1. Tell me about, I’ve been questioning my life too and why relationships never work out platonic or romantic, and having shitty things happen and with negative unsupportive family members.

  2. My experience was bad, never again. I just got my time wasted for 5 months with a Gemini guy. Me and him met on a Christian dating app called upward, we hit it off since September of 2022, and went on one date back in December. Hr lives 2 hours away from me, we live in Florida. He started growing distant with me saying that his Amazon job keeps him busy, but in the beginning he was sending me good morning texts and calling me at least 3 times a week. So fast forward, I had confronted him about what is this , I told him it feels like a situationship. He proceeds to tell me that he has to pray to God to see if God wants him to date or not, plus he keeps saying bullshit excuses about his job and that he says we can be friends instead. He really pissed me off because I waited 5 months for him, just a complete fucking time waster.

  3. Oh yeah, now that my mom's gone, she's the only one always there making memories with me now I'm on my own 😭

  4. Totally understand, my mom is gone too and I just cry thinking about all the memories that was made .

  5. Today is my birthday too, I am 28 years old. I haven’t planned much but I’m still going to celebrate throughout the weekend as well.

  6. I'm all alone.......I look at Facebook at all the happy family's right now and I have nobody. People act like im a ghost now. It just sucks so bad. No one really cares about me. life is so hard sometimes......I sit and think to myself why was I even put here on earth to feel like this??? So for the people who feel like me right now merry Christmas my friend. I care about you. I know how it feels when no one calls or thinks about you. I know the feelin lookin at ur cell hoping it rings from family or friends and it never does. Just another lonely night by myself. Atleast i got you guys.👍😢😢😢

  7. Exactly, a common bullshit excuse used by fake acquaintances not friends and fake fake family members

  8. I really don’t get into the holiday spirit, it’s just annoying as hell especially with the Christmas songs

  9. Yeah, I literally texted my aunt about how lonely I feel last night and never gotten a response back, it just seems like nobody cares, I can understand why sometimes suicide is a option

  10. Yeah, I just constantly be deleting numbers, I just got tired of making all the effort.

  11. It is so soul crushing, it like they always say that they can’t imagine what it would be like if they lost their mom and I say no they can’t , they won’t understand it until it’s their time to see their mother in a casket the way we did. I just ignore them, it is really hard and frustrating, just being told to trust in God or other bullshit sayings that doesn’t help lessen the pain of loosing a mother.

  12. It’s really hard, seeing other women pregnant just hurts me , even though I wish them the best, but it just hurts to see other’s experiencing that while I’ve never been pregnant, or has a relationship to have intimacy with. Everyone tells me that I’m still young and that it’ll come, I’ll be 28 next month. But it’s really upsetting me because and they tell me to wait until marriage , but I don’t know if marriage will even happen for me. I’m just so hurt that I at don’t have a child yet and I might have to look into adoption if nothing changes soon.

  13. Yeah, I have noticed this amongst whites being married. I had ran into a classmate from middle school and she has 4 kids and not married, and to add a lot of my classmates have kids , some are married while alot aren’t. I am still in the trashy dating scene , I’m going to be 28 in January. I want to get married and have children, I feel like I’m behind in life because it seems like I’m just or gonna be a late bloomer to this, I’ve already accepted that it mostly likely will happen in my 30s. It makes me feel embarrassed but it isn’t like I haven’t been trying to find a mate , I just met alot of jackass guys along the way to the point where I don’t believe in love anymore. I’ll just keep trying because if I give up then it most likely won’t ever happen.

  14. Totally understand your frustration. I lost my mom 8 years ago and it still seems like yesterday to me. Plus I lost my grandma a year ago. It truly sucks when people tell me to be thankful for the 19 years I had her as a mom and that God doesn’t make mistakes. Meanwhile, theses religious people be rejoicing that their mothers are still alive and that they couldn’t imagine losing her, they just don’t fucking get it until it happens to them, see how much they will be quoting Bible verses and God. Pathetic.

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