least he uploaded this via some kind of connected PlayStation device. Considering he’s saying it’s PS5 share and that he’s a well respected scene member, there’s no reason to doubt the authenticity.

  17. Oh, I hadn't noticed that when I wrote my comment. Thanks

  18. I know this is an old post but no, Choi doesn't seem to work anymore.

  19. If you just need for TV and nothing else, the Z Alpha is more than capable.

  20. What about DLC / updates pkgs for exploited games that I could already play..for example If I could play a game on 7.55 but there's a new dlc or update released let's say today.. Would I still be able to download that update/ dlc pkg file from my computer? Or would I technically have to wait for a 9.00 exploit to be able to use that update pkg

  21. Depends on the firmware requirements of each update/DLC PKG

  22. Wish people would stop using the word "Liberal" as a negative way to define Progressives. Liberalism isn't inherently bad. Authoritarianism is.

  23. Lmao that somehow people are downvoting such a common-sense, basic stance.

  24. I’ll gladly take the downvotes. Downvote away.

  25. That’s an idiotic sentiment. There are authoritarians in both the Democrat and Republican parties. Politics doesn’t have to be a team sport. Vote for whoever is the best for the job, and in this case, best for your kids.

  26. That the majority were re-entries? Or that the charge was a federal felony?

  27. We’re talking about those who did not enter legally at a port of entry. This stat accounts for that particular criteria, not of all immigration at the border. Since people entering and claiming asylum at legal ports or entry are not convicted and subsequently sentenced for an misdemeanor illegal entry (first offense) or felony illegal re-entry (2nd/3rd/4th offense), I wouldn’t consider them in part of the stat of “illegal border crossings”.

  28. Two words…well one. CarPlay. How many cars on the road have CarPlay? How many require the phone to be plugged in? Would CarPlay still work with usb-c? In theory, yes. It’s just a connector. But, who knows for sure. How many cars with CarPlay support wireless CarPlay? Guessing not that many yet.

  29. ... do you think that's what this guy is talking about?

  30. It really shouldn’t matter. If the sentiment applies in 1 scenario for 1 person, then it can apply for anybody’s situation. That’s the great thing about this country… every local municipality gets to determine what community standards should be. And if a community is in disagreement with a policy, then they have every right to voice their dissent and/or vote in a different school board that represent their values.

  31. That’s wild. The article also outlines how many people they are expecting to be missing on Monday in other offices of NY government, and it’s a pretty staggering number of people to be honest. Hopefully they can find qualified people to fill those positions, otherwise it seems like NY is going to inundated with overtime payments.

  32. If they managed to sell more PS5s in a year than the hitherto now record breaking Nintendo Switch did I think it is ok to say they did a fine job. And that is in a year of chip shortage. That demand went crazy high was very unexpected.

  33. I didn’t say they didn’t do a good job. I said that 13 million sold was laughable compared to the demand of 20 million or more. If you were a company that missed out on 35% of the total demand, I think you’d be disappointed too. The conversation is not about Sony’s ability to keep up, it’s about the industry as a whole being backlogged due to global semiconductor shortages. Don’t take it personally or twist it into something that it’s not.

  34. But the backlog has not impacted Sony’s ability to ship and sell 13 mio units in less than 12 months. An impressive number, There is nothing laughable about it, and I am not trying to make excuses on their behalf.

  35. I didn’t say it otherwise. I’m not sure what your point is. Even Sony has been consistent in saying that they are not happy with these numbers. No business would pat themselves on the back for selling 35% below demand, even if those numbers are incredibly impressive on their own.

  36. Why do I get this feeling that even if a KEX is released for FW9.x, it will have an even lower success rate than 7.xx?

  37. Because 8.XX WebKit was compiled differently

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