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  1. He has a family member indicating tag on his shirt.

  2. You can’t see half of his body on this video. That tells you how much of a unit it really is.

  3. For real. Idk why so many Koreans are so romanticized with the NYC; the best part of the City is still worse than the worst part of Seoul.

  4. It’s just civil engineered Mega City’s charm that brings people in. Manhattan stays Manhattan. Doesn’t change much. Doesn’t fix much. But always bringing in events for its people. I like NYC vibe. Whatever hobby you have, you can find a group. Whatever food you like, you can find it here, probably. Whatever happens in New York, it’s gonna happen in NYC

  5. This is pretty normal. You can dampen vibration and quiet it down somewhat by putting the fuzzy side of velcro strips on the drive caddy rails. Doesn't make it silent, but made mine much quieter (DS720+, DS1621+).

  6. Unibody frame units with vibe dampers make world of difference.

  7. She’s so full of herself but some how I do not hate it.

  8. She’s so good at being a rope jumping from a bridge and doing a spectacular flip and diving woman

  9. I hate the fact that bar fights end with gun fights now.

  10. Sean definitely has it in video. Fuck off Yall

  11. Hyundai ship comes with crane and picks it up again.

  12. This is what ASMR youtubers film all day.

  13. I hope they find him and make him eat his own ball sack.

  14. Dont you hate it when you like the design but you can’t color match it

  15. Abnormal Summit--the first 40 episodes are the most interesting

  16. I leaning on different stance regarding 비정상회담. I found later episodes much more interesting.

  17. No it was a accident. You can see another orca get hit by the wave and go under. It’s just luck that he rode the wave. I think that you need to get your mental capacity checked.

  18. Exactly. This sub isn’t just for assholes.

  19. She's literally holding the booze

  20. I use that palico set. I just think it’s so much more terrifying to have what looks like a human child supporting your hunt

  21. Uncanny valley eerieness scratches back of my head. I hate it.

  22. That’s super cool. Only family member that’s shown interest to my RCs is my dog.. he just barks at it.. 😞

  23. My Dad ass loves this. Take the damn award.

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