1. In my experience it’s because they’re emotionally immature and have a very unrealistic view of love in the first place.

  2. I made reservations at a restaurant for v day and she complained about the restaurant so I canceled the reservation. She then complained that I canceled the reservation . She also read the valentines day card I gave her and told me she didn’t believe what I wrote. Ouch.

  3. I practically had to beg my ex to make a reservation at this restaurant I wanted to go to and then I felt too guilty to even order a meal since it was so expensive so I just got a drink and dessert. I would be ecstatic if someone actually took initiative for me for once.

  4. Everything I tried to do was never correct or right. I guess in my head I slowly stopped doing all this extra shit for her bc there was always a negative reaction.

  5. 6 months nc and I’m hoping this happens to me sooner than later

  6. Get rid of that hope. You're living for her at this point if you keep hoping that

  7. nah i just want to reject her. I’m not waiting for her, im waiting to reject her.

  8. How does this post got so much hateful attention while are others that had 0 comments and had the same content? We will never know

  9. Maybe because they said that the only “issue” men have is finding an attractive partner and life is easy for them while the suicide rates are greater for men.

  10. Do you think maybe that suicide rate is actually a lie?

  11. You look pretty good but skinny. Bulk szn and you’ll be golden

  12. I texted after a couple months and she acted better than i expected and then i got ghosted. Save yourself the time, hurt, and have a little respect for yourself.

  13. I did nc for two and 1/2 months before reaching out to apologize for my mistakes in the relationship. Asked her to catch up in the future and she said she would have to think about it. Been 3 1/2 months total now. I am hoping she wasnt just giving me false hope but who knows at this point. Ive heard the sweet spot for dumpers reaching out is 3-6 months so i will probably wait until that period is over to fully accept it. No its not preventing me from healing. Ive healed quite well actually with the hope that she reaches out but its because Ive prepared myself and am ok if she doesnt reach out.

  14. She wasnt the most perfect person but she had a lot of love to give. It destroyed me when she left because I got complacent. I was so depressed and stressed out with school and work that my mental health was just not good and I hit a low. I tried to talk to her about it telling her things would change and started making changes. Unfortunately I was taking too long for her and she wasnt feeling the best either. Im hoping for a reconnect after we’ve had some time apart ( 3.5 months rn). Ive grown a lot and got my shit back together and know how to manage my stress a lot better rather than shutting down. Hope she gives me that chance 🤞.

  15. a lot of people announce it as a cry for help before they do it actually.

  16. A little over 100 days now and its hitting hard again for some reason 🫥.

  17. I feel you. Been having those thoughts for a real long time. Hang in there. We got this. 🫶

  18. I would say yea but wait… i told her she was the coolest person ive ever met when I was with her and she got upset and backlashed saying not to say that bc she’s been told that before… so maybe not…

  19. higher than if you dont. But who says they will even come back.

  20. Lol yours is kinda mine. Broke girl with 0 sense on how to save money. Tried to help her but ofc she got mad.

  21. Mine was a similar story dude, I'm so happy I'm not alone. My friends and family called me a little weirdo for falling for a guy who dropped out of community college (I wonder how ridiculous do you have to be in academics to drop out of a community college). He now works as a mechanic at near minimum wages. I work as a software engineer and make more now than he'll be making after 15 years. I never boasted or went conceited about it though.

  22. Its weird. My family knew this girl was not good but decided not to say anything because I was happy. I wish they told me…

  23. Yes. I personally will not get into another relationship. Ever? Maybe. For a long ass time at least.

  24. I got “I need to be alone”, “I need to work on myself” blah blah blah. She also said “I only want to be with you”, “I want to be healthy with you”. All lies she ended up going out partying and doing molly on our “break” while i tried seeing a therapist and started working out every day and trying new hobbies. All the “I want to be with you” quickly changed to I want to be with other people too.

  25. From my experience, I would run. Every person is different but my ex lied to me. Her “working on herself” was going out to parties and trying new drugs while I went to therapy and starting working out every day trying to become better.

  26. Man this is tough. I currently go back and forth with this in my head. The longer shes gone the more i lean towards no.

  27. I was at an all time low which I told her about and I begged and then she said some shitty things so I got pretty angry, the only thing I regret is letting her get to me like that and lashing out which I apologized for (she never apologized for the shitty things she said :) ). She will learn that I was offering something not many people do. Sticking around for her at her lowest and still trying to make it work when I was at my all time low. Karma is real, let the universe do its thing.

  28. I have old notes in my drawer that Ive been debating whether to burn or not. I think i might now.

  29. I put all the notes through the paper shredder 😔.

  30. 3 months is not really a lot of time imo. Im currently in NC for 3 months. I did break it to apologize though. Tried to talk to her again but she ignored my text (shame on me ik). Started NC again… But give it some time. Ive read that some people get texts even 6 months later or even a year +. If he decides not to reach out ever… you dodged a bullet. I know its hard but just focus on yourself :).

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