1. Really like that you blended fantasy and sci fi in the combo.

  2. Thank you! Yeah I feel like the skin in general feels like a good mix so I’m glad it worked out👍

  3. Haha yeah it made for a pretty interesting shot 😅

  4. Oh no worries. Congrats on getting Malice she’s a pretty good skin too 👍

  5. I love this so much! I’ve been trying to do a black knight outfit and this nails it! I wanted a much more regal look, and this is absolutely PERFECT

  6. Thank you! I'm glad you found it helpful 👍

  7. It’s great, you have dont me a wonderful service today, and I am forever indebted

  8. Haha I really appreciate it friend 🙏

  9. I'm glad Midas is treated that way. The hype might bring him back for players like me who missed out on one of if not the best Fortnite skin of all time.

  10. Well if there was a first person option this would never be an issue in the first place. The best pro players use slimmer skins too so I'm sure it gives you a slight edge no matter how good or bad of a player you may be.

  11. You mean first person right? The games already in third person, unless I missed some update or smth.

  12. Oh yeah silly me. I was going to say something about third person but decided to change my sentence and forget to go back and change it lol.

  13. A tribute to Dr. Slone which died some time ago...... or maybe not.... chapter 4...

  14. Yeah I think it's a pretty sweet combo 👍

  15. 😂 what does that mean? You want my passport or BI?

  16. I really like this combo! You've done a great job with the colours. It's nice to see you posting again 😊

  17. No necessarily. Alcohol is banned at football in Scotland n there's still a decent amount of riots and violence

  18. You can drink before and after the matches though can't you? Or do they check before the matches?

  19. I mean alot of people go to the pub or drink at home before and after matches, some might smuggle coke n booze in the stadium n do it at the toilets. They don't really check, I mean if you're queuing to go into the stadium and you can barely stand then they might no let you in but generally the alcohol ban hasn't done much to effect Scottish football n violence. But in Qatar then you can only drink in the hotels but then the same shit can happen basically with people getting drunk before games. It'd be alot harder in Qatar but still possible

  20. They haven't been back in a long time 😔

  21. I missed out on this Kakashi but I got the cell shaded one lol

  22. My apologies, I meant his blade. I brought his skin but it only given Me skin?

  23. He has a built in emote. That's the only way to equip the hidden blades.

  24. You're welcome! I sure know a lot about the skin for someone who doesn't own it 😅

  25. It looks great! I'd just change the grieves since they look too heavy in comparison to the rest of the outfit.

  26. I mean that’s an extreme example, if I were in the hospital for a month I’d be more concerned about myself and my family. I wouldn’t come out of the hospital only to complain about missing on a skin lmfao.

  27. That's actually a very well constructed reply lol

  28. Not really. I just know some of the more important info

  29. Oh I see. So basically Kakashi’s abilities are blue which is due to the nature of the elements that he uses which are lightning and wind. The glider is to represent his susanoo which is of the same colour. You can google Kakashi’s susanoo to get a better idea.

  30. Just looked it up, and yeah its pretty clever. But I would change the flair to metaverse since it's A reference to outside fortnite

  31. Thank you! I wasn’t sure which flair would be suitable so thank you for the suggestion 👍

  32. I mean, obviously personal preference, but as a female I don't mind it. I call everyone, gaming or not, bro, dude, I mean has no one seen Good Burger?! "I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes, yeah!"

  33. Haha I forgot about that line but I love it!

  34. I love Cobra Kai in the show but if I'm being honest I would probably quit straight away and join Miyagi do because it's a much more peaceful and friendly environment. Then Terry Silver's luxury version of Cobra Kai would probably attract me enough to leave Miyagi do and join them. After a few sessions with Terry I would probably be too afraid to leave lol.

  35. Do the male ones just have t-shirts? I would probably get one if them cool outfits can be used on the male skins too.

  36. It looks like they just have t-shirts. Would’ve been nice if you could’ve put a jacket on them (and vice versa with the jersey on the female skins)!

  37. Thank you, yeah I agree. Personally, I like the jacket style so if I end up getting one it will have to be one of the female ones.

  38. I’m actually saving up for that Katana to use with Kakashi.

  39. Oh wow you found your match by just being yourself 😅

  40. they finally gave that dude character model dark hair im happy 🙏

  41. What's even more funny is that their Split Screen trailer video is their most viewed Youtube video ever.

  42. Your 4th point is really annoying me rn because I can't even see which dailies I've completed. They do still work though because when I go back to solos it shows which ones I've completed. The most relatable issue I have is creative. I'll never understand why we can't play creative with our partner.

  43. I like it really much ! It goes well from the colors and especially the theme :)

  44. Thank you! Yeah the only thing I struggled with was the glider because I don't really have many cell shaded ones. I think this one is the best one from the options I have though.

  45. The story hasn't been that interesting so far but I feel like there was a lot more to do. Previous seasons just ended after maxing out the battle pass but that wasn't the case this season.

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