1. You're going to want to remove the calcium sand asap - - it advertises as digestible but it clumps inside their gut when ingested and the calcium content encourages them to consume it. I have no idea how it's still on the market.

  2. Yeah, I’ve read that since putting it in yet another time. It’s kinda absurd that almost all substrates on the market are basically said to not be good options lol. Will need a soil based mix for isopods, or could I use it with a sand substrate as well? Only asking because I’m not sure if the soil will make my beardie really dirty every time I put him back in his tank.

  3. The soil is important because it adds traction so they can move around easier as well as making digging and burrowing possible. I use dairy cow isopods but I don't think the species matters too much. My dragon doesn't get dirty unless he splashes around in his water dish.

  4. Electrolytes soaks are safe, just know that they need to drink the bathwater to benefit from it.

  5. I would let him eat as much as he can in about five minutes, since he's still going growing.

  6. Juveniles should get insects multiple times per day ,as much as they can eat within a five minute time frame. Live food should not be bigger than the space between the dragon's eyes. Variety is important, so I like to rotate between small superworms, mealworms, dubia roaches, black soldier fly larvae, crickets, and hornworms. Waxworms, butterworms, and hornworms are great treats.

  7. Looks like a potentially infected femoral pore. I'd make a vet appointment asap.

  8. Ty!!! Forgot I made this post and already bought some substrate, but if it turns out to not be safe I’ll definitely be picking up some sand!!!

  9. The bags I find are the same size as a normal bag of soil. The jurassic naturals is also fabulous though!

  10. Thank you!! I forgot to mention the substrate I got- Do you know if the zoomed bioactive substrate is safe? If not I’ll definitely be picking up some sand tomorrow!

  11. No problem! And that sub is fine, the only reason I wouldn't recommend it is that it's cheaper to make your own, but it's perfectly safe to use! 😊

  12. I have a juvenile Indonesian frill. He's pretty flighty still but in general he's a sweet boy. I have mine in a six foot grow tent currently but this summer my fiance and I are going to build him a wooden palace.

  13. Mine was super skittish until he was closer to 2 years old. Hand feeding and gentle handling (especially at night when he was sleepy) has helped tremendously.

  14. We just had a fecal sample done a few months ago and I was told he was fine. And he isn’t lethargic or showing signs of parasites so this was a shock. We took a warm bath and I don’t see it. I’m curious what you guys think!

  15. It'd be fine for general tank lighting, but if you're asking about UVB, this doesn't emit any.

  16. How are these guys ? I was thinking about these for a while. Thought they were cool.

  17. He's still a juvenile but he's a really neat guy, although I get nothing but disdainful looks from him. He can be shy but he's never tried to bite; they're generally docile.

  18. Helioptile and Heliolisk! I love them because they are also frillies! ❤️

  19. The solarmeter 6.5 is really the only reliable and accurate one that the hobby uses, which is why it massively sucks that they're like $250.

  20. Oh jeez definitely cannot afford that rn. Are they really necessary??? Just spent so much money upgrading to Arcadia bulbs and fixtures for 2 beardies.

  21. Really only inverts.. There are some tiny herps that could use a 20g but none that can really comfortably live in a 15g.

  22. I have a 120, and in my opinion it’s the smallest one should go. My beardie is just a little over 3.5 months old and even though he is tiny he’s already using 100% of the enclosure.

  23. From how long you mentioned her being at purchase, that describes a 2-3 month old beardie.

  24. It can work, but it's at its best when mixed with organic topsoil and playsand.

  25. No, it's recommended to use a t5 Arcadia 12%. Solar glos don't have strong enough UVB and also are only useful while the animal is directly under it.

  26. You'll want a 50/50 mix organic topsoil and playsand. As long as your husbandry is correct, the risk of impaction is minimal.

  27. Hey, I found this online is this a good substrate? Thanks for the link and advice!

  28. I've heard good things about that one. I'm in the states so we don't have it here, though.

  29. A lot of folks dragons on this sub as of recently are going though male seasonal hormonal changes. Lots of big boys acting crazy and restless and dominant cuz it's that time of year again. 😂

  30. I'd use something like Repashy's beardie buffet. It's a powder that turns into a gel when mixed with hot water and can be stored some time in the fridge. It will likely be more nutritious as well.

  31. do you think 11 gallons it too small for a leopard ?

  32. Leopard gecko needs a 40g long enclosure, so this would be much too small. Mourning geckos can work but since they often procreate by parthogenesis, you would end up with more than you can handle.

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