1. I see! Thanks for clarifying this. What do you think about outfits that don’t have any waist definition, would those also not be helpful as a factor?

  2. The TR client that Kibbe has shared on his fb page doesn’t have any waist definition at all and still looks great. Basically an outfit can work for double curve while remaining loose around the waist. I don’t think the waist or any individual body part can help, it’s about the big picture.

  3. Okay thanks! Ive been wanting to set up some outfits to try on and experiment with, I have this impression that choosing wisely and considering that as a factor l might help me get a better idea of what accommodations are present and which ones are not. Although, I don’t wanna waste my time and energy on that if its actually more inconclusive and confusing than not. Especially since I’m going about the “journey” a lot more privately I guess so third party perspective is limited. If you don’t mind me asking, do you personally think experiments like that are useful or worth considering as a factor into a conclusion? Or is that too subjective and it all depends?

  4. I guess I can only answer from the perspective of my own journey, but for me some outfit “clues” mattered more than others. For example knowing that I look bad in straight cuts (and by straight I mean clothes that follow a straight line if you lay them down on a flat surface) was a lot more conclusive that waist definition or not. I could put together two straight garments and define my waist and it still looked wrong.

  5. Your post was removed for including your BMI which is against the rules.

  6. The first person who commented about westerners was just downvoted to absolute shit and quite frankly it was funny to see that. It’s not like anybody agreed with them. Seeing their account get -100 karma for the embarrassing things they said was a lot better than just removing their comment.

  7. Since that is clearly referring to my comment, someone went through OP’s whole post history and wrote a detailed comment revealing very serious problems in their personal life. OP was obviously spiraling into a super bad mental state, and even if someone is at their lowest one would have to be a pretty horrible person to kick them even further. I called out OP in their original post but again, when someone is hurting it’s okay to have a little a compassion even if they just posted something shitty. I am kind of shocked that this would be controversial but here we are.

  8. Can you please remove OP's name? For all we know, maybe they are just having a very bad day, I don't think they deserve to have their name next to this story for so many people to see and it doesn't seem very forgiving. I just want to thank everyone who brought up good points respectfully, though I also witnessed some super creepy behavior here as well so this kind of conversation can go wrong very quickly.

  9. Well, I see two possibilities - either choose details, patterns & fabrics that reflect your essence that are a bit larger scale so as to work with the general larger scale of the SD type.

  10. The second paragraph sums up my thoughts every time this topic comes up. Mixing systems has become popular but I think each system is complete enough by itself and maybe they just bring out different aspects of someone’s beauty, and all of their different goals are just as valid.

  11. Height does not matter. Height cannot rule out any body type. It can give you clues but it has never been a hard rule or determining factor.

  12. Not according to Kibbe who considers height a hard rule and very important factor for DIYers.

  13. And if this is truly the case (not trying to agree or disagree with you, just trying to make a point) than the only person who can truly make exceptions are Kibbe himself at the end of the day perhaps.

  14. Yes, that is the point here. People who DIY Kibbe tend to assume they are the exception. Height limits just make some IDs extremely unlikely past them, but way too many people will assume they are the extremely unlikely exception. Personally I haven’t seen a 5’6 R DIYer who didn’t suit SD or SN better. It’s not like Kibbe actually measures people’s height so if he verified a 5’6 R it means they unmistakably had that look and they are the rare exception, “rare” being the keyword here. But speaking of Beyoncé specifically, she is that celebrity that I think is shorter in reality and many people who have seen her in person thought she was short.

  15. I think it's rude that you're treating an adult woman from the perspective of your own limited culture and telling her how to talk. Just because she indicated she's not american, does not give you the right to assume you are going to 'teach' her how to think. Absolutely arrogant. I'm frankly shocked this kind of attitude is condoned in this group.

  16. What is rude is saying things like “I look like a whore”, I am curious to see what a “whore” looks like in OP’s mind and if that’s what they think when looking at other women. If you can’t see why this is a problem then idk what to tell you.

  17. I honestly wish you american realized how foolish your culture is starting to look to outsiders. YOu fancy yourselves progressive, when in reality you have seriously lost your minds about hurt feelings. When are you going to realize there's something wrong with your ultra capitalist culture, and that's why you all feel like that. It's narcissistic to demand to be treated so carefully and to want to be pampered all the time and not be able to take the slightest criticism or harsh comment. How on earth do they raise you kids over there?

  18. I am not American. I don’t even have to respond anything to that, I will just leave this comment up so people see what kind of nonsense you are saying because it’s embarrassing for you lol

  19. One clarification question, if someone is flat chested and narrow through the waist area, but has fleshy arms on top of sharp bones (my elbows are like razors), could that still be SD? I guess since I’m very small chested, I associate with dramatic there, but my arms definitely get fleshy and round especially when I gain weight, as do my thighs, hips and butt.

  20. No, it’s a common internet misconception that “fleshiness” makes someone a soft type but it’s not true. Fleshiness entirely depends on your weight and if you are working out. It’s the presence of curve at the bust that makes the difference between D and SD, which is why your image ID can’t change with weight gain.

  21. Thank you! I will keep exploring. If I’m 5’7” exactly, that rules out anything besides FN, D and SD, correct? Just making sure I’m looking at the right ID’s. I’ve seen some say DC can be up to 5’7” but I’ve heard DK says no to that.

  22. Yes, at your height you are going to be one of these three. People really overestimate how much vertical DC is allowed to have and they forget they are primarily balanced.

  23. It doesn’t matter what size breasts an R has. Double curve is related to having a torso that appears small, or smushed.

  24. This is completely inaccurate. Double curve has more to do about the shape of the bust and where it’s placed on the torso. Yes it’s not about the size of the bust, but it’s not a small or “smushed” torso at all.

  25. Have washing machines in their kitchen and no dryer at all.

  26. Adding to the other comment about washers and dryers being the same machine, a lot of people also just hang their laundry out in the sun and some cities especially in southern Europe are famous for it. You could even see laundry hanging above the street on a rope from one building to the other like

  27. That, I know. I tried the hang dry periodically throughout my life, but I don't like the way the fabric feels when it's dry. Plus, now I rely on the dryer to remove all the pet hair 🤣 (also, I have 6 kids and have to do 2-3 full loads a day to keep up and YIKES to all that hanging and waiting 4 hours to dry stuff)

  28. I just learned that fabric feels different when it dries in the dryer, I had no idea 😂

  29. And yet I’ve been measured as all three heights by medical professionals in the last 5 years. I just tell people I’m around 5’6. There’s not a huge difference between me and my friends around the same height.

  30. The point that it’s a moderate height and not a petite one still stands though. It excludes petite IDs. Vertical IDs also appear a lot in moderate heights. It’s not some kind of conspiracy by Kibbe, it’s just meant to address the different clothing issues that appear in more petite vs more moderate and tall people and accentuate the best features in both categories.

  31. I still think there’s more diversity in tall types than the 3 IDs available to them and that his own skewed views of height prevent him from seeing it.

  32. What else would you propose for tall IDs? Not being sarcastic here, just a genuine question that nobody has answered me so far in a way that isn't contradictory. The accommodations that get excluded are petite because a tall petite is an oxymoron and also balance because again, balance is by definition somewhere in the middle. But other than that what is a possibility that isn't addressed?

  33. I made a type me post on my old account around late 2021 when I still hadn’t understood that much about the system. The general consensus was SC, someone said SN and proceeded to fight anyone who disagreed, very few people suggested R (maybe 3 I think?), one person said TR and one SG. I made a second post after being extremely confused and that one also got me FG lol. At the time I made my post, everyone thought double curve means having a snowman shape. I am settled on petite + double curve and while that could be 3 image IDs, I am quite sure I am R. People who know me have some arguments in favor of TR but to be completely honest I don’t see it and can’t fully relate to it.

  34. Considering the fact that 98% of the comments on type me posts tend to be way off, you shouldn’t trust them for drastic wardrobe changes. I’ve seen many posts where the general consensus on someone’s ID didn’t make any sense and I’ve also seen people suggesting extremely wrong things (such as FG to someone with very obvious double curve).

  35. Well, I can’t fit into any other category. Because of my height and because of my width. And the black dress still makes it very obvious that I have zero curve at all, it’s too form fitting. Also… I can’t just wear straight monochrome outfits every day/ straight dresses every day to look like a line :/

  36. Vertical doesn’t mean monochrome all the time. Also mods aren’t even allowed to participate in typing but I can at least tell you that Kibbe curve doesn’t mean extreme hourglass shape (though you have a more obvious waist than you think). The black dress covers the component of vertical very well. You need a more t-shaped silhouette which is the only part that is missing from that dress. That basically points to SD or FN, both of them need the same shape.

  37. No, I am saying that you aren’t seeing yourself accurately at the moment which probably makes it not the best time to research Kibbe

  38. Are you sure you are referring to Kibbe? Because classic romantic doesn’t exist in this system. Maybe check out

  39. A lot of things here just... aren't right? What do you mean you don't look good in "feminine" clothes? Since when is the C family excluded from that? Yin and yang in Kibbe have absolutely nothing to do with masculinity and femininity and yang IDs aren't any less feminine that yin IDs. Your personal aesthetic preferences have nothing to do with Kibbe and it doesn't mean that DCs don't look feminine or can't wear clothes usually associated with femininity.

  40. I’m not saying that clothes that aren’t ironed look good on anybody… I’m just saying that it’s VERY noticeable on Classics.

  41. Ribbons and flowery patterns aren't exclusive to yin IDs. Especially flowery patterns, tell that to N family lol. And yeah, the whole post reads "I look boring and can't wear almost anything so I am DC" and Kibbe would definitely disagree completely with that.

  42. I think this isn't the only resource that needs to be checked. A lot of the terminology stuff is contradictory. I swear I spent a couple hours a few weeks back clicking through the subs official resources that made pretty contradictory statements, particularly about vertical.

  43. The mod team will go through all of them within the next few days and remove everything contradictory!

  44. You are right, this post needs to be removed. It’s also two years old and even the person who wrote it has improved their understanding since then from what I’ve seen.

  45. A few things that I can think of that would rule out R:

  46. We all have to keep in mind that typing here means nothing, it’s often people who are all equally clueless who are trying to type each other. Older community members who have a better understanding of the system almost never participate in typing and answers should always be taken with a huge grain of salt. Most of the time I look at typing posts I don’t agree with the general consensus and I’ve discussed it with other older members who thought the exact same.

  47. No, neither the skirt nor the shirt are following curve at all. This is actually the way to answer all the “does this suit X image ID” questions on this subreddit. Does it follow the personal line (double curve) an R is going to have? In this case it all consists of straight lines so the answer is no.

  48. It’s not possible to be a tall gamine, and it’s also not possible to be 5’9 and not look tall unless you are referring to the optical illusion in photos taken from a very high angle. There isn’t a 5’9 person who looks short in real life, it will be obvious to everyone that they are tall.

  49. I love the first pixie and the bob but all three look stunning. I am so jealous, I would look like an egg in all of these but I love short hair so much 😭

  50. I love this, this kind of outfit is what I imagine when I think of “moody”. The use of different tones of purple is so on point!

  51. her head looks slightly small in proportion to her body which is a trait of looking tall. gamines typically have larger heads

  52. Actually this is just a misconception created by youtubers, head size and looking tall or short has nothing to do with vertical and it’s not a part of Kibbe. Vertical means having elongation or straightness.

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