1. I played bow all through MHW/IB and have been trying to master Rise Bow because something just wasn't clicking. Thanks for these new wrinkles!

  2. I had a great time playing through all content solo in Monster Hunter World with the bow. I enjoyed building bows for each element and setting up loadouts, taking my time. Not sure why, but it seems like bow gets a bad rap in multiplay but I understand that while it is easy to solo with it takes some skill to be a good contributor on a team with it.

  3. Sounds like you're doing fine, and just ran into a bad batch of leaf lovers. It may sound counterintuitive since you're just starting out, but I'd avoid haz 1-2 lobbies; haz 3 is where the game really begins unless you're genuinely new to FPS-style games and need some extra hand-holding while you get up to speed. Haz 3 swarms are big enough to apply some pressure, but should still be quite manageable as long as the team sticks together. Haz 1-2 missions don't really teach you much beyond basic cave navigation, and may have a higher concentration of unpleasant players as well.

  4. Good advice; I was generally seeking out 1-2s on the notion I'd find other beginners

  5. Sometimes it's immediate, which I can assume is people just not wanting a low rank player or maybe not wanting a gunner. A lot of times it will be mid-mission or after a battle, where I have, admittedly, gone down but also do my share of rezzing. A few times I've caught folks in chain gun fire but only because they crossed into my line of fire, not because I purposefully fired if they were in melee range of a boss or elite.

  6. Suplex City starring Brock Lesnar ragdolling anyone and everyone

  7. Unaware of all the unwritten laws of DRG I directly joined a random lobby and started playing immediately – and that was the best way for me. The dwarven community is just super cool and forgiving, and going down (in multiple senses) is part of the game. (At the end of each mission there are statistics on how often you were revived and had to be revived yourself.)

  8. Thanks for the reassurance! Having a good time now but haven't left gunner yet!

  9. Add me Cf-100Steeves if your hosting games I'll join I usually play drg either on PC or console for at least an hour a day

  10. Dragon's Dogma. Has it's flaws for sure but my god I love it so much that I've bought it on PS3, PS4, PC and finished it more times than that...

  11. Hmm that’s odd. All my iconic and specific quest missions (like the SHIELD ones) disappear off my map once I complete them and then the only way I can get them again is as a random map sometimes in Quick Match.

  12. If you back out to the main menu, are you choosing Avengers Initiative as your 'campaign'? I forget the exact names but there are like four 'campaigns' you can choose to load into and the one I load into just has everything open. Like 100+ missions available.

  13. Usually I just click “Play Now” but I tried what you said and that seems to do pretty much the same thing. I have 76 missions right now, all campaigns are at 100% except the original one which is at 92% like everybody else.

  14. That is strange; I was able to get all campaigns to 100% and have all missions available in perpetuity. I'm on PS5 if it matters.

  15. Old thread, I know, but wondering OP if this worked for you? I just finished it, took forfuckingever, and it didn't complete his mission chain for it. Argh.

  16. I keep a google sheet of everything I eat and all my sets/reps/weights each day, as well as my steps, my feeding window, and my amount of time asleep. I put some formulas in there to sum up totals on protein, fat, carbs, sodium, sugar and calories and to then subtract from the calorie totals my BMR and calories burned from walking and approximate burn from workout. I try to end each day on a deficit.

  17. This is amazing and beautiful work and also I can't not hear Cavill shouting "I CAME IN LIKE A WREEEEEECKING BALL!"

  18. To be like The Doctor (Who): A beneficent, helpful and impartial 'cool uncle' wandering the world helping people fix things or achieve goals but remaining transient, unknowable, and ultimately alone. But it's for the best of the continued mission :)

  19. I am of the opinion the entire Ugly Casanova is worth a listen. I love Cat Faces, Digging Holes, Hotcha Girls...

  20. Slept under an overpass, saw a bobcat, stopped a suicide, visitied the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and got dumped... but also got introduced to Ugly Casanova, Rufus Wainwright, and Cat Power in the process, and I kept those songs with me to this day. So, worth it.

  21. Why does the game have emotes? Never understood the point of GK having emotes.

  22. Actually that sounds about right. My family is at a loss for what to do at this point. He has received like every sort of punishment imaginable, whether it's hours of cleaning, no electronics for x days.. etc. He legit doesn't care cause he will just go to bed.

  23. SCRUM. You only need a rudimentary familiarity to be honest and I taught myself basic SQL and Python with online programs like Treehouse, which I believe you can also use free with library membership. But I really think you could even get away with skipping straight to SCRUM the way my friend did. He never even bothered learning the other stuff.

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