1. The way the dude reacted on impulse to me says he knew what he was doing was way too much, this dude is an issue

  2. Engine bay, headlights (you can only toggle full beams), rainx washer fluid would be cool (you can toggle wipers but using rainx could lessen the effect of water on the windshield maybe?), window down/up (engine noise obviously)

  3. Pretty normal in stock car racing, but extremely dicey for any other format.

  4. It’s his fault but I can see how it happened, it doesn’t look like you were carrying as much speed as you could’ve done to the apex but it’s hard to tell - either way though his fault for sure, he drove into you

  5. His legs might be porridge but his top half is okay - she’s gotten away with some serious charges there, hope he makes a recovery.

  6. How do these ‘cahps’ keep putting several rounds through a guy and still expect him to be able to get his hands out? It’s like guns are so normal in America people forget that they make people dead

  7. I think it’s like other people said, it’s just a lack of the anxiousness that a lot of people have so it’ll be easier to talk both romantically and casually with people you don’t know

  8. You do to start with for sure but it gets to be nothing as your body adjusts. It helps to start out slower and flatter instead of going straight for GR1 hotlaps on the Nurburgring

  9. You are the one not understanding how can someone not set up the volume too high

  10. I understand that very well I just didn’t expect him to mean that because it’s such a trivial thing to mention when his actual playing is more worthy of praise

  11. Your comment has literally such a tiny amount of understanding I can’t even be bothered to start

  12. For me it’s their penalty but it’s a case of you should’ve given a gap so you could’ve stayed in the race. People are gonna throw one up the inside sometimes and avoiding that isn’t necessarily ‘fair’ but sometimes has to be done to avoid ruining both of your races

  13. The economy is so good in the game - do the math - you can out earn f1 drivers in as low as 40 hours for their yearly salary

  14. Oh sorry, I didn’t realise a) F1 drivers earned credits, or b) that I bought Gran Turismo to play a salary simulator… And yes, if you’re going to reply to something, you should probably read it first. I translate your messages to “I would yell at kids to get off my lawn before remembering they aren’t real and I’m stood in the middle of a shopping centre completely naked”

  15. You think both of those are the same? And this is your educated opinion? Lmao

  16. That's crazy someone who claims they do this for a living thinks those two audios are exactly the same lmfao. And your reaction, while still being wrong, is chefs kiss

  17. Get out, the dude has no control over his impulses - lying and gaslighting are two very damaging things to be exposed to in the long term

  18. All of the above… sucks because I still play the game religiously and want it to be better.

  19. Watch out bro someone will call you pessimistic for having that perfectly valid opinion

  20. I'm glad some of you don't visit certain subreddits to see why shooting until the threat is stopped is the way to go. Too many "He shot too much, he could have shot his legs" and such is a good way to get killed.

  21. Not a defence of mad cat owners, but I live in a hot climate and if you don't put the sugar in the fridge it attracts ants.

  22. Hahah oh I didn’t know that thanks.! I still like my assessment of cat owners in general though

  23. Why is there sugar in the fridge. Cat owners are clinically insane, I finally understand…

  24. Honestly just get used to it, move the pedals deck so brake and throttle are in the middle of your body

  25. I never thought of doing this tbh 😂 I've gotten used to it myself but that actually sounds so much more comfortable lol

  26. Pretty please can we stop doing this, it’s a bit cringe for the entire MBTI project. If I’d have wanted star signs I would’ve gone to a star signs sub

  27. The ENTJ depiction is accurate. I'm bi-poly, love older women, and basic instinct was a great film.

  28. How in the fuck are Americans still deciding that the solution is to make money out of kids getting shot rather than take the thing away that does the shooting. I cannot see myself ever truly understanding why people even bother living there if they can send their kid - without even meaning it - to get shot in the head by some random arsehole with bad parents/social skills. Oh and then you have to pay through the nose for the medical care afterwards.

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