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  • By - St0pX

  1. Not sure why you feel the need to attack me personally over a comment. I said nothing about you directly. However, perhaps you should look up idiot savant?

  2. Yesterday Jupiter and Venus were both visible to the naked eye and tonight we get thundersnow.

  3. For sure there are people today who are thinking this is a terrifying sign too

  4. I picked early, and my bag is actually the best one I’ve had yet, I’m so excited for it. I was hoping it was because we are getting products better suited to us, not because they are clearing them out :(

  5. Condo living is community living, babies, cooking smells, pets and all. It is too bad that they are rude about it though, I am planning on having a baby in the next year, and already have plans of putting decorative sound proofing on the walls I share with neighbours to be less disruptive.

  6. That’s awful! But I really need more details now, I also have people in my life who blame things on demons/curses/etc.

  7. i was having a massive mental breakdown and ended up in the emergency room because my parents thought i would hurt myself (which i have a history with, so, fair). the nurse practitioner who saw to me told me i was mentally ill because i had let demons in my head (implying that...i let myself be possessed by demons or did it on purpose?) and i needed to pray to god and let in the angels instead. while in an extremely fragile state of mind. in an emergency room. i reported her the next day

  8. Ugh that is so terrible, and I’ll never understand why people who should be educated in their own field behave this way. My mother told me I was cursed from about 15 to adulthood, now she’s a psw and I’m so scared she’s going to seriously hurt someone with her “good intentions”

  9. Can you explain it again though? Am I the only one annoyed? Lol aside from that it’s super neat

  10. There’s elves now!? Oh man this HAS gone too far on the gage!!

  11. I just hate when there’s snow on the ground after there is snow

  12. What’s first watch? Everything is confusing me so much.

  13. If he was genuinely confused and asking for an answer that's forgivable, but considering the sub I doubt it

  14. Lol noooo, and the full story is even better. He was telling me about why he just broke up with his ex, she’s an OBGYN “do you know what that is?”, and he didn’t like that she had a better job and made more money then him. I was truly blown away.

  15. It’s misleading, with inadequate support. A randomized controlled trial is great, but will vary greatly in quality, especially something so complex, done in such a broad world wide way. So read, and also know that these scientific publications, are written for other scientists, and are greatly misunderstood by laymen

  16. There is not a single peer reviewed study that says masks work. Not even 1. Tons of studies with other results though- they all concluded masks don’t work to prevent covid. So to answer your question- yes. It’s absolutely weird to wear the mask. I’ve explained to my kids that at this point you can spot the mental illness, as people are literally wearing it on the outside these days.

  17. So, this is such a silly kind of frivolous comment, I probably shouldn’t even bother …. BUT, your telling me, that there have been absolutely zero peer reviewed studies about masking, period. They’ve been around in use since 1848 if we really want to go back. As for pulling your kids into it and your thinly veiled insult, I think we can do better for our youth no?

  18. Yup pretty much the same! meanwhile my younger brother the golden child, used to make salad dressing and oh my gosh he’s going to be a chef he’s a genius!! Fast forward, turns out I’m the smart one with a career, and he’s 30, never had a job we didn’t get him, still living with mommy who protects him since he got caught posting CP to discord

  19. Women have slower reaction times compared to Men

  20. I was forced to get 2. Not getting any more

  21. But why was he filming her before she let him use the pillow??

  22. To be fair, I read that it is possible to hold it in, up to a certain point. But you need to like...I don't know how much power and control you need to do that and I only read that this is possible. Even then what an asshole to steak period products from her.

  23. I’ve always wondered what her deal was! How do we know her name!?

  24. Everyone here is saying kids do that cause they are kids, which is true, BUT when I was a kid I would NEVER have done that, and spent time picking apart the colours and placing them in their correct container. I was a fun kid apparently.

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