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  1. Even tho I just joined the subreddit and only know you from your previous post about your surgery in

  2. Kudos to Chtorrr for helping clean up the subreddit. Idk how y’all are able to do it, but it’s much appreciated.

  3. I agree with this sentiment, whether it’s silvergecko or someone else, someone on the mod team that’s part of the LGBTQ community would be nice

  4. That would be rad. It would help the subreddit so much.

  5. Same. I just joined today and I have no clue what’s happening haha

  6. Follow up: I forgot the app was on my phone the day after I downloaded it because it was in a folder thing and not in front of my face when I open my phone 🤦‍♀️

  7. Just downloaded the app on my phone. Can’t use it on my work computer, but I’m excited to see if this works. Thank you!!

  8. “Child labor laws are ruining this country.” -Ron Swanson

  9. Someone’s acting like a silly little goose

  10. Ahh that’s my state! I’m pretty liberal, but I think gov cox is pretty decent. You can tell he really cares about the state.

  11. NTA - that guy needs to be put on a list 🚔 I’d talk to an adult about it bc that’s considered cp.

  12. Wait I’m stupid, what’s the post about?

  13. I think the cutoff date is October 15. A side note, Cerebral is kinda under some hot water rn, so it might be best to change providers.

  14. Oh oops sorry I can’t read apparently haha my bad. Does your doc have other docs or APRNs in their practice? You might be able to see one of them temporarily until he gets back?

  15. Rejected like the mods take it down? Or rejected like people get upset over it?

  16. It doesn’t help everyone focus. I gave a friend one in grad school during exams and she slept through our entire last lecture… It effects people differently whether they need it or not!

  17. So like it helps me focus by calming me down mentally, if that makes sense? I get sleepy too on it sometimes haha I usually don’t take it on weekends bc I don’t really need to focus hard on something like work. Maybe I need to take a longer “drug holiday”? Like a week maybe?

  18. Did you have any change in diet? Food determine how well my med work.

  19. Not that I can think of. My diet has always been bad haha does alcohol decrease the effectiveness? I’ve been going out to bars with friends more the past couple of years.

  20. Yes this happens to me too and no amount of googling has led to any results and the weirder thing is I’ve taken adderall for years and it always lowered my appetite until this year it makes me so hungry too my stomach starts growling instantly it’s so strange… idk wtf happened

  21. Whoaaaaa I’m so glad it’s not just me!! At first I thought it was because I started Lexapro but Ive been off that now for months and it’s still happening. My stomach is currently growling and I have hunger pains even tho I already ate and took my meds!

  22. I’m on lexapro too, so it’s good to know that it’s not that haha like there would be days a while back where I would sometimes forget to eat or have a snack and be fine (not on purpose of course), I just wouldn’t have that physical trigger for my body to say that I’m hungry. But lately, I could eat all day. I wonder if the manufacturer has altered the meds slightly or something? I’ve noticed that I react differently from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it seems like no pharmacy has the one that has best worked for me in the past 🥲

  23. Yeah, I’m the exact same way. Sometimes I usually have a tv series that I’ve seen a million times just playing in the background, so that I can have some sense of stimulation while doing any work that I think is boring.

  24. Do you have a place to go? Maybe a coffee shop or library. You can build up a work hygene routine by getting a change of sceneary

  25. I could try that, but it’s kinda hard for me to work with just one monitor with the kind of work that I do. I think I might just need to start going back to the office, even tho that’s like the last thing I want to do haha

  26. I’m on these meds and just hearing about this now 🤠 oh man

  27. Exactly haha it’s like they never took an intro to anthropology course

  28. I can’t tell if this tweet is serious or a troll. Either way, it’s messed up. Edit: listen, I’m oblivious and a dumbass when it comes to trolls sometimes haha

  29. “Woman shouldn’t feed baby bc it makes me feel funny things when I see boobs 😤” How about you control yourself and let the baby eat lmao breastfeeding isn’t sexual because believe it or not, boobs have other functions than for you to just stare at on a computer screen.

  30. Do I need to wait until next season for them to grow back? It was only 3 morels, but I’m hoping to be able to grow more.

  31. NAH - when you’re young and new to relationships, it can be hard to figure out how to deal with conflict when there’s a lot of emotions that you haven’t really learned how to manage before. It can be pretty painful if someone you really care about romantically says something that hurts you, and it can be tough to figure out the best way to respond to that hurt. I think it was both of you trying to hurt another bc you both felt hurt by each other, but you’ll both mature and learn how to deal with conflict in relationships in a healthier way. If I could give any advice, just have direct communication with how you feel when you feel hurt or aren’t comfortable with something. This can seriously deescalate a situation so much quicker bc you start to figure out the real root of whatever the issue is together.

  32. you dk how much i’m thanking you man. everyone is just calling me immature and tryna tell us to break up but this is seriously the only thing that’s helped. i really do thank you for giving us BOTH the benefit of the doubt here.

  33. Yeah, I mean like don’t take this personally or whatnot, but teens can just be shitty to each other because they sometimes just don’t have the right tools to handle emotions, and getting/learning those tools usually comes with experience or age. Emotions and feelings I think are really heightened when you’re a teen, and if you don’t know how to process or handle those emotions, then you lash out or something else that’s destructive. You’re young, so just take it easy. Take time to learn about how you react when you feel certain emotions and evaluate if it harms you or other people. People make mistakes and sometimes it caused by reacting to being hurt and such. Being a teen is hard, and when you’re in a relationship, it feels like it’s the most important thing at that moment. Try to take a step back from everything, and just figure out what’s important to you and beneficial for you. Sorry for the rambling haha

  34. I wish I could personalize the armor more for mages or something. I’m not good enough to wear any of the cuter armor bc I need all of the help I can get from the other kinds of armor 😭

  35. I feel like a silly goose for falling for this rage bait tbh 😔

  36. You’re the example shown in those mandatory HR trainings 😭

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