1. Sekiro is the best sword action game of all time Hot take: Divine dragon is a boring boss and Inner Genichiro is better than Inner Isshin.

  2. Don't agree. While it's one of the best arts it's objectively not better than mortal draw. MD and it's upgrade EMD does the highest damage, has great range, interrupts pretty much everything, does good damage even without emblems and is relatively fast in it's windup. It's pretty much this game's kamehameha.

  3. As cool as this is, it's a little too overdesigned imo. However I do want it.

  4. Chained Ogre kinda sets the wrong impression imo. His placement isn't ideal. He makes a new player feel like dodging is a huge part of the game when it's actually not. Get ready to master parrying and yeah u won't face such a grab heavy miniboss again. Deflecting is the core skill of the game so train urself for it and congrats.

  5. I will try to explain the combat so that u might have a better time.

  6. Great feather mist raven lets u create fire when u teleport. So when an enemy attacks, u vanish and he gets burnt instead.

  7. These aren't items. These are smoke signals used by the nightjar ninja (the ones that patrol the Ashina Castle rooftops).

  8. Then there is something seriously wrong with you and should get locked up.

  9. Why do you spell like a child if you have a degree?!

  10. If u r in the mood to just talk shit and not add anything meaningful to the convo then do urself a favour and go fuck urself. Bye

  11. Lol I did just get it yesterday. I'm trying to beat the last boss in the game.

  12. Pretty sure mortal draw easily outclasses AC or any combat art for that matter in the whole game. AC ain't comparable to MD lol.

  13. I am almost 100 hrs in and I still gotta do the all skills and all prosthetics achievements. Wasted too much time in reflections lol.

  14. As someone who watched Ninja Hattori as a kid I expected to find a few ninjas being on a kite.

  15. I'm currently playing charmless for the 1st time on playthrough #6 and I have never had my ass handed to me so hard since my first playthrough. I'm definitely getting that charm back after beating Sword Saint because I am clearly not ready.

  16. It's not that bad, stick with it. Just don't get hit 2 times in a row and try to always keep ur health full or atleast 85% (use ur gourd everytime u get hit as bosses will 2 shot u otherwise). As long as u perfect deflect 99% of the attacks u will be fine. Use ur prosthetics and arts where u can. Use yashariku only if u are confident about ur deflecting ability. Good luck

  17. Bosses I'm mostly fine with. I beat Owl Father on my first attempt, though I did use all my gourds. It's just the regular enemies and some minibosses are so much harder to deal with, and god forbid they attack in groups

  18. Stealth and ninjutsu the mobs. Minibosses are definitely harder but u can always stealth deathblow them as u know.

  19. Does shadow not just refer to shinobi in general? There are only 2 shinobi in the game, and as you said, they both die twice

  20. There's also lady butterfly, lone shadows and nightjar ninja as well

  21. What's the name of the skill you use to jump in the air and slash multiple times ?

  22. My friend sorry for the incorrect comment. It's not shadowfall btw. It's Sakura dance.

  23. Sure but if u like using floating passage then go for spiral floating passage. Great when used with buffs like living force or bestowal ninjutsu. Completely shreds minibosses in half.

  24. I just unlocked spiral cloud passage a few days ago. It's wierd that it's so strong with buffs but next to useless without them.

  25. Really is Especially with the blood art from the twin ape boss That shit is crack

  26. Yeah. Shame we can't use bestowal on most bosses tho.

  27. Mortal draw's for wusses. I take whatever attack's coming to me without fear.

  28. For Guardian Ape's divebomb grab just remind urself that umbrella and mist raven exists.

  29. Did I say Mortal Draw was for wusses? I meant EVERY PROSTHETIC TOOL IS FOR WUSSES, I NEVER USE ANY OF THEM BWAHAHAH!

  30. I feel like the combat arts and prosthetics are so cool looking and since I am an anime fan on top of it as well that it's a waste not to use them lol. Makes fights very visually pleasing and satisfies my need for good old ninja fights that naruto couldn't fulfill lol.

  31. she winds up for all her attacks so clearly. idk how people find her hard. i beat her first try and im not even very good at this game at all

  32. Her windups are definitely clear. It's just she has a variety of timings to her attacks which some may find hard to get comfortable with.

  33. I guess I misunderstood you to some extent myself. The downvote because you disagreed didn’t look good. Bad first impression for both of us?

  34. You sound like I’m attacking you and/or the game. We are on the same side here. I mean visually. I understand as a vet to the series all of these points you are making.

  35. U misunderstood me. I didn't think u were attacking me at all. I just made counter arguments in favour of the block/deflect combat over dodge rolling, that's all.

  36. I've tried playing with that activated well before this point, and I found the experience lacking. While it's good for making reflection bosses feel like slightly less of a cakewalk, I'm just not a fan of "artificial" difficulty, i.e. just making enemies tankier. In contrast, going charmless is a really smart way of upping the difficulty for a game like this.

  37. go charmless+demon bell. The game feels a lot fresh this way after kicking it's ass on normal so many times.

  38. It's good but not good enough to justify being the most expensive skill to unlock (with 9 skill points).

  39. Agreed. Empowered mortal draw should have been the skill to be unlocked with 9 skill points instead.

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