1. I spray after each shower and I bathe at least twice a day. I'm noticed for my scent multiple times a day.

  2. I never counted before this reply, but I have just for you! 2-8 sprays depending on the fragrance.

  3. It's rare when I smell fragrance on women. I always notice a good smelling man. But women, I can never pick up on what it is unless the DNA is obvious like Alien or La Vie Est Belle. I'm impressed that you guys noses are so sharp!

  4. I ❤️ everything Mugler. I've always enjoyed both, but I never get tired of Angel. I wore Alien so much when it first came out. I haven't tried the newer formulations via L'Oreal.

  5. I'm more than happy to share what I'm wearing. I'll write it down or even pull it up on your phone. That's w fragrance, clothing, jewelry or anything someone asks about. I get asked about my hair alot. I have a stack of my stylist's cards in my purse. I'm a very secure woman, sharing won't tilt my crown 👸🏽

  6. Halston Woman Amber, I used to find it for les than 30.00. Love the stuff.

  7. After it's finished in the slow cooker, broil it for a few minutes to crisp all that delicious fat!

  8. SHAGHAF OUD: reminds me of the the priest singing "Let us proclaim the mystery of our Faith," right before Hallelujah! Saffron, Oud, Rose...Nag Champa incense all day!

  9. Why does anyone like the smell of anything?? It's preferences and opinions. There is no right or wrong scent. It's highly objective. I like patchouli because I like the way it smells.

  10. There was one in my schools basement, for bingo night. I remember having to go down there for music class, it smelled just like The Regal Beagle

  11. My go-to freshie is Gendarme! I think it’s classified as a men’s fragrance but it is easily unisex. I’m female and like Gendarme and way better than their female version- Carrière, so that’s another one to check out if you’re female.

  12. Agreed. I love Gendarme. I have every variety except the women's version lol

  13. SJP Covet -- A weird bitter lemon over lavender and chocolate. This won't be for everyone, but it's certainly unique.

  14. Hi! I found Stash Unspoken today and finally got to try it! Your review is spot on. Thank you for the recommendation. This will be perfect for the upcoming summer 🥰

  15. I never let my roast turn to Alpo. I always use chuck (Angus if available), always DEEPLY sear, and maybe 2 cups of liquid's gonna make its own juice. I Always use the high setting, 5-6hrs.

  16. Water. After searing the roast, pour water into the pan and scrape all the good stuff from the bottom. You can throw in a beef bouillon cube for good measure.

  17. Aveda Nutriplenish shampoo Aveda Cherry Almond conditioner Native strawberry taffy body wash Dior jelly exfoliating mask Chanel Le Blanc cleanser Chanel No5 bar soap & shower gel Chanel No5 all over body spray Chanel No5 body lotion Chanel No5 glitter body oil (this one is more perfume than bath product)

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