1. There's a bus that runs a few times a day

  2. What do you want. I have spares of everything

  3. Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t realize the Shadows would be better with that high of IVs until quite recently. :/ If I get any more that high I’m definitely going to keep them Shadow from now on though!

  4. Good luck! Dragon rocket grunts are a 1% encounter chance

  5. Com day shundos are the most common type. It's still cool though

  6. What about lucky shundos? They have the IV floor that wild pokemon don't have.

  7. Yeah I guess. If you do a lucky trade it's 1/64 to be a hundo but if you know where a community day hundo is, it's 1/20 chance to be a shundo

  8. Most likely they buy them in a cheaper currency (if you provide your login)

  9. 40km per day is the maximum you can get candies

  10. It's called a indicator bolt. I'm a locksmith

  11. Yeah it’s a 300 series indicator from what I’ve found. I found some for 46 a pop can’t find any cheaper

  12. Go to any locksmith they will be cheaper. Ask for trade price since you are buying a few. I haven't worked in locksmithing down here so i cant recommend anywhere. 45 bucks is rip off though you will get them for 20ish

  13. No it doesn't. It adds 2 to each stat on purification

  14. Yeah I've done about 45 Mewtwo raids and gotten like <5 rare XLs

  15. Yeah I'm over 100 and have like 10. I got 2 in one raid though which was a first

  16. No problem, it’s fine, you were being nice by offering so thanks (if you want to add me my friend code is 1745 5725 3039 :)

  17. Sorry I got caught up doing something it's done now

  18. That board is sick! Just make sure the wheels are flush with the bearings. Sometimes it takes a bit of pressure to get them in there right.

  19. Yeah those bearings aren't in properly on the front truck

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