1. Is the upcoming Israel - Kosovo the international fixture with more asterisks ever? Because depending on who's asked both countries exist, or only one does, or neither does.

  2. Both countries obviously exist, to deny that makes no sense

  3. So it's confirmed, Retegui in the starting XI, with Pellegrini and Berardi.

  4. From Totti, Di Natale, del Piero, Toni… to a Mexican league striker with a single Italian grandparent. Is talent that scarce in Italy?

  5. The supernatural doesn’t exist, so if someone is to believe in the supernatural, they lack critical thought.

  6. not really a rival but i think they're on similar stature when Sporting poached Amorim from Braga

  7. Idk if it's still there, but there used to a shop that sold fake sporting merchandise in it

  8. Honestly it's pretty decrepit at this point but I don't remember there ever being a shop like that. I mostly used to go to the cinema there

  9. Is there anything worse than getting a new phone and your time spent working footballers names into the phones autocorrect has been undone? Doesn’t happen often enough to be a major issue, but it’s heartbreaking when it happens.

  10. Nah that just means you talk about footballers too much. It’s not even that big of an issue.

  11. Tottenham hate is out of control I genuinely don't get why so many people hate them. They're a non big club who worked their way into the big 6, get semi regular CL football but when they're shit people seem to take way too much joy in it. Feels like they should lean a little more into the 'small club punching above their weight' angle and not the 'big club who haven't won much'

  12. We don’t hate them we just think they’re a funny little club

  13. Redditors on their way to turn a nonsense story into celebrity-worship drivel

  14. Adan with the goalkeeping performance of the tournament so far.....what a game he's had

  15. Ironically he was the one who took us to the Europa League in the first place

  16. Did they say that was his 14th booking of the season? If he was at Sporting last year did he and Palhinha just rotate suspensions lmao

  17. There are endless financial benefits to signing a player who many believe to be the greatest of all time. Sponsorships for one, any company negotiating a deal with them has to factor in the fact that one of the world’s most famous men will be advertising for them. Instant financial advantage. Players want to play alongside Messi, just look at Ramos’ complete 180 in attitude. Instant transfer advantage.

  18. PSG don’t need the money, they need the results. Which Messi is not providing.

  19. As if you’re not a plastic Barcelona fan yourself

  20. I don’t know if, as an American, this makes me feel proud of Mississippi or sad for Portugal

  21. Portugal has a standard of living 10x that of Mississippi, these indicators mean nothing and they are catered to American standards.

  22. Ask someone if they’d rather live in Mississippi or Portugal and you’ll have your answer

  23. It feels like us Barca fans went all in for Messi winning the world cup, and now we have to suffer for years.

  24. Dominant performance. Trossard looks like a steal.

  25. maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think both City and Man Utd will benefit greatly if Kane plays for City and Haaland plays for United. Literally the best striker for each team.

  26. Nós deixamos de merecer depois de implodirmos contra o Marselha nos 2 jogos.

  27. O que dói mais é que as outras equipas do grupo são claramente mais fracas que nós, só fomos eliminados por sorte pura

  28. Honestly coefficient be damned. If us and Wednesday were in Europe I’d want to see them get absolutely embarrassed week in week out. If that means less qualification places, and that might affect us, worth it.

  29. Either the remontada or the liverpool-barcelona game, at least in recent memory

  30. World cup winner and MPV, most likely balon d’or winner 2023 Messi you mean?

  31. That's what the entirety of PSG's legends and old guard, have been saying for months. Removed they insanely over-payed retired, exhibition player and you get more budget and quality to tackle the UCL project.

  32. As long as they cater to individuals they will not achieve any meaningful collective goal.

  33. He did, the refs just gave him 5 penalties

  34. Not sure by what metric you'd measure that, but by viewing metrics, there's not a single NLD in the Top 5 of all-time (2 Liverpool-United games)

  35. I must be lucky, it was like 15 seasons until I got Loures into the champions league. My board is pretty easygoing

  36. My Marseille save has been nothing short of a disaster.

  37. Tfw fm players don’t know how to play the game

  38. Still sent your goat crying, a botola player bitched your best ever player and consoled him while leaving the stadium.

  39. Yeah, refs robbed us while all you played was park the bus tactics… yet you still idolize a convicted felon… and classless fans, such as that little girl… where are the parents…

  40. We call them dragartos, little pathetic union to take down mighty Benfica

  41. What else do you want? Many people vote in their preferred parties as if they were a football club and not something important.

  42. Tbf most politicians here support Benfica

  43. Ronaldo manifesting a transfer to Bayern through Mané…?

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