1. Here’s the thing- I am 24, so it’s only downhill from here. I hit my wall early. Most 24 year old men are very good looking. I may be one of the worst looking in my age cohort. When I turn 30, I’m going to look like I’m 50 at this rate. My time to find a great partner is running short and it is depressing.

  2. This is how I feel. I'm also in my mid 20s and I see people around me looking so beautiful and young while I have these horrible and deep eye bags due to bad anemia and weird mouth wrinkles

  3. Yeah, I used to use tretinoin (I keep forgetting to refill my prescription), but it didn't really help that much. Hopefully I can see a dermatologist next week and then get a new tube, but I'm not sure it'll do anything

  4. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. People would perceive you any way they wanted to. Do you have friends that you hang out with at least?

  5. Yeah, but that doesn't mean they'll do anything about it. Pretty privilege works in their favor, so they'll just try to brush it off and pretend like it doesn't exist because they want to make it seem like people really do like them for their personality or work ethic when it's really because of their looks. Plus, I feel like normies really never will truly understand the full effects of what ugliness does to you (unless they get old and ugly). They live in entirely different worlds than us. It's like the King of England who was rich all his life and waited on by butlers and maids, trying to understand what it's like to be poor. They just don't truly understand it because they've never seen it. They just assume everyone is nice and kind and helpful because that's all they've ever been exposed to and don't see the other side of people that we see

  6. I don't talk about it with anyone irl. No point in it. I don't even have friends though, so it's not really a choice lmao.

  7. I agree. Talking to ppl about this stuff irl is a disaster. They'll just see us as weird freaks or be even more annoyingly toxic positive than normies on reddit are. I don't have any friends to talk about it either, but I know if I told my mom, she would backhand me and tell me everyone is beautiful and that I should be happy to look the way I do :/ Easy for her to say because she was very beautiful in her youth and had multiple guys proposing to her...

  8. I spent a decade abusing heroin and have spent the last several years in sobriety and working with those still stuck in addiction and I have some very clear advice here: Avoid stimulants, cigarettes, and alcohol. Those three things will age you very quickly. Stimulants which includes both adderall and prescribed stimulants as well as crack, meth, and the more elicit versions of amphetamines are terrible for your dental and oral hygeine, your skin, and will cause premature wrinkles. Cigarettes cause lines around your mouth, bad breath, bad oral hygeine, and internal damage as well. Alcohol causes bloating and weight gain, but this is reversible. Of course there are chronic health issues that arise from abusing alcohol that are irreversible.

  9. Does that include medications like wellbutrin? It technically has "stimulant" properties. I really hope not because that's the only medication that makes me feel somewhat normal

  10. I'd say people of all ages are rude and disgusted by me unfortunately. I never feel safe anymore because it's like anyone can be mean to me and think I'm gross

  11. I think the only times I've been called pretty irl (redditors like to spread toxic positivity and vehemently deny it if you say you're ugly) by someone who wasn't my grandmother was twice. Both times were like a decade ago when I was in 10th grade. It was once by a stranger when I was in a restaurant, and another time by a girl I was friends with. Both times caught me by surprise, but I didn't really care about my looks back then, so I just brushed them off.

  12. A 14 year old girl I met online wanted to do a sleepover at her 15th birthday, but just me and her. It was obvious what her intentions were, she wanted to get fcked by an older guy. I was 20 at that time so it never even was an option for me.

  13. Girls are usually nice to me because I’m gay, but becuase I’m ugly they don’t make eye contact with me. Guys don’t talk to me at all, call me ugly, and act like ima Disease

  14. Man, the eye contact thing hurts so bad. Like when they just look anywhere but you with an annoyed look on their face, but when they talk to everyone else, they're engaged and listen and make full eye contact. It makes you feel so subhuman

  15. I’m confused by your post. You want a second bachelors but you are starting a PhD in the fall? Have you already applied to programs? Are you in the U.S.? It might be hard to get scholarships if you are a non-matriculating student. I would apply to any that are relevant to you now and you can use those funds however you’d like. I know there are professional organizations that give out scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students.

  16. Yes, I have already basically gotten accepted to the school I'm doing my masters at, but I haven't been chosen by a professor for research which is the last thing I need for full acceptance into the program. I can't waste any more time cuz I already started my undergrad almost 10 years ago at this point, so I was hoping to do the PhD while slowly taking a few undergraduate prerequisite courses online. Its not any different from PhD programs that give students conditional acceptance where they have to take prerequisite courses. I already have a lot of stamina...i usually study in the library from 8am to 11pm studying for my classes and using the extra time to learn and practice core ECE/CS concepts. I don't get burnt out because I love learning this stuff. So I can definitely handle starting my PhD and doing undergrad courses on the side in my spare time as long as I manage my time wisely

  17. You're most of the way through a master's degree in engineering. Are you really sure that you need another bachelor's, let alone 2? The majority of the work would be redundant and you should be able to pick up the skills you need much more efficiently on your own. At most, you probably need to take a handful of classes to pick up important EE concepts + coding skills.

  18. Yes, because the biomedical engineering program doesn't let me take the classes I need to have a good foundation in EECS. I haven't taken things and have barely any knowledge of things like signals and systems or circuit analysis or microprocessor or data structures and algorithms. Basic core concepts needed to understand what you are doing for anything. I can probably teach myself the computer science stuff and have been using the

  19. That's true. But many men feel that way. Even if you think only redditors feel this way, that's still quite a sum.

  20. Many women feel this way too. I'm fugly as hell and people act like I'm the most disgusting thing they've seen in the world and go out of their way to make my life miserable

  21. Not justified in any way but if you grow up in an impoverished area with high crime you learn to resolve your conflicts physically as a survival mechanism. This stays with you into adulthood and is very hard to unlearn.

  22. What makes you think she grew up/is living in an impoverished area though 🤔

  23. Damn, I hate bus drivers sometimes. One gave me this extremely dirty look the other day when I was trying to get on the bus and ignored me when I said good morning, but said good morning to everyone else.

  24. you’re very pretty! would never have guessed you’re 30, you look my age.

  25. Well, it's not like once you hit 30, you go straight to looking like a 90 year old...Many people, especially women, look the same at 30 vs their 20s

  26. Another thing attractive people have that you didnt put on the list is good eye area. They dont have huge dark circles and their eyes dont point downwards to make them look tired (negative canthal tilt). Also nice teeth

  27. Throwaway had an olgaaa account for a while but then reddit banned it and she went MIA. Likely she finally realized she wasn't ugly and found other things. I had a conversation with her over discord and she mentioned sympathizing with shooters. So I blocked her and she apologized a few days later then seemingly disappeared. That was really the last contact I had with her.

  28. I would have probably joined back in 2020 had I known this sub existed. Back then, I was struggling horribly with mental health issues and that was when I began to realize I wasnt just ugly but hideous. I always knew I was ugly, but that was when i slowly began to realize it was the bad form of ugly, not just "regular ugly".

  29. When I was 10 I though 16 was old. When I was 16 I thought 22 was old.

  30. True. When I was 6/7, all the middle school kids (my mom is a teacher) seemed like grown ass adults.

  31. Because I’m tired of being called old at 26. I have friends literally buying anti aging cream and worried about men seeing them out of her “prime” because of these conversations.

  32. I'm also 97, and the thing that perpetuates it is older men doing these things. This guy who was literally like 10+ years older than me told me I "looked good for my age" when I was 23. As if I was supposed to turn into an old hag now that I was past 21. I have dark skin too, so I look much younger than the average person in their 20s in general. I wish I had said something rude back to him considering he was nearly in his mid 30s.

  33. Yeah…saying Black men are this and that is making me side eye you a bit OP. There are Caribbean men, African, British Black men, etc etc. So, much as the ones you came in contact with have sucked it doesn’t mean the entire group is like that.

  34. But they wouldn't make us differentiate. Women always say not all men blah blah. But men certainly don't hesitate to say all women are a certain way. I don't hear black guys saying that carribean and African black women are better than African Americans. They just put down all of us.

  35. I don't have an answer to be honest. I think it's a lot easier to accept that you're ugly if you're one of the lucky few that have a relatively normal life, like friends, people are generally nice to you, you have a funny personality, etc

  36. Yeah definitely don't. I posted my best pictures on there and ended up with a 4. That 4 was due to angles, lighting, and TONS of makeup. I look nothing like the pictures I used because I was scared to have my ugliness confirmed in a rude and inconsiderate way (they deliver the news in such a mean way on there). But I'm pretty sure if I used more accurate pictures, I'd be given a 2 because I see women much better looking than I am be given 3-3.5. They seem to score poc lower too (I'm black), so I'd definitely be given a low score

  37. youre right. in my day to day life i rarely see this amount of stunning looking people. most of the people are normal, average looking so i dont feel as bad but when i tap into social media it gets the best out of me

  38. Even seeing average people makes me want to cry T_T. In my mind, they may not be 10/10 models but they're still extremely beautiful in a more everyday way. They still make me want to burst into tears whenever I look at them, and they still have tons of people who want to be around them and/or date them. I just think it's so odd that the vast majority of people are in the average range, yet we still managed to be ugly. Like whyyyy

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