1. From what I understand, people don’t play LoL willingly. More of an abusive relationship kinda deal.

  2. Where the fuck are you getting that from, the post mentions LoL literally once-

  3. Maybe they just really want everyone to know how insufferable they are yk

  4. Posting a picture of a baby animal making jokes how you’re going to kill and eat it…

  5. it's just a joke- and it's not something the rspca would deal with?

  6. Check his post history. Guaranteed this guy is NOT caring for this animal in the correct way.

  7. Through the fire and the flames... Really? They're the same thing...

  8. North Korea would need to give him 72 virgins women without parasites, $1 Trillion dollars, and 2 ICBM’s. For him to approve there bid to host FIFA World CUP 2045.

  9. Am I the only one with year 11 mocks on the last week of school?

  10. There's no point doing them last week of school cuz you won't get feedback before your actual exams. Mine are this week, next week and second set in february

  11. Okay but the whole point this thread was making is that attacking tool just because their album was above taylors in the charts is toxic

  12. Thor 4 ended with Jane Foster going to Valhalla. The Moon Knight series featured Marc Spector going to The Field of Reeds, and Taweret complimented the beauty of the ancestral plane.

  13. Odin talked about asgardians not really being gods, it just being a title iirc + thor is actually with his people most of the time unlike bast who no living wakandan has actually seen, time travel was explained by science or smth, space aliens and magic rocks aren't the same as the afterlife, and omnipotence city wasn't revealed to the whole world so shuri would have no way of knowing that

  14. Age would be relevant here. After i read the article because no context was given, the child was 8, and the mother took him out of the car because he annoyed her. Not a capital sin but not normal parent behaviour either.

  15. "Oh, you saved me," he screams down the line. "The comedian's fucking wank and I'm not having a nice time."

  16. Iirc the scrambled eggs lyrics were something McCartney was trying out with the melody before settling for the current lyrics so it isn't a parody either I guess

  17. Not exactly those lyrics, although it did originally mention scrambled eggs so it'd still be a parody (original lyrics were more like "Scrambled eggs oh you've got such lovely legs")

  18. There are other ways to find out than calling the cops because a kid was spraying stuff on a tree. A literal child.

  19. The people that are against Wright are so strange. Imagine wanting an actor removed from a role for a political opinion. No republican would be able to watch the mcu if they did that. So weird.

  20. Encouraging people not to take a vaccine that could save hundreds of lives just because of your own misunderstandings about them isn't a problem because of politics, its a problem because its harmful to people's lives-

  21. Someone also lost a pharm company a shitload of money by saying insulin was free now

  22. Elon musk is the opposite: tries to make himself out as some powerful guy who's doing great things for everyone but really he's so weak he gets butthurt by being the subject of a joke on twitter

  23. Brackets, Index, Division, Multiplication, Addition Subtraction

  24. Thor was a pampered prince. Wanted for nothing. Got the best of everything. Then lost absolutely EVERYTHING!

  25. I’m pretty sure that I am able de differentiate between your (possessive) and you’re (contraction of the words you are) 👍

  26. They were rewriting the comment to mock the confidently incorrect person :slightly_smiling:

  27. WELL that assumes the letters k, a, n, y and e are equal in value

  28. Thank youu so much🙏🙏🙏- I do notes and make flash cards out of them and then past papers. Do you have any revision techniques to recommend?

  29. Have you tried doing practice questions? It can help you identify areas that you're struggling in or show you how well you're recalling information.


  31. i wanted to do that but felt like the title would be too long lol

  32. Had to say grace before meals and occasionally sing hymns in assembly or pray for events such as Easter and Christmas (2014-2018)

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