1. Lightning strike them all to death. Or if you don't have that ability: 1. SHAME ON YOU! 2. Don't go down there, and you are losing that settlement.

  2. Ah I forget about lightning strike!

  3. Lightning Stance on a strong lord like Grimgor is really the best way to handle these stacks. If that's not an option, there are a couple alternatives.

  4. Thanks! I often forget about ambush stance

  5. Hey! A little late to this but I happen to be going to fernandina beach this coming week and I was wondering where you cuaght this? I get if u don’t wanna say spots but like general area? Lol I like fishing but never been to that area if you could suggest any piers or rivers that would be good for inshore I’d appreciate it.

  6. Must have been at the St Mary's river outlet south jetties. At the very end of the jetties on the south side. Popular spot in the summer.

  7. Oh by fort clinche? I’ll be sure to check that out hopefully get on some sheepshead like u lol

  8. Yes from Fort, Clinch, head out to sea then on the right there are rocks for miles, the go around the end of the rocks near the tip and thats where. Of course dont go out there if you dont know what you're doing, those rocks arent always visible, go way around.

  9. did u want them to run into the burning building or something?

  10. Yeah, they aren't trained or equipped. Might as well judge civilians for not charging in. Wtf is with hating all cops doing thier jobs?

  11. Respect. People get their heads chopped off and make such a big deal about it

  12. Losing your job for less than 1k is really, really, really dumb.

  13. That's what I can't figure out. I see it happening, but i cant believe it. How often do drivers see a steam deck, know what the hell it is, know they are on camera, also cool with stealing, willing to risk their career and possible jail time, risk having that on thier record, for the amount of money they could make just working some overtime?

  14. and for those of us that are unlikely to encounter any of these magnificent creatures in person. 2000 lbs is roughly the same as any TWO horses you can see at a race track or rodeo (it is on the high end of the range for a rodeo BULL too)

  15. I see leatherbacks when fishing but had no idea they weighed that much!

  16. My go to is "I don't want to cut you short but I really need to get going. Let's connect another time." And that's it.

  17. “What is that, a lodge? Fuck this” - alligator

  18. Looks like just a nonstick pan though.

  19. Anyone else with a WSM have smoke leakage on the sides? And is this smoke too heavy as well? I have 2 full vents shut and a crack in the third one

  20. That's pretty normal when you first start the fire, just get the coals as hot as possible with a chimney starter then let the smoker go for about 30 mins and everything should neutralize and the smoke will be barely visible. The leaking is normal, I made a seal but probably is not worth the effort, just let the build up naturally fill the gaps. Leave the top vent mostly open and and try to control with the bottom vents to keep the gas build up from smothering the fire.

  21. Hahaha. It’s the exact same voice, buts “asteroid” is voiced over by a different person.

  22. Nah fuck it, just call it the "cloud" district as if it's a nod to starwars!

  23. Reading these comments, I must be getting old! These existed in the 90's right?!? It went along with the whole hydraulics, low riders, rap and car show thing.

  24. It's like getting gold teeth with diamonds in them. It proves you're wealthy enough to waste money on pointless stuff.

  25. Yeah but what you're describing already happened in the 90s. Getting hydraulics, bouncing you car, all that stuff happened already.

  26. Someone sell me on this please. I just don't see it.

  27. You probably don't need one but if you often cook for a lot of people, it's a lot better than getting 6 pans out and making a mess. Works great with breakfast since you can cook bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, etc all at once. Cook enough smash burgers for a party, make Japanese steakhouse style meals, steaks, fish, all sorts of things that would take up a lot of pans. It's cleanup is easy.

  28. They also don't have ears! So if you see a snake with ear holes...also a legless lizard :)

  29. What if I see a legless lizard with legs?

  30. I would too! I always do mine with just a rub. I wonder how much scaring, injecting, foiling, etc makes a difference?

  31. I want that? For my non existing stream.

  32. Let's fighting love is more of a parady so I guess it's more about the context of that episode. By itself, it loses its affect. So I would give it to Kyle's Mom.

  33. It was a fairly recent change. It came out of the last experimental patch or the one before the last.

  34. Thought it my be a vid from the experimental patch

  35. For epic games I still use steamgriddb

  36. Pro tip: after adding a non-Steam game, if you set the name of the game in Steam to be the game's App ID on the Steam Store, you'll have access to all the community configurations for that game.

  37. I've seen this posted so many times and it has never worked for me.

  38. I’ve made some empty promises in my life, but hands down, that was the most generous.

  39. This is the most Michael Scott quote ever.

  40. They gave away Warhammer 1 twice now. Its obviously a good deal but you find out that there is a lot of paid DLC in this game. Feels like half of the factions and content are locked off. Still, it's been fun.

  41. Yes and there are two others as well, good luck.

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