Jan. 6 Committee Plans to Humiliate MAGA Lawmakers Who Cowered During Capitol Attack | Pro-Trump lawmakers have spent much of the past 17 months claiming the Jan. 6 carnage was overstated. The committee plans to show how they behaved while under siege

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  1. Has to be the number one move that people accidentally use. Just trying to aim my eggs not be an egg

  2. 1: Bill, player football, in the army, basically some form of training

  3. I think we can all agree on that, but once you read it you can never unthink about it

  4. cant wait to be completely thrown out of my movie experience with ads.

  5. London police are dumb af. That complaint is so fake, “kill all cis ppl”. How do you even take that seriously? The IQ required to join them must be really low. That would also explain the transphobia.

  6. I like Raiden, but Solidus was a perfect clone of Big Boss and he was in an armored Doc Oc suit. The disparity in ability and tech should have been addressed more so it wasn't so ridiculous that Raiden was able to beat him in just a sneaking suit.

  7. The game itself mirrors MGS1, but if you dig a bit deeper the ending also mimics MGS3's ending as well. Raiden was a child soldier raised by Solidus only to be taking down by what he could consider his son he never had. Boss gets taken out the same way by Naked Snake and could also be seen as the son she never had (or in this case got to raise).

  8. I totally forgot that Solidus was the warlord in Lyberia 🤦‍♂️. I haven't played mgs2 in probably 15 years. You made me laugh at the nanomachines (son) part since everything was serious and you dropped the famous MGRR line in there. So good! 🤣

  9. Not sure how else to describe Vamp with tech other than nanomachanes.....(son)

  10. Wait what? Was there a specific Cars Toon that did that? I feel like you've got it backwards and made up some headcanon that did that. Most of Maters Tall Tales came out before Cars 2

  11. And like others have said, it adds to Matter's character by making him a bit like the boy who cried wolf. so when something real and kinda crazy did happen in 2 (and at the cost of a major race) it was blown off like it was just another one of Matter's crazy story.

  12. lol no kidding. this aint mairo kart or twisted metal. This is just normal racing. On top of that, spys always have cool shit. Its one of the main appeal of being a Movie-esq spy.

  13. That cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. As a kid, I had a very bad habit of cracking my knuckles, I remember my 6th-grade teacher tried really hard to convince me it would cause arthritis and I was like 'oh ok I don't really care though' and then she gave me detention.

  14. Cracking is ok, I heard it's pulling them to "crack" them is what you should not do. But who knows that may also be made up too

  15. The movie was bad, but did have some cool ideas (some executed better then others) but making Kung Lao more of a mentor/older brother role is a nice touch over the "your good just not as good a Lui Kang" jealous role he's had in the past. He was for sure one of the better parts of this movie. Just a shame he went out like a wimp (I understood he had to die but could have been way better)

  16. I'd say Snake but his ass is so dummy thicc and just walking around makes his ass cheeks slap alerting Batman

  17. The goverment doesnt want u to know this, but they are free (i took 6 of them last week)

  18. Kind of? It happens a little too much for me to call it just call backs but it expands enough that remake isn't what I'd call it. Same thing happened with ocarina of time and a link to the past. Both have you go through 3 dungeons, get transported to a similar but different world, 7 more dungeons, and a few more I won't list here.

  19. MGS2 is just MGS1 with extra steps. If anything, it's on theme in a way

  20. Plot to kill the VP? I'm going to say highly unlikely to this.

  21. The crowd was chanting "hang Mike Pence" while storming the capital. Trump made it pretty clear he had all the power to stop this and make him the winner (spoiler, MP did not have that power). Then there was also the whole "im not getting in that car" from Mike Pence. Then there was also trump trying to go to the capital to lead the mob. But also you got Trump watching this all unfold doing nothing to stop anything and enjoying it. Have you not listen to any of the Jan 6th hearing or any of the news about this?

  22. Baron's new MadHatter skin looks pretty cool

  23. Damn democrats and their... checks notes.... trying to guarantee access to contraceptives, protect gay marriage, make sure everyone has access to Healthcare, and protect our environment!

  24. Your talking to a person where none of that stuff applies to them (except health care and environment but we all see how Republicans deal with anything science (they don't believe in science, go figure)). Your talking to a person that only cares about themselves or enjoys the fact that there are people who are less then them and should stay that way. Don't feed the trolls, call them a monster and move on. We all know this both sides argument is beyond BS.

  25. Then don't be a fucked up cop. Seems pretty simple

  26. I'm generally not in favor of punishing people before we have proven them guilty. You?

  27. Then don't take 6 fucking month to "investigate" and if there was no wrong doing reimbursed them. The reason people are mad because this cycle never ends. They are put on paid leave, or moved to a new department with no other consequences. But when there punishments does happen it's VERY rare along with its pulling teeth because the police are the ones investigating themselves. If there was no video of this incident no one would know about it. Now how many times does this happen when there is no video and cops are free to do whatever with no consequences? The answer is too often, that's why there is a problem and why people don't like the same old response. Same thing is happening with guns, people are pissed and rightfully so, but nothing happens its just the same shit over and over and over again. In order to have change we need to actually change stuff

  28. This and other bugs that punishes you for trying to play the game is nothing new. you got off lucky and only got 10 min. if this happens again too soon (its happen to me and plenty of others) your penalty will start to sky rocket. I have lost weekend nights with friends because of this.

  29. That really don't mean shit. They lie all the time what makes you think this also isn't a lie. They just say what's most convenient at the time. Trump is going down, the smarter ones are finally seeing the writing on the wall. But that does not excuse there past and all the bad stuff that happen and they not only let happen but encouraged it. Liz may be doing the right thing now but in the past shows what she is really like. Yes people can change but the right has been living in a different world for awhile now and shown us who they really are and that rules don't matter (to them)

  30. With different game modes you can find one that suits you and isn't too long (slash, arena or assault can be shorter)

  31. I'm getting there but still a bit off. How much longer do we have to get this skin?

  32. But Shao is the man who taught Shang everything he knows about sorcery. It is hard to believe the universe's mightiest Sorceror Shao Kahn go down so easily by the hand of one of his pupils.

  33. Evil guy taken out by his evil apprentice is like a super common trope. Just look at the sith and there long line of killing one another for one example. Shang was always a snake, it's what he was best at

  34. But the problem is Shao was the original snake. He INVENTED all the sorcery Shang uses. And he hid many great secrets of sorcery to himself. Secrets like Necromancy, which he learnt from just watching Onaga. Every single spell, every attack, every little technique Shang knows, Shao not only knows them he has fucking invented them. But Shang? Shang is merely aware of the miniscule amount of the true power of Shao Kahn, that Shao has revealed to him

  35. And it's that smugness that holds him back. He is the best and all others are nothing but tools and stepping stones. But he is no longer a God and his ignorance is a trait we see. He mocks you mid fight, "don't make me laugh", giving you the opening you need to beat him. Shao Kahn is also someone who does not learn from defeat (or knows the meaning) even after losing to Liu Kang. Shang on the other hand lost to Liu Kang but not only learned from it but used him to feather his plans. Being the strongest does not equal power along with Shang has no problems playing the long game

  36. True, I think minor errata adding "this token is all colors" or errata clarifying that the token is named "gold Dragon" without any specified color could close the gap. The first has precident ([[Transguild Courier]]), the second would be pretty awkward. In my play group, we'd probably let someone play it either way if it was synergistic with their deck.

  37. Perhaps make it an artifact, in d&d a gold dragon is a type of Metallic Dragon

  38. N64 MP games: goldeneye, smash bros, mairo party, mairo kart, bomberman 64, army men, battle tanks........

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