1. Nope! I’m completely out. Probably gonna take a week off of trading

  2. Make sure you save enough to cover the short term capital gains taxes on this

  3. Following to see OP post 3.35 billion dollar RH account after 24 months

  4. What’s funny about this is if I had 3.35 billion in my Robinhood account, I can only withdraw 50,000 a day per Robinhoods rules. So it would take 185 years to fully withdraw all that money

  5. Save for taxes when you cash out…

  6. I’m very bullish on $APRN, SI decrease of 14% is a very good sign

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  8. $APRN is starting to gain momentum towards a possibly massive short squeeze. It’s not a great long term investment imo but the potential for some excellent short term gains is definitely becoming more apparent.

  9. I bought long slightly otm calls 2 days ago. Was up 2X before close. :(

  10. I have 4 15 calls in ford and 12 12.5 puts. Hoping it doesn’t hover in the middle but mostly hoping for a rebound tomorrow morning followed by a large sell off quickly thereafter. Good luck!

  11. Can someone give me an estimated Tf of this happening?

  12. $BIOR saw a 234% gain January 9-11. Are you sure the squeeze hasn’t already happened?

  13. Will look into this. Hoping the support is there. Any TA’s looking at this?

  14. Just when I thought I was the only guy in here buying Ford calls:28993::28993::28993::28993::28993:

  15. So far Ford is in the lead, we have until the 10th to see how these two perform. Personally, I think Ford is going to beat Ferrari, either by gains or smaller loss. Place your bets below.:8883:

  16. Personally I believe this is a bull trap. A lot of companies (tech included) are beginning to release earnings statements surpassing expectations, but interest rates were hiked and will continue to hike as stated in the FOMC meeting. Almost half of Americans are in bad debt, inflation is still a problem, and things are getting really expensive, while wages aren’t adequate for the new environment. Don’t get me wrong tho I do hope the bulls get some great gains in the next few weeks

  17. With so much volume being held and the possibility of a rate hike today, I’m rather bearish in the short term for spy, but we will see

  18. Burry practically lives down the street from me, maybe I should ask him a few questions :12787:

  19. Base hits add up. I made $70 today on a quick roll of the dice on AMD 0217C75. I'm too chicken shyt to hold through earnings. Burned by ER too many times for that and I NEVER look back at what could have been. When they print it's addicting, loss will screw your head back on straight. Good luck fellow degen.

  20. Thanks bro. Sold today about .07 cents below the current ATH of today. Made good profit. I knew amd would surpass EPS, their data center revenue did excellent and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I just have to see how Amazon is going to do tomorrow and what the fed does today. GL!

  21. You’ll just have to suffer with all that money and generate jealousy.

  22. That's not "fraud of the highest level", that's IV crush.

  23. I don’t understand, carvanas IV is still 238%. Was it twice that or something earlier? I don’t follow

  24. Just be weary of the FOMC meeting decision. I think amd is going to do quite well though. They have been announcing some damn good things in their Earnings call today. They did 7% better than they expected!

  25. What are you having trouble with? Plug in the info you need into text fields to simulate a return based on each strike and timeframe.

  26. Is there anything like options profit calc that allows me to see what an option from yesterday would be today at a certain price?

  27. Because the chances of doubling a .05 cent contract is higher than a .60 contract...

  28. My brother in Christ, the chance of that option doubling is exceptionally low, which is precisely why it’s so cheap. Even tho you think the option only needs to go up five cents, the movement in the stocks price required to produce that outcome is much more significant than for the more expensive 60 cent contract. That is why the .60 contract costs more. The chances of both these options doubling are not the same.

  29. Thanks for the well written post and research. Very up in the air with Amazon at the moment, only have a small call position, $155c 7/21 exp which is extremely ambitious. Will update but not looking to good at the moment imo

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