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  1. I have so many questions but mainly: why is he walking through a big puddle, in sandals?

  2. I always grab the gear that matches my build and sell the rest, gives you a good amount of early game gold. You can then afford to buy the first backpack upgrade pretty much straight away which is a must.

  3. Do the alchemist quest and she gives you a discount plus pays more than the other merchants. Sell the stuff to her after completing that quest

  4. Oh I didn't know that, thanks for the tip

  5. This person sure has a thing for rocking chairs.

  6. That's the worst way I've seen conspiracy spelled in a while

  7. Not just spelled wrong, but with a whole extra syllable in there too

  8. It is fun.... For a while. I find that it gets old quite quickly, especially in the higher levels where you can just meteor everything to death.

  9. With all that said, the writing's so good that I want to see what more Abercrombie's built of this world. Anyone have a recommendation on reading order for the other books that are in this world? I know there are many. And without any details, could anyone tell me whether any of those books follow up from the ending of the first trilogy's character arcs? If we don't learn what happened to Ferro, Jezal, Logen, etc. I'm gonna riot.

  10. If it helps, I don't think any of Abercrombie's other books end quite a bleakly as the First Law trilogy. There are by no means any happy endings to be found, but not quite as utterly hopeless.

  11. Tbf I have the same reaction when approached by a child

  12. Unpopular opinion: I bought the first game at launch twenty years ago. The 2016 remake was better. Story wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t great either. Everything else was chef’s kiss.

  13. On top of what everyone else has said: Dodge. I can't stress this enough. Getting the dodge timing down is the key to fighting the bigger guys with daggers.

  14. A few weeks ago I googled videogames with fae lore, and found a reddit thread where someone recommended this game. I don't think I've been this invested in a videogame since skyrim. Great lore, great gameplay and voice acting, mixed in with a beautiful and diverse map. Glad I found a game to get me back into gaming

  15. If you hadn't just told me it was a different actor I wouldn't have known ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  16. Oh, I don't even mean replaying. I just meant trying to keep up with the "current thing".

  17. Oh I get ya. I tend to think of games I haven't played as 'new' regardless of when they actually came out.

  18. Wow she went down hard. Like a sack of bricks. Impressed that she didn't let go.

  19. No. Nobody in this sub dedicated to this specific game and consisting entirely of huge fans of this game, is going to recommend it.

  20. It's the most obvious one, but... Why?

  21. Nobody in that queue knows what a switch is, much less owns one. Guaranteed.

  22. TIL that DQXI has an act 3. I just played until the credits rolled and turned it off, I was so done with it by that point.

  23. Absolutely. I lean towards narrative driven games anyway, and I need a solid reason to motivate me. The conclusion of the story for me is the end of the game. I don't see the point continuing to do things just for the sake of doing them (I don't care about trophies / achievements / 100%ing). If I want to do side stuff in a game I'll make sure to do it before the final mission / quest. But I've always been this way, it hasn't changed with age.

  24. The one thing that keeps UYA below GC for me is that I really missed the space combat missions that got ditched, and I didn't really love the air drop style mission structure, it felt restrictive and less like you were organically exploring worlds.

  25. Who doesn't want bread all the time?

  26. To this day I haven't seen the Godfather but the horse head scene was so ingrained in pop culture I immediately got the reference.

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