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  1. Props to you for not only, not being a whiskey douche… but also for being one of the best types of customers out there.

  2. One that I never see mentions anywhere is The Songs of Earth & Power series. It’s two books, “The Infinity Concerto” and “The Serpent Mage”. While the dude is famous for his sci-fi, I think he low key wrote the best fantasy series no one seems to have heard of.

  3. Wow, Brittany… I can’t believe you and your negativity and false accusations. You really hurt her feelings here with all this negativity

  4. Framing it as “right vs left” is ridiculous at this point. It’s only purpose is goofy political pandering. At least in the US, there is no “Left” in any meaningful way. I mean there are no major institutions with any significant influence or power that are left leaning. While there are many leftists here, there is no real representation in the government.

  5. Ah, because they don’t “share our values”, as if the US government’s “values” are much different and/or better than the Chinese Government’s

  6. I don’t actually believe they’re “the same”, but I just think it’s funny that the FBI director is acting like they have so much more of a moral nigh ground than the Chinese government.

  7. Faulkner was like the town drunk in Oxford, Mississippi, except one day the town woke up to the news that he'd won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

  8. So now we’re just waiting on Chris from Roosters to win a Nobel Peace Prize!

  9. Upvoted even though I disagree with what you’re saying, I think there’s good conversations to be had here.

  10. My perspective comes from a blend of personal preferences and working at a big wine store.

  11. I don’t think academia actually leans left in any real way, at least in the political sense. I think conservatives that like to attack educational institutions and academia do so because some or many of their ideas and beliefs aren’t upheld within these institutions. I mean, in the sense of the “culture war” conservatives which seem to be the main ones using this rhetoric. Another observation of mine is that people like Ben Shapiro and those at the DW, love to call just about anything and everything “The Left” that doesn’t fit their specific, culture war based mold of conservatism, so I’d generally take information from people who rely on buzzwords and manipulation to make money and keep an audience.

  12. Only one side devalues basic human rights. The extreme right is far more extreme than the "extreme left".

  13. That sounds very partisan for the sake of being partisan lol. The moderates, conservatives, and far right all devalue human rights consistently.

  14. I’m pretty sure it’s between 1953-1958. It’s hard to tell what’s Morocco is called here, but if it’s not called Morocco, its 1953-1956.

  15. I am in the US but I have very much developed the stereotypically snobby old world palate.

  16. Aye love seeing the Terra Rouge love. Their whole line of stuff is great along with their more domestic styled wines labeled under Easton.

  17. I had the good fortune to meet Bill about 4 years ago at a tasting in NYC, very early on in my wine hobby journey.

  18. Oh wow, that’s awesome! I’d love to go out to the winery eventually.

  19. I’d put Arthur in Chaotic good and Tommy right on the intersecting lines of Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral, and Chaotic Neutral.

  20. Is the Jonathan Chait tweet supposed to be satire? I really hope so cuz it’s funny if it is.

  21. The entire Buffalo Trace line is overrated. Sure, most of it is really good whiskey, but at the secondary prices and retail prices, it’s ridiculous.

  22. I’d just ask your friends for suggestions or what’s not already being brought. Then do something based off that.

  23. I have lots of family out there. Love Show Low and Pinetop!

  24. I’ve been thinking on this a lot the past year and it’s made me pretty anxious at times. It’s even more stressful, because while I have friends and family that deal with anxiety, I don’t think any of them deal with this sort of anxiety so I usually don’t talk about it. A lot of mine started with everything going on in Ukraine. Also seeing those with the most power and influence constantly make decisions to only better themselves and hurt every one else also hasn’t helped. Like others have said, I think the only thing we can really do in regard to this is try to focus on what we can actually do in our lives to improve em and the world around us.

  25. College isn’t all that hard to get into. If you’re going for the Ivy Leagues or a similarly prestigious school, then sure it will be ridiculously hard and competitive, but most colleges are relatively easy to get into it. This doesn’t mean the majority of schools aren’t “good”, as you’ll get a relatively equal academic education at most decently big universities. Most of the criteria you list tends to only apply to these top 1% prestigious schools or super competitive programs at other schools.

  26. I always knew Troy was still alive. Watch him come back as the leader of pirate gang or something. Or having accidentally joined a cult and not even realized it yet.

  27. That’d be great if it happens. It should be legalized in every state and at the federal level for recreational use. They should also decriminalize all drugs related to simple drug possession while they’re at it.

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