1. My favorite Vonnegut book. I probably need to reread it soon.

  2. I think progressives argue against most of the things apart from the tax aspect. Conflating progressives and leftists as democrats and “liberals” is outright inaccurate. I can’t tell if you’re just using em as goofy buzz words or actually conflate them together. Democrats and liberals tend to be slightly conservative, at least as a party and their politicians.

  3. There’s some great wines under $20. Don’t get me wrong, there’s also great value wine in the $20+ range, but that’s not the minimum. For reds, anything by Bogle, Cline, Perrin, and a lot of Spanish reds will be great under $20. For whites, Kate Arnold Riesling, Colome Torrontes, and anything by Hugel. Someone at a wine shop or solid liquor store can help with more recommendations as well under $20.

  4. I’ve always wanted to move out of the country even before I become more politically interested and left leaning. I used to always think I’d just leave if things got to bad, but there doesn’t even seem to be many places to move to that would be realistic and any better. The only places that really come to mind are Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and maybe Vietnam or Uruguay. I mean Russia is becoming increasingly aggressive in Eastern Europe and towards the Nordics; Australia will always be caught between the US and China’s battle for world dominance; South and Central America always seem to have up and downs with the state of things besides maybe Uruguay and Costa Rica at the moment; Canada while better in some aspects, doesn’t seem much better considering other issues there. There’s still a ton of places I’d love to love to, but most don’t seem to be worth it in terms of escaping here.

  5. The priest, Mitford, Campbell, and Gina in that order, though the first two are tied.

  6. Matua for $48??? The worldwide prestige flight is goofy too

  7. Matua for more than 50% of the cost of the Champagne... theft!

  8. I’m just thinking that’s a $12 bottle at retail in my state, and I’d assume it’s even cheaper in non control states, so that’s like a $30 bottle AT MOST at restaurant price.

  9. While I love history and studied it in undergrad, WWII and American history in general was never my area of study or interest. From my understanding, WWII was largely won by the soviets by sheer number troops. I do think the US contributed in multiple and significant ways on the western front though and played a big part in turning the war in favor of the allied forces.

  10. This last season was great, though obviously not perfect.

  11. Oh wow that’s really cool. I had no idea proper white zins were actually made

  12. Alamos’s Malbec is a great value wine. Decent stuff for only $8-$12.

  13. At our local grocery (Ralph’s, SoCal) you can pick them up for $6-7 when you buy 6 bottles (mix & match). Great for the price point, a daily drinker, but not the first bottle we’d put out for guests.

  14. Yeah where I live (a control state), Alamos has gone up to like $14 or $15, but it used to only be like $10-$11 just a couple years ago.

  15. If French Montana can do it, anyone can do it

  16. Yeah it’s the stuff bars don’t even serve lol

  17. If we’re being honest, college bars usually have worse liquor than Burnett’s. I mean Heaven Hill’s $10 half gallon of 20% whiskey 80% grain alcohol, Crown Russe, etc 😂

  18. Maybe my memory is serving me wrong… lol

  19. Oh no haha it’s not serving you wrong, I was just being goofy

  20. As of now, southern Rhone. They have my favorite reds and whites and provide great value. This could change in the future, as I’m still at the beginning of my wine journey, but Southern Rhone is easily the answer now.

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  22. I had a similar experience with Mono a few years back. Had what would probably be considered a mild-moderate case, though it was still the worst I’d ever felt. Got better after two weeks. But then I noticed over the next 2-3 months, I would run a low grade fever with no other symptoms apart from just feeling a little warm and tired. I went to the doctor a couple of times, and he did a CBC. The first time, some of the results were so concerning and off, that he thought it had to be a machine error. Sure enough, I went back a week or so later and everything was completely normal!

  23. Paxlovid is two antiviral drugs. The medication in the white pill boosts the effect of the medication of other two pills, so you do need all three tablets for each dose.

  24. Yeah I called the pharmacy, and they confirmed too that there could be significant interactions. They told me it was more than likely safe but just to monitor my blood pressure. I also called the urgent care where I was diagnosed, and the NP said to hold off on the Paxlovid if the pharmacy said there could be interactions.

  25. A few days without amlodipine won't be a serious issue if your BP has been well-controlled.

  26. You think I would be fine for the 5 days of the Paxlovid prescription without the Amlodpine? My blood pressure has been well controlled mostly for the past few years, but it seems to have gotten even better under Amlodpine. I’m not sure if my BP is so well controlled because of the Amlodpine or more due to lifestyle changes.

  27. The worst wine I’ve had that I was hoping to like was a Tarima Monastrell. It was inexpensive, and I love Mourvèdre and other Monastrell. This one was undrinkable and got poured down the drain the next day. Tasted like ink and nothing else.

  28. It only looks bad in the birds eye view honestly

  29. I guess the general American’s attitude on smoking is one of the few good things about the stereotypical American world view. I mean, plenty of people here still smoke, and I (and others from what I can tell) don’t look down on them or anything unless someone’s smoking in a crowded area or inside somewhere.

  30. Teach a lot of their “special prices” seem to just be regular retail prices

  31. As a wine lover, I’ve gotten more into coffee and found it to be super diverse and interesting in terms of the different flavors and profiles. For example, try different roasts from Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Guatemala, and they’ll all be completely different.

  32. The Eastern, mountainous part of Arizona seems to for the most part

  33. I haven’t kept up with all of this like I should due to being busy with different things lately. From my understanding, there was a large sum of money to be used to help people in poverty with basic needs and in general, but Phil Bryant and others intentionally misused the money for their own personal, completely unrelated projects?

  34. Soil does have an influence, but the original concept of terroir gave way more credit to soil than anything else. A more complex and interesting conception of terroir is exactly what you described.

  35. That more complex, broadly encompassing concept of terroir has always been my understanding of it, but I’m not an expert by any means. I haven’t really heard people talk about fossils, but do you think there’s any legitimacy to certain types of stones in vineyards? I forgot what they call em in French, but I remember reading about certain stones in CdP, Lirac, and other places in the Rhone Valley and Provence that have these naturally occurring rocks that are believed to enhance the wine due to these rocks’ ability to absorb and retain sunlight and heat.

  36. Those boulders are called galettes, though i’m not sure about the spelling. The fossil thing you hear around Sancerre sometimes. I have no idea if the galettes thing is true or just marketing. I would imagine it’s a bit of both.

  37. Ah yeah, galettes was the word. I’ll have to look into the fossil thing for some good laughs if anything. As for the galettes, when I’ve read about them, there doesn’t seem to be a huge emphasis placed on them. Mostly producers including it in their vineyard section of tech sheets and when describing the climate of their vineyards online.

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