1. I reckon Archway falls under this. The Tube station is named after the local bridge but the area itself is Upper Holloway, plus any other adjacent localities.


  3. Won't the yellow be too bright for light summer?

  4. Tests for summer Soft summer - dusty rose, mauve, rose beige, celadon green, light burgundy. These colours would be too muted for the winters.

  5. They’re all too soft for deep autumn, although the first would be the most fitting.

  6. Too much black, and it looks very flat and dull. Maybe go for a warmer colour like brown or navy.

  7. I was just gonna say the same thing, immediately thought of Liv Tyler. Definitely natural with some ethereal

  8. E + D + N + G. Ethereal because of the floaty silhouette. Dramatic because of high contrast and the black leather shoes with an edgy wraparound style. Natural because of the relaxed silhouette and the comfortable looking fabrics. Gamine because of the whimsical details.

  9. I’m generally an anxious person, although when danger comes, I’m ready to take action and be calm.

  10. Stonebridge. Maybe because I’m black and am from that area, it’s a very safe and friendly place like a village, and we look out for each other. On my nana’s birthday one year, we all celebrated outside the house and neighbours joined in.

  11. Ethereal and Romantic (you give me Julia Robert’s vibes)

  12. In TiB’s system yes. In Kitchener’s system, no and he takes into account 20 factors.

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