1. I think this post is a good example of how the mind is never satisfied. Not only did you find the audio book, but you found one read by the author, and the mind is still looking for more.

  2. OP at this point it is obvious to me that you do not care about this sub at all. Every single post you make has a link to one of the videos from your youtube channel. The only reason you come to this sub is to use it to your advantage, to grow your youtube channel (which by the way there is a rule against this, rule 7) You've done this at least 10 times by now. Let's see what the mods think about it.

  3. The ego is a tool. I get to use it for everyday human purposes. It likes conflicts, I like my tool.

  4. It does think it uses uses me. In its opinion I'm having a mutually codependent experience through it. Why not let it think whatever it wants to think.

  5. Yes, to pass time and some of them so that they can relive the childhood years. They get to watch kid shows again, sing kid tunes, share the snacks and drinks with their kids, take naps with them, play with kid toys...

  6. It's not tough. If you kill a pregnant woman it is double homicide. Because that is not your choice to make, it is the pregnant woman's and no one else's. Let people make their own choices, deal with their own internal conscience, and mind your damn business.

  7. I don't exactly think it is, but I'm not going to push my morals on someone else and force them to birth a baby they don't want.

  8. I see where you're coming from, but its not about pushing your morals onto people, its about objective right and wrong. If we agree that the fetus is alive, then abortion is killing it. Just because the parents don't want the child, that doesn't change that abortion would be killing the child.

  9. Well, from a nondual perspective, all sex is essentially masturbation.

  10. Lol understanding molecular biology is mental gymnastics? Y’all are so far down this conspiracy path you can’t even recognize objective facts. You don’t need to feel anything for me, because I’m not the one who can’t understand simple science.

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