1. Only cheap parking you will find with campus is buying there parking permit, the cheapest one I believe is around 1,140 which makes it 142 a month.

  2. I believe once u log in it should pop up to make ur email. Once ur done that continue open up ramms and look at ur schedule I believe it will be uploaded by the end of the business day today. After that is done when u open it look at classes u might want to switch also write down all ur profs on the side so u can check if there good on rate my professor after all that before the 9th have a list of what u want to change if you want to and wake up 6am august 9th to do so after u enrol u still got till the 19th for the one card but you can just go sleep if u want after enrolling and wake up and do that process after. Then u basically finished everything and u just need to get ready for the school year

  3. You can go to the general one but I believe the trsm would be more fun and u would be able it’s easier to meet people in ur program.

  4. I don’t think you should go to algoma uni in the first place if you want that as an option that’s up to you but I suggest looking at better places l, also you have osap if you don’t have money to pay it you can get a grant or even just a loan it just depends on ur parents income

  5. Check in you junk probably also people saying it’s not mandatory but I think it’s a good way to start off they year and possibly meet new people

  6. I believe we only get for the day we lost but even when this happened last year I believe they said they would give it but I never had it

  7. It’s probably a tactic for people to call, also psi probably hasn’t been done so the car can just be on the lot but no one can go in and stuff

  8. I’m not sure if they can make you go through finance or not but if you do look at your personal banks cause the bank rates are way cheaper, the other option is lookin at a different dealership if you want to lease

  9. Law was pretty good for me but it all depends on the teacher

  10. Those are not bad for grade 11 but if you want to get into health sci like at McMaster you need to boost those marks next year

  11. idk if suspension can effect it but I also had a 58 in functions but I re did it in night school second sem and then did advanced functions rlly good, I got accepted to schulich, tmu, and Ontario tech for business

  12. I’m not sure with catholic schools but check if you need it or not if you don’t just drop it I guess

  13. It depends, probably the 95plus was for 4K if you have a 93 it might lower but it depends the range they have, you can check on the website for entrance scholarship

  14. Calculus was the hardest for me, advanced functions was decent only trig was a problem for me and I didn’t take data management

  15. Absolutely do not get the PPF they advertise. It’s shit coverage and for what you pay you can get a full XPEL kit done at most places.

  16. Yea , also did you get warranty for the car, I was wondering if I should, most likely I will be financing

  17. I always get the platinum ECP and Wheel and Tire protection. Doesn’t hurt to have a little insurance. Especially since the new stock wheels actually look pretty nice. I did the same on my Supra and the other two 86’s I owned.

  18. Many small businesses might need someone, if you can’t get a job from the big retailers just go to a small businesses, you probably won’t get discounts or perks but salary should be the same, moreover your helping local businesses which will be fun

  19. I haven’t tried applying to small businesses so thank you!! I’ll let you know how it goes :)

  20. hey everyone is this deposit only for ryerson or every school? none of my friends at other unis have had this ?

  21. Yea we have to do it but I believe that money will go to your first year tuition after I believe idk though

  22. Not sure but one of my friend had only needed english and that was the only course he took for semester 2. Guidence say you would be a part time student which might affect you uni application but idk, apperently it will also not allow you to get the enterance scholarship buy yet again idk just check with your program. It’s better to take at least 3 courses per sem

  23. You can have 2 spares max but 1 spare each semester

  24. I mean I just like to vote but I usually comment and say it’s your choice you have to pick what’s best for you and all unis are good so dw where you go

  25. Well reasons why I like it personally is because the badging looks nice for me, also the front and my parents had a Toyota and from my experience it seems to be good

  26. Yeah I did but I'm hoping to transfer to stat after the program I might apply to (phys and enviro sciences - natural sciences and environmental management stream). Is it worth it? Isn't it supposedly easier to go to stats than comp sci?

  27. I don’t have knowledge about that program but if you want you can apply for comsci or statistics at utsc but don’t get hopes up. You rather go to a uni that you applied with statistics or comsci and then after a year go and see the process to transfer if you want to. This is cause you will have credits that is similar and will be much easier. Moreover you don’t want to go to a program that you don’t really like anymore cause at the end you might not able to transfer if you don’t have the marks

  28. Okay, I'll think about it. Do have any knowledge though on the competitiveness of switching majors or streams within the program? For instance I'm also considering maybe switching the stream to physical and mathematical sciences or switching the major to purely mathematics

  29. I’m actually going uni next year but my cousin said if you have the marks there should not be a problem. Also the example you gave shouldn’t really give and problem when switching because they both involve math which you would have some credits. Just do some extra research when it comes to transferring, I believe if you go to the program and look for the requirements as a uni student instead of a high school student you will find what you need and to do

  30. How do you become an alumni?

  31. Oh okay lol I thought there was more requirements to become an alumni lol, going to btm this coming fall

  32. 93 is recommended. Anything >93 is fine, but not needed. 91 is acceptable if you don’t have access to 93. Anything <91 is a no go.

  33. Ah okay nah cause I have 94 and 91 in Canada so I was wondering

  34. I feel business is better for me but I understand the opportunity of uoft and cs has a lot of money and higher job landings.

  35. Business also has some good jobs, even some tech companies might need business majors, it all just matter about what you can do and the experience

  36. Honestly there is probably a wait list, if you want you can try but idk if you have a chance or not, did you apple to bm at Ryerson?

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