1. Looks great. A more natural looking hair colour and gorgeous.

  2. I think you’re confusing immortality with unable to age cause kratos can’t age but he sure a shit can die. Cause he already has, like multiple times

  3. Immortality means you can live forever unless killed. Being unable to be killed is invincible.

  4. Immortality means a lot of things but it first and foremost means that you can’t die, you’ll last forever and whatnot. Invincibility means more that you are powerful enough that no one can kill you, but you can still die if you wished for it. A lot like superman if kryptonite didn’t exist or something. (but you are also right that immortality means that you can’t age it just depends on who is portraying it)

  5. I have a response, but it's pointless. Bye.

  6. Again. Who the hell did the lighting for this? Looks like a picture of a kidnap victim. How do these people get jobs as photographers?

  7. Yep, buy it, jump in, destroy everything and have fun.

  8. Which means you are useless,selfish and no player wants you on their squad.

  9. Could you elaborate for the rest of us on what it means to play for real, please? I'm honestly curious to hear your answer and the answer might even help other players out.

  10. Engaging the enemy on the required fronts. Backing up your team. Using potentially life or area saving skills that other team members might not possess. Having an ult when a team member is about to go down. Being an extra body for crowd control, taking down Oni and diverting attention when needed. Being able to cross to a newly opened zone when the others are tied down.

  11. The Mario movie. You know, what the original comment talked about

  12. Just went through the comments on 6 of the trailer videos and saw zero hate or negativity, not just towards Anna, but anyone. The comments are literally a shower of glowing praise. Try harder. Sounds very much like you are trying to create some drama nonsense from a few idiots that you might have seen when the reality is the absolutely opposite.

  13. I think you’re the one trying to start shit. I told you what I saw and you can even look for yourself here. The quote rt’s and replies.

  14. Go back and read my posts v yours. I have said nothing to start shit. I have replied and debunked everything stated, no-one has come back at me. I showed that the movie trailers have zero negativity, you ignored that.

  15. For years but was a casual smoker. Since she's been going out with her man she has pretty much smoked constantly.

  16. Here is the reason she looks so thin and drawn in nowadays.

  17. Two ways. In the water just look down and push forward and you should dive. Alternatively, land in the water from a height and you'll be below the surface.

  18. I agree with Overlord. Feet first would technically not be a dive. Also, belly flop is not recommended.

  19. Oof I'd question anything else you hear from someone who claims 4e is "streamlined" vs 2e. It's quite bloated with rules, modifiers, stacking conditions, an untenable Advantage system (Up in Arms alleviates this particular issue a bit).

  20. This is what I am doing. Currently reading 4e to see what I am going to adopt to 2e.

  21. Imo 2E is the better game, but it suffers from old mechanics and some imbalance issues. 4E however is more modern, but also has a massive problem with modifier and stat tracking in combat that just eventually drove me back to 2e.

  22. I'm just starting to read 4E (in pdf on a tablet, which I hate doing) and the advance system seems to be the most confusing. Seems like it could be easy to get lost. And the combat that I have skimmed over seems a bit, well pre-determined.

  23. Yes. But diverse repetitive. And even so, it's simple, mindless fun.

  24. because people didn't know, Matt Hancock is ex british health minister. it's like dr fauci come to america's got talent and won 3rd place.

  25. Yeah and it's got nothing to do with this sub.

  26. And one more thing people get better at playing any game with day by day, no one is born pro gamer, that was the early times when I played that game, but till now I’ve killed many bosses in this game like a pro

  27. Getting hurt by enemies is common in this game bro, grow up man, if there was a option to play online against people like you, I would have definitely killed u in one minute

  28. Jump on legends and show how good you are.

  29. I tend to try and make the games less about gold and more about other things. Otherwise, you breed a team of loot goblins who are more concerned with carrying piles of treasure around than the actual game.

  30. That's also what that rule encourages. And my players love starting new adventures by going over how they are broke once again. Even the rich burgher who had some gold stashed away liked to say his money was all tied in real estate deals.

  31. I tend to run campaigns that flow together and usually end up with one over-arching narrative so it helps to allow players to build what they want. If it was a series of loosely connected stuff I might employ stripping them.

  32. I like the idea that Jin died on the beach and is now actually a protector spirit. So I would like him to go to the mainland but also start introducing a storyline where he starts entering and wandering around the underworld. Sort of a light world/dark world.

  33. Agreed. The short hair doesn't work very well for me.

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