1. The Melvin Gordon line maybe?

  2. Josh Allen, just a good story of a guy who wasn’t wanted by almost any college but completely learned how to become a quarterback basically on the fly since high school

  3. If he can make the roster it’d be great to have like 4 legit TE’s to let them come in, block, and rotate in and out. He’ll definitely be a tier below all of the other three but to go from griffin as our TE1 to this is incredible

  4. Suns don't need picks? They need players to get a ring before CP3 withers into dust.

  5. Guess the Texas stars is the greatest development team of all time because Oettinger has gotten so much better since I watched him at BU lmao

  6. They also had that insane Guenztel high stick goal, lots of calls going different ways the whole series

  7. Is Pierre the ref of this series?

  8. I’m worth dozens! Dozens!

  9. As a ranger fan, we’ve gotten a shit ton of breaks this series and should’ve won in five against a third stringer; after all, if igor and Georgiev were out we would’ve lose in 4 straight up.

  10. Honestly think the Jags could’ve take a receiver this year if they were desperate to help Trev

  11. Convinced this griz core is winning a title one day, all of them are young and I think guys like JJJ will only get better. Scary team

  12. Would be awesome to shore up that linebacker group. Definitely gonna be a target next year in the draft to get like a round 2 lb in the room, I think as long as things go as planned we won’t have a hole everywhere like every offseason.

  13. JFM isn't doing any run stuffing at DT - He's going to play the exact same role he did last year with the only difference being on 3rd downs where they can get Jermaine and Laawson on the field at the same time by sliding JFM inside to pass rush. JFM being a run-stuffing DT is 0% part of their plan.

  14. I didn’t mean it has JFM being the 5 tech, rather he’s the only good run defender on the line who’s strength is that. Who’s gonna take over the Foley role?

  15. He’s driving thru downtown Dallas celebrating not trying to text anyone

  16. Breece Hall I’ll probably take early, especially in my dynasty league

  17. I forgot schedule release day is also fight over which team has the best social media day.

  18. So the chargers are undefeated for like 5 years now?

  19. I remember it was the new golden child taking over DOT’s spot only a few months back, wild.

  20. Should I sell my CKB folks? Scared it’s too small to make it out of this crypto winter

  21. I own CKB and am holding. This is not financial advice and you should make your own decision.

  22. Planning on doing the same, glad there’s positive sentiment; feel good about the community since it’s always been a long game anyway for anyone who bought it, wasn’t a rich quick scheme

  23. Does this make Sam Darnold the ghost realtor?

  24. Trent Baalke definitely would run the gas rebate scheme

  25. Not sure why a combined Mets no-hitter is something that's on his mind after the Angels throw a no-hitter last night.

  26. Because he’s an asshole

  27. Thank god I didn’t switch my dot to luna back in 2021 when it was getting all the hype

  28. Well the KHL And NHL agreement did end over the invasion of Ukraine, which means defections might start happening again.

  29. Does that mean it would be faster or slower for him to come over pending he wants to

  30. God help anyone who thinks we were on the come up during the Gase era

  31. Yep, I unsubbed and am not really interested of being a fan of a team with someone like that as a franchise quarterback. Haven't really found a new home yet, but its the off-season and I'll probably be more motivated to find a new team closer to the start of the season. Assuming I don't just end up rooting for whoever I have in fantasy lol.

  32. I’d go to the bengals considering they did Paul Brown right, but maybe be a jets fan for shits and giggles we’re on the come up :))

  33. So when will he demand the trade?

  34. If that day comes, whatever we do don’t draft a running back

  35. I think Paulie asked for the

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