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  1. After reading this tread lemme give you a piece of advice about human interactions. People stop listening and caring about ur points the second u start insulting them and making person attacks. The sooner you learn that the sooner u can have a productive conversation with this community and and people in general.

  2. Thought that was Mikasa from Attack on titan. Until I read the the words. 😭 Looks cool tho

  3. Had to stop reading half way through was losing too many brain cells reading that

  4. Got them, used em. But I'm shit with them. I'm Terrible with dino combos

  5. Back to back raigeki while not getting otked? Pretty unlikely

  6. Aaaah gross, there's a reason I don't click on nswf stuff in this sub. Appreciate the clarification

  7. Damn, people downvoting you for that. It’s alright bro, there are some others in this sub like you.

  8. It was a really hard back pat. Maybe pervy sages embarrassment made it strong..🤭

  9. Was playing a ranked match against adamancipator bricked with zoodiacs having only an ash in hand. Stopped one play with it and drew into another brick. For w.e reason I said "fuck I'm not gonna surrender, imma let him kill". So I passed to his turn and went to the wash room. Came back to victory screen. Was confused asf since adamancipator can definitely otk. So I save the replay just to see what happened. Turns out he messed up his wasn't even anything serious. He still too synchro beat sticks on the field until the next him disconnecting was weird. But I would have never gotten a free win if I hit the surrender button LOL.

  10. Not surrendering was something I did LOL. But that's just word play. I get that u mean in the misplay department.

  11. I don't even play this game anymore and that shit still pisses me off. Like holy fuck

  12. There certain things u don't need to see in ur life...this was one of those things.

  13. Dawg I need people to stop saying silver is gonna lose. This season this community has had a shit record of predicting the losers. Don't send any more bad energy to my boy trunks.😭

  14. This was fire to look at. Definitely my favorite fight from the series.

  15. Me not being sure if any character fits me decides to bleach character test...gets Orhime 😭. Manz got called girly AND it says I'm into fashion when that's the furthest thing from the truthSmh.

  16. Too vain compared to my personality and they seem like they care about their fashion sense too. Interesting parallel to orihime tho

  17. The problem is most non meta decks cant play through 2 negates and not everyone has a Swordsoul deck and the loaner isnt strong enough to compete on higher levels. I had to give up on diamond and had to derank to plat5 instead to even be able to make progress in the event

  18. Ur first mistake was trying to play through 2 negates. Get some board breaker cards like your kajus, dark ruler no mores ,droplets etc. Then u start playing. People gotta start collecting these cards instead of complaining about shit. Because 10 out of 10 times complaining does nothing if u don't try to counter what's annoying u.

  19. No option for loaners and non meta decks cant start off a single card so the amount of space for handtraps and board breakers is limited. Dont get me wrong I got quite a few options there as a mostly mid range control player but I have to play Synchro and XYZ but dont have the resources to build something new. You simply cant beat barely nerfed meta with at most rogue tier decks without getting incredibly lucky. When you got the option its definitely a better idea to rank down as much as possible to reduce the amount of these decks

  20. The loner deck is a no brainer. I'd rather use a shit deck that I make over a loner deck any day because I can tech in cards to deal with the current meta of a format. Dawg I'm not say play all of them but at least play 3 sets of 1 board breaker. Cut back on the crutch called max CC and put in more board breakers. I'm playing the same game u guys are if I can find space for board breaker in my zoodic Deck or my water xyz deck you guys shouldn't be able to as well. Like why would u keep playing the same strat that loses to a common format strat and not try to tech in cards to help deal with those strats? If this event zoodiac is the cheapest option that allows u to load up on hand traps and board breakers. Try looking for similar options I'm other events. You'll be surprised to find they exist.

  21. Currently? No but you should have seen how people hated it when it was a tiered deck and literally nothing has changed for it. Funny how the yugioh community's mind works.

  22. and then theres unfunny meta posts like this one (zero upvotes)

  23. Looks at the (time of recording) 116 up votes...that didn't age well did it LOOOL.

  24. And people say I'm full of shit when I say people only remember the worst things in any give situation and forget about all the positives.

  25. Oh you're wild for putting Naruto over goku. Even people who don't watch anime know about goku and probably he can turn "blonde". The same can't be said for Naruto.

  26. I’m not an anime fan, though I watched some titles that I find interesting, and before this thread I didn’t even know who is Goku.

  27. That is surprising to hear. The dragon ball franchise slays outside of Japan (well it slays in Japan too) . Especially in North America. Both dragon movies from dragon ball Super Super hero to the Super Broly movie was able to beat out other popular anime movies financially in the box office.

  28. No cap if a woman has a male brain she's definitely gonna be into females too.

  29. They probably won’t so players can spend their life saving for the decks

  30. Looks at adventure tokens I mean...they've done it before. Sooo fingers crossed they do it again.

  31. Counter argument: that's why sasuke is better in terms of strategy and technicalities. Him being able to pull chakra from Naruto is a feat that Naruto can't do and probably can't think of.

  32. Don't ask me why this brings me great just does LOL.

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