1. I love being in total darkness when I'm on shrooms 😁 it's just so different then everything else I experienced in my life ♥️

  2. Imo it would be possible, but the main concern is that the risk of contamination rises with each flush, I for example had 4 perfectly nice and even flushes from my last shoebox, after the 4th I had some Trich grow and therefore dumped the cake.

  3. Just try microdosing on a regular schedule, maybe that's exactly what you need, want and enjoy for your life.

  4. It's because most people fried their brains with mdma in their teens and cannot experience it anymore.

  5. Your toilet guys deal? Shit, at all the clubs I've been to the toilet guy makes sure people aren't doing coke in the cubicles.

  6. What, I thought the cubicles are made to do coke?

  7. It's acceptable, you're just as bad at league as you are at English.

  8. Uninstall and come back later, reset your mental and start fresh for the next try, that's why I am doing right now, Uninstalled a week ago and will come back Ina few weeks/months 🤷‍♂️

  9. Weird, I'm also an inexperienced user. I took one line Tuesday at 7 am and couldnt sleep until wednesday 1 am.

  10. Buy fresh 30 account, manage to get into smurf que and gain huge lp per win 👍 other then that, no there's no way.

  11. The duration and effects of stimulants, especially on sleep, vary widely from person to person. If I had to guess, I'd say you're probably just somewhat sensitive to amphetamine's residual peripheral stimulating effects. Plus, yeah, meth doesn't really come as a paste.

  12. Alright thanks for the answere. That makes sense, I also feel very stimulated off of 10mg methylphenidate when other people have not effects from far higher doses and mdma punches me out of my socks at doses of 50-75 mg. Could that have soemthig to do with my adhd?

  13. I’ll say this, if you aren’t excited as balls to just have fun tripping your fucking nads off then dont do either.

  14. I enjoy solo trips the most, other people tend to kinda annoy me and make it hard for me to truly enjoy and surrender to the mushrooms. I love the people I tripped with, my gf, my dad, my best friends, I really love them, but I rather take an evening for me and myself and enjoy the experience solo... I guess I'm just a weirdo 😅

  15. I started to have paranoid thoughts, thight chest, thoughts of having heart attacks, heard voices whenever I was high, it was really sketchy.

  16. My dog helped me having the biggest A-ha moment of my life while I was tripping.

  17. Yes definetly inspired by the lol champ. When we got her from the shelter, her name was Arabella :)

  18. You could ask your favorite dealer if he has Ritalin and see if it helps you 👀👀

  19. He has dextroamphetamine, which seems like it's a sketchier alternative?

  20. I mean, that stuff is used for adha medication, so it might me worth a shot.

  21. Imo this question is kinda off. I don't "wait" to trip. I trip for special occasions.

  22. How did you work up to it? When I was tripping I had a moment of complete shock where I said out loud “some people take 5g” and it shocked me so much I had to lay down lol. I truly can not imagine that dose

  23. Fun fact: I was watching the Netflix series How to change your mind.

  24. I didn't "work my way up" I just enjoyed shrooms here and there and one evening, when my gf was abroad and I had the time for me and myself I decided it would be a good idea to dive a little deeper into the experience. At that time I was struggling really hard with depression, occasionally had suicidal thoughts and my mind was just exhausted. I had alot going on in my life, very personal stuff that dragged me down to mental places, that I didn't know existed.

  25. I don't think anyone can give you a good answere. Could be everything, but mostly I guess it's bad genetics. Could be bad conditions too or maybe they were stored too long, do you take any medication?

  26. Then that's most likely the answere, my friend :)

  27. As long as someone doesn't physically and or mentally hurt innocent living beeings or destroys our environment or robs people, I am totally fine with them making money. I think you shouldn't waste your time and thoughts on those streamers/content creators, there are far more evil persons out there. And if you think it's easy money click baiting, surfing, pretending to be r1, then why don't you do it yourself?

  28. Very helpful, thank you for your valuable feedback 🙏

  29. Actually he isn't that wrong. 1400 solo shuffle xp 😅 I managed to climb to 1.7k now withing a couple of hours, just by playing full Yolo dps disc. Weirdly enough, it's extremely effective.

  30. This is a great example of why lfg has been such a nightmare for people. If you’re hard stuck at 1400 in solo with the amount of inflation this season then you’re not really 2.1k xp and you shouldnt be advertising as such. You’re stuck there because you’re making 1400 mistakes and decisions. Your talent tree is probably wrong, you’re likely not using the right skills or not using some skills at all. Your positioning is probably terrible. There’s likely a ton of things you can change to be better. I’m currently 2441 feral in solo, 1650 resto, and just started working in boomkin in solos. I’m passing through 1400 cr/mmr as boomie right now and it’s comical how bad people are in that rating and how easy it is to carry games with basic positioning and even the smallest amount of communication. 90% of the time all it takes is a target call before the round starts to get the win because that puts everyone on the same page. You’re not a 2.1k player anymore, you’re a 1400 player and you need to start looking at pvp from the perspective of “I’m bad, how do I improve” instead of “everyone else is bad, I’m stuck in mmr hell because of everyone else” otherwise you’ll continue to be stuck there.

  31. "You’re not a 2.1k player anymore, you’re a 1400 player and you need to start looking at pvp from the perspective of “I’m bad, how do I improve” instead of “everyone else is bad, I’m stuck in mmr hell because of everyone else” otherwise you’ll continue to be stuck there."

  32. Make a new account, this mmr is doomed, will never change.

  33. Do you feel like you get all of it when you mix it in a drink like that? I feel like some of it would get stuck to the side and go unconsumed.

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