F5 season is really ramping up

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  1. Cool video, dude makes good content so I decided why not share it with this community, who haven't seen it yet.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPR4KKJH9SQ

  3. I feel for boombl4's situation but thats cringe as fuck

  4. Imagine winning a major, then proposing to your girlfriend live, after winning a major (happiest moment in his life probably). To then getting a divorce, then seeing similarities in Depp's case and oneself.

  5. Idk bro your comment is preetty cringe as well tbh

  6. Just dont do acid anymore until youre atleast 25.

  7. If they sell him for a big loss and we had him on a lower wage on a 3 year deal, I wouldn't be against it at all

  8. How much would you be willing to pay for him (max), if you could?

  9. Käisin küberis 2a tagasi, rühmakaaslasel oli e luger kaasas. Kui keegi küsima tuleb siis lihtsalt seleta rahulikult ära, kuna tõesti, võib välja näha nagu mõni tahvelarvuti.

  10. Today is the day - biggest game of the season. It's all in their hands to lock in the 4th place finish and bring Champions League back to Spurs. Those European nights under the lights, the buzz around the stadium is electric.

  11. I tailed, unfortuanetly just missing 1 round due to missed clutches!

  12. Nerves are high in these tight games.

  13. Its annoying to see this compared to Liverpools one against Son last game.

  14. See, Holding made the mistake of not being Brazilian

  15. Vardy has only started 17 games this season, with 5 sub appearances, yet still has 12 goals, the guy is still insane

  16. They get so lucky against us it's absurd. Idk how they keep getting away with it tbh, we have to actually beat them this time around

  17. Today their luck ends. Here is to a winning streak!

  18. It was a man looking at the phone of a woman next to him

  19. Yeah you are right. I assumed it some other way, sorry, I'm not a native speaker!

  20. Having potential rapists, paedos or thieves in your home? No thanks.

  21. Don't hire rapists, paedos or thieves to guard your house then.

  22. What? How are you supposed to know if someone is a Paedo or not? They don’t exactly have a tattoo saying “I’m a nonce” on their forehead do they?

  23. Mate what are you even talking about? Where did you get the implication that the people you hire are the ones you mentioned above?

  24. Or if Fernandez played. They are both terrible when they are on the pitch at the same time.

  25. Cant be looking for straws like that. Maybe we still wouldve seen the Ronaldo like today.

  26. Yeah I feel like he could change their mentality. I also think a lot of it comes down to Neymar being their main “leader.” He’s never won anything without prime Messi and he’s a sore loser and serial whiner/complainer. He’s 31 and yet he’s getting in fights with 17 year olds (Gouiri) and with his own teammates (Donnarumma). It’s embarrassing behavior. He’s just immature. All flash, no substance.

  27. About Neymar fighting with Donnarumma:

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