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  1. I already discussed this in another reply. Public opinion changes quickly in crisis war. Why shouldn't we have a referendum or at least a thorough investigation before entering? Since when do you make such momentus decision based on polls? The fact that it increased so quickly is reason not to belive its stable.

  2. Turkey hasn't done no such thing. Turkey was trying to gamble with NATO papa USA, holding the nato membership hostage for more pew pew toys. The nords were not humiliated at all, it's more the turks made themselves look like fucking idiots. If you truly believe that you were embarrassed and humiliated, then you have a very soft spine and no nothing about the nature of politics.

  3. Sweden has been a strong supporter of the kruds of decades and overall a strong voice for liberation and anti-imperialism movements since 60s

  4. Your just upset a Syrian refugee never butt fucked you huh

  5. Everyone's actions to NK's words: "Yall hear sumthn?"

  6. Because American Christians are fucking stupid, that's why.

  7. I would also suggest a straight run/drive depending on where you are into Kazakhstan or into the Baltics/Finland. I'm sure they'll be able to help you out up north get into the better parts of Europe, and Kazakhstan would be a great place to grab some plan tickets. First process is getting out, getting out of harms away, away from bloodthirsty hateful fear mongers, then make a better life for yourself. Stay safe my friend.

  8. Yeah, the Ukrainians are managing while being shelled by your army. You can manage.

  9. Let's not fucking gatekeep refugee status come on now.

  10. So they were targeting residences of top Ukrainian leadership?

  11. Leadership that's still in the civilian sector and not military. Still a war crime.

  12. Do you truly believe our consciousness is to deceases with our physical form?

  13. Yes. When your heart and brain cease to function so does all naturally bodily functions. There is no third eye or afterlife.

  14. I believe we're more like conduits for information and our thought processes are derived from elsewhere.

  15. Heyo that seems like a delicious cake dm me the recipe

  16. Hooking up with a friend of the family, tight as hell pussy as you romantically get involved with her. Everything we were doing were straight turn on's and it was bliss

  17. “Ok but if I throw like a big rock on the zombies head will that also kill him?”

  18. That is a very nice computer. Looks like you have a bed worth a couple gigs in there right?

  19. I find, in some cases a wall can work well in doing that

  20. Hey don't forgot bombing innocent children in schools so our greedy corps can have their blood money, or forcing perpetual police states on countries that never wanted us there, and forcing our own way of life on every country even though it may not necessarily work there.

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