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  1. Exactly right, this sub is completely one sided on what it chooses to criticise

  2. They played the opponents in front of them which just so happened to be champions of their respective league. You can only beat who's in front of you.

  3. It’s factual that the Lisbon Lions never seen 10IAR because Rangers literally won the league on the tenth season!

  4. The best oasis song is Slide away. It is also the best song from the 90s.

  5. I agree that A Train surviving and Noir dying was very disappointing. It felt like the show was building up this big reveal for Noir or atleast a bit of redemption but suddenly he’s killed with one punch by HL. The finale felt messy and a little rushed imo.

  6. It did indeed, I do wonder what happened behind the scenes, it just goes to show how one bad finale can ruin an absolutely wonderful season.

  7. There were so many different directions season 4 could’ve went before the finale, but now i feel it’s sort of predictable now. If Ryan or HL had died it would’ve set up season 4 to be completely different but now it feels like it’ll be more of the same.

  8. As a soccer fan, I’ve never seen Barça or Real use those colors especially with those patch placements.

  9. A fake top does not mean the signatures lose value, you Americans need to go back to basketball

  10. Actually pretty good, a bit more hip rotation in the first sequence of the Age Uki into Yaku Zuki would look better. Also in the overhead block following into the 3 strike thing (can’t remember the names) Overall it’s at a very decent level

  11. Never said it did. I got them mixed up. Said that anything from Tarantino post Pulp Fiction sucks.

  12. Well... they all suck. Don't know how to make it any more clear. Kill Bill, sucked. Django, sucked.

  13. I do Shotokan Karate in a very traditional style so it’s a bit different from the Kanku Dia I do, although i would try and add a bit of timing to the kata. Also, the end of the move is good but getting there looks loose if that makes sense.

  14. This does not represent Scotland in any way, there are plenty of unionists and monarchists in Scotland (like me).

  15. I know, i was on a different subreddit that had shared this post. Just pointing out that not all of Scotland hate England and the monarchy etc

  16. I’m on console mate i can’t get a mod menu

  17. Gotta be from the early 90s. I vaguely remember seeing that logo as a kid

  18. Christ i’m only 16 haha, i got given this club by a friend. I thought it was old as it looked and felt different from my other clubs.

  19. Is this the same ‘Fifi’ that was in Better Call Saul!?

  20. On the steam workshop, it’s called Zealand FM skin. I recommend it.

  21. There’s men(former athlete who showered around other men) and women(former sexual partners) who don’t wash their legs with anything but water

  22. i’ll admit, i don’t wash anywhere past my thighs when i’m in the shower. Is that bad?

  23. Are you talking about Wes? Dude he sucked ass in Scotland

  24. As a Glasgow Rangers fan i can confirm that Wes Foderingham was absolutely dreadful up here. The guy had popadoms as wrists.

  25. In the past it was literal torture for the people who participated, now the owner of Mckamey Manor gets the participants to crawl around in his garden all day.

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