1. Clarckson,Gordon,Levert,Lonzo,Porter Jr,Dinwiddie :D Im just laughing my ass off.

  2. Sabonis had some terrible plays during that France run

  3. If not for refs then KP would soon avrg triple double with blocks

  4. Its shouldnt be KP because he doenst train in USA in summer.

  5. 1.That shouldnt be hard if they wanna actually play with each other..KP and Luka had the best pick n roll/pop in the league past 2 seasons for points for attack. Last season KP pretty much never got ball after screens or when KP would roll Luka would do the same for no obvious reason.

  6. Whats the point of Spida if you have Brad still on the team

  7. He can be 4 on O but on D you pretty much waste his talent at 4

  8. A pre-training camp is GREAT for this team. Beal, Kuz, and KP haven’t played together yet.

  9. KP has 2 national team games for WC at 20-27 august +/-

  10. Dont care about who follows who but Delon cant follow anyone else :D

  11. Wait why can’t they trade Bam? Just because they wouldn’t have another guy to fill his role?

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