1. I mean, as long as you're not in a relationship with someone and you're being relatively safe, go wild. Enjoy yourself. Try new things. Some you will like and do again, others you won't and will not.

  2. Max is just an object to Nux and Slit - this only changes in the split second before they head into The Storm, when Max crashes into the windshield and they look at each other.

  3. Ha. Ha ha ha. Getting drunk and doing stuff I regret on a spiritual, existential level is why I only drink once every other other week now, with the assist of medication.

  4. I used to have issues with doggystyle - not because of weight, but because of height. I'm five foot eight, and it was occasionally difficult at first trying to figure out how to "approach," I guess.

  5. I did, but I've accomplished most of them already.

  6. Incredibly. If I'm confident in any way at all, it's with sex. Took me a while to get there, though.

  7. I'm 30, and I've had sex with. . .20 people? 21 if we're just counting fooling around.

  8. Aware is good! The addicted part of the brain likes to zoom things in under the radar and keep you unconscious so it can get the booze down your throat more easily. Stay aware and don't let it do that without letting the conscious mind have its say. You may still drink, but at least you took a moment to weigh the one against the other. That's an important step forward! As TSM further weakens the unconscious addiction, your conscious mind will slowly begin to have more clout in the deliberations. Just like with TSM itself, improvement won't be linear but will likely trend in a positive direction.

  9. Just a post-script to my post from last week - this is very true! I took your advice and had another Naltrexone session last night. While I still drank one more than I'd planned, I felt a lot more conscious and aware of my choices during, and of my mental state.

  10. Sonic CD is one of my favorite Sonic games, because it's just such a full expansion of the pure ideals of 2D Sonic as imagined by Naoto Ohshima - it's dreamlike and surreal, it's alternatively a speed-based and an exploration-based game, and the time travel element adds a fantastic layer to both it's aesthetic and it's replay value.

  11. I've read the first draft. It's fucking great and, if they pull it off, this could conceivably be even better than Fury Road.

  12. Where’d you read it? Was it a leak or is this some insider knowledge you’re sharing?

  13. It was totally by accident. I was doing research for an article I was writing about another film the same writer co-wrote with George Miller, and I saw it listed as available to read on the writer's website by invitation and password only - except there was no password (how do you miss that?), just a download link, and how could I not?

  14. I'd say yes, but probably very few - the cities are basically bombed out warzones, full of gangs. That's why everyone flees into the Wasteland.

  15. I think he'll be playing Bullet Farmer, if anyone.

  16. Dang. I saw those two behind the counter when I went the other day. I meant to pick them up. Alas! Enjoy them!

  17. I would say there's a bit too much focus on the humans in this script.

  18. That's fair! I'd want to keep them primarily in the background - it's only Sonic and Robotnik that are important for the bulk of it, once the thing really gets going.

  19. To be more precise, if this movie is primarily going to be based off of the sonic 1 plot of robotnik and sonic going after the emeralds, then you don't really need to explain how their society works in terms of animals and humans. You also don't really need a scene of robotnik convincing the president to approve of his mission. You can just have robotnik mention he's beeen hired to carry out this task by a higher power, and allude to the reason why at different points in the story.

  20. I kind of agree, because that would definitely keep with the Pure Cinema approach I'm trying to go for. But, I'm also trying to worldbuild, too - half of the goal of this is to have a chance to really explore how this world works, at speed (in a sort of present-tense, "pay attention or you'll miss it" Mad Max: Fury Road approach), and really flesh out the world that's in the backgrounds of Sonic 1.

  21. I, Robot - the Will Smith movie is exactly this.

  22. Harlan Ellison's screenplay for I, Robot is brilliant. Unfortunately, it was far too expensive to ever be made, and here we are.

  23. Harlan Ellison wrote a script for I, Robot back in the seventies - it was fantastic, weird and experimental, and ended up not being made because it would've cost a bajillion dollars, and other reasons.

  24. One thing I love about Batman, in his best depictions, is that, even though he is the smartest, most capable man in the world - he doesn't view himself that way.

  25. Get it done man! With the correct approach, anything can be made

  26. I mean, the screenplay can and will be finished, but Paramount has their own series of Sonic movies that they're doing for the foreseeable future. It's just a fun pass-time!

  27. I have shared far, far too much of my sexual history and predilections with friends when drunk. Nothing's ever came of it, except I don't want people to know about the weirder stuff.

  28. The Hellraiser Scarlet Box, The Third Man on Criterion Blu Ray, Halloween Box Set from Shout Factory - for not out of print stuff, Ingmar Bergman's Cinema is absolutely essential, as well as Shawscope from Arrow.

  29. . . .huh. They have made some revisions, it seems.

  30. Mind sharing some high-level plot points of the treatment you read?

  31. . . .no, unfortunately! I don't want to get sued at all, and I know that they've noticed me talking about reading it because I found it by mistake on the writer's website because he left it unlocked (it was one of those "read by password only" things, except there was no password, only a . . . download link? How do you miss that?) and how could I not, really?

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