1. Bunnings does my head in with all the staff wandering around with their thumbs up their ass and no open checkouts

  2. That’s because checkout staff work the checkouts only, and the other staff you see work in the departments. Generally, you do one or the other. They won’t have a login to the POS system if they’re assigned to a department. Exactly like a supermarket.

  3. Yeah that's the way the management thinks there. A queue of 15 people at the service desk is ok because maybe someone can't find a shackle.

  4. Yeah it’s annoying. I always begged to be allowed to check out people but they were so strict on the separation of the two.

  5. Nope, was a local very well run gym. It happens at every gym, I’ve been to a few over the years. I’ve actually just moved and signed up to one that has a super strict video/photo policy, I hope that helps. My friends have also experienced this a lot. Just because you don’t personally see it, doesn’t mean that’s the reality.

  6. You were harassed on an almost weekly basis that, by your own words, was very well run? If I were to frequent a business where there’s an unaddressed culture of harassment, I wouldn’t consider that place very well run. Your story doesn’t add up

  7. People sneakily filming or taking photos is a difficult beast. By the time you’ve told someone they can just say “No I wasn’t” and it’s not like they can see the proof. Now imagine I’m complaining once a week about this behavior? I’m going to look like the problem, and I also have no way to “prove it” outside what I saw myself. Women aren’t exactly believed about this stuff anyway (your comments are case in point) and as I said, it’s going to happen at every gym. So what do I do? I suck it up and try and ignore it as best I can. I’d go to a women’s only gym, but there are none where I live, that would literally solve the problem.

  8. I’m gonna say it would be pretty hard. My partner and I combined are on around $200k, and that is enough for us to be comfortable, go out to eat, and put decent savings away. We would be closer to being right on the edge every week if it was just one of us earning $110k, and that’s without children.

  9. When barning a cat, the advice is to keep them confined for two weeks at a minimum. I would personally try for at least twice as long. You want him to 'take ownership' of the new space before letting him back out into the world. Not that I'm calling your new place a barn; I just expect the recommendation would be about the same.

  10. We can’t get another cat, as we only have permission for one. I also am not sure he’d want a playmate, if anything he’s a bit of a bully. He only got fixed in the last couple of years (the people who he was re-homed to following farm life were terrible owners, hence we took over care and had that done). We will definitely be trying to keep him in! He’s such an outdoor explorer poor thing.

  11. I started on Wellbutrin a few months back. I’d been on it before many years ago, and it had been the only anti-depressant that seemed to have any effect and that also didn’t make me fat and orgasm-less. In fact, I find I slim down on it and have more consistent energy.

  12. That's awesome! A lot of this sounds like me, actually. Hopefully it works similarly for me then. Regardless, I'm so happy to hear that it works sonwell for you. 💖

  13. I really hope you find some relief with it! Good thing too is you can happily start on a half dose and up it easily if needed, initial side effects are also very manageable (dry mouth and lack of appetite are the main ones for a few weeks). Just have to give it a month or so for it to properly kick in too.

  14. Outside of my looks, I also have a six figure job, degrees, and generally considered a successful person (I’m mid-twenties so not older either). I still want a SD, though, and it’s beyond just the financial element; I enjoy meeting people more on my wavelength too. I mean, some of these guys are who I want to be in the future so it’s great to discuss future plans with them. So, I wouldn’t say there aren’t successful women who engage in this lifestyle.

  15. How do you ask your doctor for one? Do you have to have crazy periods first? I used to have an IUD, so I miss not having periods, but I don’t need the IUD anymore.

  16. I’ve had one and completely regret it.

  17. I’ll try to keep it short, but it certainly Didn’t do what it said, and now I’m in pain across the month rather than just my period; ovulation feels like scissors are on my tubes, pain in hips, my lower back has been sore since the op over a year ago.

  18. This is how my mum has Weetbix, it’s sickening.

  19. Are you my sibling?! Its how my mum does it too! We had a whole conversation about how wrong water on weetbix is a couple of years ago when she caught my face...

  20. Haha maybe! My mum is overly passionate about hot water being the only and proper way to have weetbix lol

  21. Commercial laundries still very much require lots of people. Yes, more tasks are becoming increasingly automated, but many of the machines still aren’t able to effectively replace many tasks, and their abilities are overstated. There’s also an increasing shortage of people who actually want to do repetitive roles, so I feel like it’ll balance out; with less people entering at the same time less roles are existing.

  22. I’ve had my ring since last year and have only just had to do the first charge of the battery for it.

  23. I worked with a Māori dude in Perth, he was born and raised there. His name was Tere, but introduced himself as Terry. Everyone called him Terry and so did I until I saw how he spelt his name. I asked him if it’s Terry or Tere and said either is fine.

  24. I accidentally misspelled one of our staff members last name (pasifika name) wrong for an account, and she was like “oh it’s all good don’t worry about changing it”. So, I said “actually no. It’s not all good, I need to fix it because you deserve to have your name spelt and said correctly.” Sad to see that she had clearly not had people ever care before, and just let people do whatever, even if it wasn’t what she wanted.

  25. In Toronto the house on the right would still go for 1.4 million to a foreign buyer or corporation who would just demo it and put up a cube to the maximum size they can get a permit for and split it into as many rental units as legally possible.

  26. After four weeks of searching for a rental for two couples and a single, this does not surprise me. We were left defeated and deeply discouraged. The photos are rarely accurate.

  27. Agree! currently in the process of relocating to Auckland, and I’ve been shocked how agents/managers can feel okay about listing some of those houses, and making money off them. In one house listing, the bedroom had a VCR and CRT TV,the office was fully kitted out with a fax machine, huge desktop PC, not a single item or piece of decor in the house from the past 20 years. I guess from the quality of the pics too, they must have been from about 1999-2002. Like Wot?! Lol like they really took the photos once and said “these will do forever”.

  28. The search is so draining. Sounds like the photos my current landlord used, mid 90s photos. CD tower in the office, printer.

  29. All that old school stuff gives it away aye. I feel like you have to put your investigator hat on, and it’s just looking at rentals JFC. As soon as I saw houses that had sat listed for more than 2-3 months, immediate suspicion. Split houses , UGH. I can’t begin to explain how many issues I have with them. Only second to the old “landlord is using the shed/basement/bottom floor for storage. Um? Why would I pay to store you stuff, nope. The state of it! Time to regulate the industry, 100%.

  30. And so are my tubes. That doesn’t stop the myriad of issues outlined above with the exception (mostly) of pregnancy.

  31. a snipped guy that gets tested, and sleeps with 1 girl at a time is too risky to go unprotected, cool. We have different risk tolerances.

  32. Are you being deliberately obtuse? Or just actively ignoring the, again, outlined reasons such as thrush, BV, or even trich which wouldn’t come up on your test, and can take a long time to be picked up in women? These can still happen whether monogamous or not.

  33. I've heard many times...too many times...from parents (usually women) that they "can't function without a least a couple glasses of wine in the afternoon". I've up and told them very seriously that...that it's not actually healthy to feel that urge and they should really talk to someone about that. Often I get back a, "what do you know about it...you're not a mother!".

  34. Both my parents are pretty much functioning alcoholics. My dad can get absolutely drunk without it actually being noticeable, but that’s not the case for my mum at all. While she would only have a couple in the evenings during the week, every single Friday (“her night”) she would get absolutely plastered with her other mum friends. Usually all of us kids (along with other parents kids) would rotate between houses depending where the Friday drinks was, and hangout; which made it seem like a whole thing for everyone. They called themselves booze hags or other terms to make it seem totally normally.

  35. As great as they are at saving space, I fucking hate living in apartments and will do everything in my power to avoid them.

  36. Agreed. They’re good in concept, high density housing for filling the gaps of housing shortages. However, they rarely seem to be executed well. I’m moving cities atm, and while I’m not looking for an apartment (been there done that, no thanks!), I see them in my searches. Has anyone designing these places actually used a kitchen before? They have the space to put a proper bench in, yet every apartment has like a chopping boards worth of benchspace, and a small oven, despite being 3+ bedrooms. Never mind the lack of any outdoor space, and having way too many neighbours all around.

  37. I see this type of thinking a lot when it comes to the more common relationship forms. Had a poly friend who has had several people act genuinely surprised when she was angry with them for thinking that “I will eventually talk her into being monogamous with me!”

  38. Heh I’m childfree and non-monogamous. I am very choosey in who I tell the latter too, as that is often far more judged than the childfree thing.

  39. I’m at Uni doing over a full time load (and have special permission to run pre-reqs and the following papers to them concurrently), but I also work too - in a stressful role. Must admit, I’m in my last two weeks (exams rn) and my brain is exhausted. I’ve had to do multiple 12-15 hour days working on the computer, reading research, writing assignments, doing calculations, learning new science on the fly….10/10 would not recommend. Couldn’t do it long term.

  40. you have to take like 20 in a day though. The serving size is like 5 pills, you go through the bottles so fast. I'd rather chug the chunky water and pay way less haha. but yeah, the pills are nice if you can't handle the texture. but also, just eating some vegetables is better than all that.

  41. I get a high dose capsule, so I usually only need two capsules before bed. I prefer to avoid Metamucil mixes, the ones in my country all have aspartame in it (only some Metamucil ones don’t).

  42. I've never seen the big tablets in my area, I'll have to look for them. I agree the pills are way easier I just remember when I bought a bottle and it said to take five pills twice a day and the bottle came with 150. Barely 2 weeks of product and they cost so much more than the powder.

  43. Yeah I think the actual Metamucil brand ones are like that 7-8 caps a day. They are a bit of a choking hazard I’m guessing why they stick to the certain. Size. Iherb has the big doses, they’re just always sold out, I’ve been trying to get a new bottle for a little while now.

  44. I can cum from anal, in fact it’s almost guaranteed. I can’t from PIV, so tend to have a lot of anal. However, when I very first tried it I really didn’t like it that much, it was years later I discovered I actually really really liked it. As others have said though, it just isn’t for some people - don’t force it if you’re not finding it enjoyable. I have plenty of friends who just can’t get into it, and many who do, we’re all different.

  45. I would be lost without my health insurance. It’s not even just the waiting times that’s a huge benefit, but also having a choice of who I want to see; not just whoever I’m referred to.

  46. It's not just Dunedin. Chch was over capacity last week. HB has been at capacity for a couple years straight.

  47. Same with Palmerston North, their ED is always over capacity, and they were struggling before COVID ever came along.

  48. I used to work at Fishies as a teen, every now and then there would be no wind, beautiful sunset and a pod of whales or dolphins swimming past the beach... and your meal was $15.95 with $4 drinks

  49. Same, during high school. I also just realized that was 12 years ago…it still looks exactly the same now. I’m sure it’ll look the same in another 10+ years lol

  50. I was 16 and dating a 22 year old too, which started about a month after I turned 16. We moved in together after 6 months. In the past year or so, reading stories and comments on Reddit suddenly made me realize how fucked up that relationship actually was. I just hadn’t reflected on it, perhaps on purpose. You’ve definitely put into words some of the things I’ve been feeling!

  51. 2jul says:

    Sounded asian, maybe she's reselling it to the asian/chinese market.

  52. NZ went through this quite badly a few years ago. People could not find any baby formula because grey market Chinese buyers were buying an entire store's stock at a time. One of the main news channels eventually did a big story on it, they uncovered entire teams of people working in unison to clear out stores, across entire regions/cities, even going into the inward goods to try and intercept the pallets of baby formula before they even went on the shelves. They had set up a warehouse where they would bring it all back and ship it out. Limiting the product sales didn't work because they would just bring the team to the one store and each buy the limit, put it in the car, go back through to a different checkout, and so on until they had the lot. It began happening in Australia as well. When the buyers were confronted by the journalist, they had no care or remorse for the fact locals could not get ANY supplies of baby formula, literally did not give a shit, and actually said they would keep doing it. ETA: It did stop in NZ, but only after the government regulated it, which moved the trade to Aus.

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