1. Once, and only once, a friend and I decided to snort an Oxycodone. We chopped it down real fine and did it. Burned worse than I ever imagined. Never did it again. F that.

  2. Plowed by someone else who I paid while I’m watching?

  3. Unintentional to be sure but I had Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man vibes.

  4. Many restaurants have been adding a covid fee now as well. Kind of stupid because I don't see them doing anything different most of the time. It's usually from the large expensive restaurants.

  5. There's a bar & grill that we frequently Door Dash from that has a photo of their menu online... with the bottom cut off saying they add a "Covid Fee" to each order. If you go in, the menu lists it right at the bottom, but online it's cut off.

  6. You should stop going there and tell them that is the reason. They will continue this bullshit until people stop going out legislators get off their ass to put a stop to it.

  7. Mate, the food's so good. I'm hoping I die from it instead of anything else.

  8. The guy who invented the bulletproof vest tested it on himself, the guy who invented bulletproof glass tested it on his wife. Both survived and it worked as great publicity for both inventors.

  9. This one is my daily and my other one stays in my garage so I’m not too worried about covering this one just to have to uncover it every day

  10. Ah, yeah. Mine's a daily driver too. I try to keep it covered when snow or hail rolls through. I don't like scraping windows at 5:30am. lol!

  11. My only addition is with older pedos it’s hard to believe you hit 50 or 60 and just randomly decided to molest a child. This is probably something that you have probably been doing but never got caught. I feel like in a lot of cases sentencing guidelines are to lax and often if it’s a first time offense they will be hit with the minimum and not the max.

  12. A girl my wife babysat for years ago started to be molested by her father when she got to about 10 years old. He was in his late 40's at the time. He got caught after like 5 YEARS and went to prison. Got killed shortly after his first year in, I think.

  13. I marked the horror ones incase you aren't into that genre.

  14. Gleaming The Cube (1989). Oh man.That was one of the first movies I saw when I moved to the US in 1992. My mom rented it because that's what she thought skate culture was like and she wanted me to fit in.

  15. I backed it on Kickstarter for the normal game price, I think. Really glad I didn't continue. What a scam. And people STILL buy packs from them for thousands of dollars. Ridiculous.

  16. Overhype of bf2042! Buggyness of cyberpunk 2077! Port quality of days gone!

  17. Brouht my (then) fiance to see this year's ago. She absolutely loved it. (She's from the US.)

  18. Because guys grow up hearing the "lock and key" comparison. The one that says a good key opens many locks but a lock opened by many keys is bad.

  19. It looks like you just walk into a tattoo parlor, throw a dart at the wall, and say "I'll have that tattoo, please. Just wherever you can find a spot"

  20. "You know what I'll do today? I think I'll demand MORE bullying, but from people on Reddit instead of -insert MMO game-, -insert school-, -insert job?-, -insert family members names-, and -insert any local business including every place that sends Door Dash-. FUCK you're needy.

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