1. I have crafted spears with me. Do you know if the durability will be affected by fishing with spear?

  2. It is not. I havent fished much, but when i did it last time with spear the weapon didnt loose any durability

  3. Its basically a meditation practice. This game really has it all.

  4. Traits for a Chuck Norris play through? Sandbox of course because point reallocation will be needed

  5. Impossible. Even with max fitness and strength, PZ cannot give an accurate portrayal of the one-man WMD that is Chuck Norris. I mean there’s no roundhouse kick!

  6. But it could be ! Mods can solve any need we may need.

  7. Unless you play on Gog in which case vanilla is all youll ever have.

  8. Ill be there from Wed 1st onwards,if you wanna meet for a meal/drink, or if you wanna see someplace on the island, we can go.

  9. God dammit everybody was fucking ripped in that show.

  10. How do you people find so much bourbon ? Wine, beer, ok i tend to find quite of that too but, bourbon ?

  11. Go to Louisville. Go down the road that's up against the river. If I remember right, it's almost all the way north. That's the distillery where the bourbon is made. Check every container you can find. You'll have a hell of a lot of bourbon in no time.

  12. Is it really worth to keep playing a save after your character dies ?

  13. One of my first playthroughts was like 3 minutes long: i sprinted face first into the spawning house wall and nearby zombies got me too.

  14. Personally i would ditch keen hearing and brawler.

  15. Lycra mecca sounds like a hell :) but I will check out Puerto, i had been there many times but had not noticed city riders, messengers and bicycle culture other then commuters and tourists

  16. Its all uphill ! Thats why you dont see em.

  17. A more advanced panic/ptsd system. Maybe not that term specifically but something that has to do with the trauma involved with fighting other people. If my guy can fight one zombie in the beginning and become terrified imagine the toll of fighting another person, imagine the toll of killing another person. That would also add some depth to traits / occupations like veteran. I'd love to run the risk of my character losing their sanity/humanity and needing to interact with people more often in good ways than in bad ways. This game is begging you to treat it like a big sandbox to play in and for you to create your own stories. I think it'd be pretty cool if it kept contributing to that

  18. Its pretty ambitious, a feature like that, well implemented, i bet its real, real, real hard.

  19. You are too prideful. I imagine because youre too young.

  20. so I'm supposed to just accept I was born as worthless trash and do what? work my job for the next 50 years?

  21. Throwing away the pride would be a great start. Do that first, then come ask after. Give it a thought, read my main comment a couple times.

  22. You americans are hilarious. First the “tip”, now the fee. You are pioneers in running away forward, quietly, but surely.

  23. In one week ? I started the game not too long ago, and the vehicles dont have any margin for movement. They're stuck by the trees.

  24. Para 751€ de mierda que es la sanción grave ya ves tú lo que les supone a cualquiera de las Big 4 una de esas. O una detrás de otra, da igual, lo tienen hasta presupuestado en el balance seguro, de antemano.

  25. Dude this is so good. Youre a good person. You could charge 90$ for the program and yet you decide to do it for free.

  26. The only game that made me pay 30$ for a deck of cards. And the only one that will do.

  27. La idea de quitar Huelva de en medio y meterla dentro de Sevilla tampoco me parece mala del todo.

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