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  1. So every single pistol and every rifle. What are you classing as high capacity?

  2. There is absolutely no need for any weapon to hold more than 6 rounds for personal use. Also, semi automatic is not “every single pistol and rifle”.

  3. It is, the definition of semi-automatic is that for every pull of a trigger, one round leaves the chamber and another is loaded without the user having to do anything else. Another pull sends another bullet out.

  4. “It is often very important to need more than six rounds. You could come across many home intruders, you could get into a prolonged firefight. You could land all your shots and the person could still be running at you using adrenaline to stab you.”

  5. Because gun owners have been convinced by gun manufacturers that their rights are being infringed upon.

  6. About 10 years ago I became very close friends with 2 guys at work. At the time I was in my mid to late 30s while they were in their early 60s. We shared an office, ate lunch together daily, would get drinks after work, even occasionally played golf on the weekends. I was a bit older than their kids, but the absolutely could have been old enough to be my father. Then I changed jobs and we began to lose touch. Found out this summer that one of them passed away from cancer and it crushed me. Didn’t even get a chance to go to the funeral as it was over and done by the time I found out.

  7. And also, men should be the ones to lead our country cause lord knows the ones who can't keep their vows to their wife and family would certainly NEVER break their oaths to protect their country! /s

  8. Reminds me of a Jordan Klepper interview. A woman at a Trump rally pre 2016 election said a woman shouldn’t be President because they are too “emotional” and could just “start a war” if they are hormonal. He asked “Hasn’t every war in history been started by men?”

  9. How is SHE the cheater? He cheated! WTF?

  10. That’s the Conservative Christian way. Men are out of control sex monsters and women must police their infidelity. If a man cheats, blame falls on the woman he cheated with for bedding a marred man, and on his wife for not keeping him “satisfied”. Somehow the man skirts blame.

  11. That's not a big Mac. I thought it might be a double quarter pounder, but it has lettuce. Maybe a whopper

  12. The fact that a Swastika flag can hang in the United States without getting torn down says a lot about what we’ve become.

  13. This was the biggest mistake on January 6th. The lives of our Vice President & Congress were at risk. They should have just opened fire and not stopped until the threat was gone.

  14. This is a reminder the Republican Party knew who he was. They knew what he was capable of. They made him their nominee anyway. Never forget what they have brought upon the country.

  15. At no point will a state or local tax deduction eliminate someone from paying all of their federal taxes. It will bring their taxable income level down slightly.

  16. And people like Niya set an unhealthy precedent for all of her coworkers. Because she never leaves her coworkers feel obligated to stay longer as well.

  17. Exactly. I had a boss like that once. She’d show up at my office at 4:30 because we were closer to her house than her main office was and expect me to sit there with her until 7 because that’s what she did normally.

  18. I have always found that weird. A disturbingly large amount of conservative women have long blonde hair, skinny, and they all wear the same type of dress...

  19. DeSantis might as well be reading right out of a fascist playbook and following the steps to a T.

  20. Brought to you by the people who feel 20 years is a justifiable sentence for marijuana possession.

  21. Meanwhile that CEO is saying he’s “Unavailable” to testify before congress next week.

  22. Because every penny of profit goes into executive bonuses, shareholder dividends and stock buybacks. Until regulators place cash reserve requirements on publicly traded companies, we will continue to see this.

  23. This is an awful way to look at how we elect a President. You’re basically saying rural voters should count more than urban/suburban voters.

  24. No, I’m saying that a majority of US Citizens should decide our President, regardless of where they live.

  25. Literally saying “Drop the charges or we’re burning the country down.” Lock this motherfucker up.

  26. Ok, but is literally anyone else saying he is going to be indicted?

  27. It’s coming. They are apparently waiting until it’s closer to a date he can surrender.

  28. I’ve had more root canals than I can remember and have never once been offered anything stronger than Tylenol.

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