1. Dunno what is more annoying, ghosts who refuse to heal and go down, forcing other ghosts to stop and get to them or ghoss who hit a drum and dnt give other ghoss a chance to get to it.

  2. trips can one shot even the toughest machines.

  3. The mongols have invaded the mainland, the kahn now knows that there is an enemy called the ghost who is coming for them.

  4. I dont think they couldnt come up with something. I just meant impossible in the way that there will be a massive plot hole. Lord shimura was super important to the story. So to continue Jins story without addressing what happened or using one option as the true canon kind of ruins the last game and makes having that option pointless.

  5. You clearly have no ability for creative storytelling

  6. Why not? They are pretty easy to kill.

  7. Bro it took me like 30 mins just for one and I had the beginner Dow with two damage incresments thre rope caster and the elteric rope caster and a sling and I just started in the desert zone

  8. Hre is how to cheese it, up your tripcaster. Set up an X zone with trips crossing each other. In that area set up bombs. Change your outfit to a melee resistant one.

  9. I dunno about an assassin based mode but I do like maps that favor stealthy tactics.

  10. 90% of times in crow demons missions I end up with a trigger happy sam who doesn't care that I have abilities that could make the mission far beter and easier and run in hacking away at tengu until they go down and I have tp rez them.

  11. When GoT 2 cmes ut, w should probably see legends 2.

  12. The game is five years old and eveyone knows this. Plus, the game pretty much tells you how to beat thm.

  13. I'm going to try this just for the movement practise. Looks great!

  14. I like the guy but come on, we all know who we want.

  15. Best thing is, in interviews she really seems lovely, charming and down to earth.

  16. No. There are bad communities and bad players in everything, but to call every gaming community toxic as hell just means you are playing with assholes and doing nothing about it. Every player who isn't interested in playing with squeakers and griefers very quickly learns how to avoid those people.

  17. Haven’t played legends for a while but do remember it had alot of leavers or someone who doesn’t make an effort to revive team mates ( on purpose maybe … or not) only way to avoid is to play with friends (my friends list never plays games together like we used to do)

  18. Yeah there are bad players but OP is making out like it's the entire community. I see players leave but the ratio must besomething crazy like 40:1 in favour of players who stay. I see far more players gothrough with missions and survivals that I do quitters, by a mile.

  19. You can go to wikipedia all day long but the real idea of short hair is now short hair, not hair that is 12 inches long. Sorry. Short hair on a woman is Daisy Ridley currently, Natalie Portman in Mr magorium, Michelle William.

  20. I see what your subs definition is, but this ain't short hair.

  21. For those wondering why I stacked so much critical hit damage, it's because all my equipment has 7% critical hit chance.

  22. Yeah but that leavs a 93% chance to not get any.

  23. Doesn't that stack? My every second hit is a critical hit.

  24. It means you do that extra damage if you get the 7% crit. If you don't you get nothing.

  25. They only come back after boss levels.

  26. If you are looking for quest ideas go on pinterest and search for "game hooks"

  27. Didn't care much for the movie but Emma was gorgeous in it, especially that dress.

  28. Totally recognised her. That website says that same thing about people all the time. I've ended up on it before. It's a real bottom of the barrel page.

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