1. is it the same as the popular DHGate option?

  2. How much is the DHGATE option can you share the link?

  3. Just a quickie, did any of the pockets come sewn shut? Mines arrived at the warehouse with a sealed pocket

  4. But this is also a b batch sale, so that means it is guaranteed to have some flaws (usually minor, but still)

  5. Yeah they re idiots also some batches from h12 are just renamed

  6. I think pandabuy is the problem lol I heard of them texting seller if they have discount for them if he says not they avoid the seller

  7. That looks like a real TNF. It’s puffy, the logo from far looks clean. GL

  8. Hi, (sorry for bad english) I am from Italy, I never did an order from China, and im trying to informate about this on reddit. I have a question: is sugargoo and superbuy the same things as pandabuy? Can i use them for the same thing or they have a different work?

  9. Generally they work all same. So you can decide which agent you use.

  10. CSS warned on discord that Sal to Germany is greeting seized a lot recently and we should use alternatives. Until now I never had a problem 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Don't even see any flaws. For that price, GL for sure

  12. Just saw the "huge update". I would have more respect for him if he started an OF page and twerked for money. Leech.

  13. b.b.but it’s for the community not for him 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠

  14. Jordan One Hyper Royale - QY - Cappuccino - 270RMB - Pandabuy

  15. I’ve just purchased off ice and price wasn’t too bad imo?

  16. I think his point isn’t that ice has bad quality I think his point is that ice is taxing on shoes so it’s overpriced

  17. Jordan five - „batch name“ - Kinstor - 299RMB - CSSBUY please change the title to this

  18. Is the seller shipping?!? Or he on the holiday

  19. I just messaged 7UP and he says that he still ships

  20. And change the title Jordan Four Michigan - „batch“ - „Seller“ - priceRMB

  21. And please use an other format for your pics so one can swipe

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