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  1. I love my W's. I just have a lot and don't mind to spare a few for a trade. :3

  2. I traded them at 10 per. I didn’t mind. I’ve got lots of w’s

  3. I can’t not tell you. I just found a 50 D. XD My first ever from CRH.

  4. I'm pretty sure OP is refereeing to the blowjob tattoo, but I honestly don't think that that is the tipping point that makes her trashy. The rest of her does a fine job at trashyness. But each to their own.

  5. Dancybro, if you startle it in its web it flails around like it's riding a mechanical bull

  6. I can’t wait for the day you are able to stop posting. It will be a beautiful day.

  7. You either hate me posting frames or you also want a 3rd season.

  8. You've lived a blessed life if you've never seen one of these before. They're my nemesis.

  9. Why does the buffalo look like it’s dated 1996? Unless it’s 1896? In which case it can’t possibly be that…

  10. How much did you start with to sort through to get here? Looks like a lot of good finds.

  11. A good lot of coin. At least 12 boxes of halves. Seven nickels. One box of quarters. And probably 10 boxes to 12 of dimes. I could be off on the amount of boxes. But I go through a ton of coin a week.

  12. This is a bucket list coin for me to buy one day. Toning looks natural to be honest.

  13. I’ve never seen a round like this. It’s a lot of fun. ~

  14. I recently was able to visit family for the first time in six months. I had a huge case of bad luck. Started when I got sick for three months. Was off work unpaid. Barely made it by on all my savings. Finally got back to work and after my first paycheck I hit a Raccoon that busted my radiator. Causing my car to overheat and burst a head gasket. My car was dead. Finally after six months, I now have a new car. Was finally able to go visit my family.

  15. Does white stuff ooze out when squeezed?

  16. I am a fan of toned coins. I've spent a lot of time trying to photograph them (most often through slabs). Getting the underlying luster of a toned coin in a photograph is hard typically taking more then one image to really show the toning/surfaces. The trueview photos are done very well (and I assume before holdering) and anyone who has tried probably appreciates them that much more. I will say, your photo looks pretty good.

  17. Do you know if it is possible to get a coin only put through the truview system? Not graded? I do honestly want to have this beautify in a holder though. But due to cost it may be a while.

  18. how do you know its an 1809? 1814 large date has same placement

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