1. For a first time player LB is definitely difficult if she is ur first or 2nd boss. On my first playthrough I encountered her before Gyoubu so she was my first Sekiro boss. I was stuck on her for a week or two. I honestly felt like giving up. On the bright side once I did beat her I felt very competent at the game and then went on to beat Gyoubu in 2 tries and then Genichiro in 5 or 6 tries. She taught me to be aggressive and to deflect.

  2. Learn his first 2 phases, then on his 3rd run around in wide circles and don't be greedy on hits this is how I did it chip away at him.

  3. Hit and run tactics is the last thing u should give as advice for Sekiro. That's not how the game is meant to be played.

  4. Of course not but after dying 50+ times I ain't got time to fuck around

  5. Probably tarnished just because they have the best assortment of spells and weapon arts. Sekiro can deflect, but magic is going to be a problem.

  6. Purple umbrella is the answer to all magic spells for Sekiro

  7. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say people REALLY like sekiro.

  8. Well it's a masterpiece and also won GOTY in 2019

  9. Play Sekiro if u want a different combat system. Play DS3 if u want more of the same. Both are great.

  10. The minibosses are all skill checks and constantly keep you on your toes. The moment you get overconfident, the game more than often shows that player their place (on their first playthrough anyway). Some of the upcoming bosses will surely give you some trouble at first. Good luck shinobi.

  11. Nice job not dodging the lightning attacks and instead using the lightning reversal. The number of new players who try to dodge the lightning attacks instead of using the reversal techniques kinda grinds my gears. Nice job on that close finish at the end.

  12. If u use sakura dance+living force, you can inflict burn status on him much faster.

  13. True Corrupted Monk's boss theme is so good and makes the fight feel so badass. It might be my second favorite boss theme in the game.

  14. This 'side-step' won FS GOTY for the first time.

  15. Whether it is one or not doesn't matter as it is still a masterpiece of a game and stands on it's own.

  16. If u reverse lightning with sakura dance successfully then Inner Genichiro won't be able to reverse it back to u.

  17. So many of Castlevania's one off enemies were way cooler than they had any right being.

  18. Aside from these one off enemies I still remember the vamp with teleporting axes who fought Alucard. They really made sure u remember the fights in this show.

  19. Just got him. Thanks a ton; this was very helpful.

  20. Good luck on the future bosses and minibosses. U have got a few tough ones ahead. Enjoy the game. Imo Sekiro is a masterpiece of action gameplay.

  21. Oh an irrelevant video of a random anime in the sekiro subreddit what a surprise

  22. My point was that the combat in this 'random anime' was how I imagine a blend of Sekiro and Souls combat to be like. If u wanna be toxic then sure go ahead I guess.

  23. Neon genesis evangelion.....Boruto as well. Would strangle that insufferable brat myself.

  24. I reached my peak in the art of savescumming with the first 2 Max Payne Games lol.

  25. There are 2 minibosses in Ashina Reservoir (the tutorial area at the beginning). This area is linked to Ashina Castle so explore a little and u will get there.

  26. Lol same, the only time i used Jinzaemon Buddha Statue was when i was fighting Genichiro. I reached his final form so i was like I've come too far to fail.........i lost anyways

  27. I first used tge buddha statue on my first victory agaisnt SS Isshin. Glad it worked out lol. Nowadays I use them exclusively in gauntlets.

  28. Kinda curious on ur nightjar reversal take. What do you think it does better than the more recognized arts like ichimonji double, mortal draw or sakura dance?

  29. *whispers* Ichjimonji double Ichjimonji double Ichjimonji double Ichjimonji double Ichjimonji double

  30. Empowered mortal draw exists. Sakura dance is better than ichimonji double as well imo.

  31. Was never a fan of the mortal blade tbh. Sakura dance is pretty nice. but I will forever be an ichimonji-man. it costs 0 emblems builds up alot of posture and removes like 80% of your own posture, its just a win win no matter what. but be careful using it vs inner father, if he uses mistraven when you go for the second hit you WILL die. the recovery isnt fast enough to counter his mistraven into double hit.

  32. To each their own but really curious. What did u dislike about mortal draw? I am really struggling to think of it's downsides other than the 3 emblem cost. It comes out faster than ichimonji, does huge vitality damage and posture damage and looks cool as well to boot. Well worth the 3 emblem cost imo. With the empowered version if u can time it right u can actually trivialize any boss including all Isshin and Owl variants.

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