1. so many!!! there’s one story we tell every year- i don’t know the player or the ballkid, our supervisor just uses it as a cautionary tale so the kids understand boundaries- that a player asked a ball girl to tuck his shirt in for him bc he didn’t want his hands to get sweaty (NOT OKAY).

  2. The Venus story is sending me 💀 what a funny / cute memory for that ballboy!

  3. And look at him running away. small kid who doesn’t know how to fight 🤨

  4. The gif of Roger dancing is sending me 💀 where is that from? There seem to be two instances within the same gif

  5. You can ask them if you can give it to a friend - I had this issue once with a mattress company and they said they’d refund if I could find a taker for it and they’d sign a letter saying I’ve given it + pics of them taking it as proof

  6. Ten little players at the AO to shine;

  7. I am from India, there aren’t many current famous Indian tennis players other than Sania Mirza (and man I was OBSESSED with her when she was starting out) - so no, most of my favourite players are from various countries of Europe actually.

  8. Listen I think a lot of us want Murygoat to win but realistically I think RBA will win in maybe 3 or 4 sets.

  9. In fairness, I assumed the same of Berretini. That said, RBA probably wins, but I'm holding out hope.

  10. True but that was also the first round so he hadn’t played two 5 setters yet. No matter the result tho, love Murygoat and his drive.

  11. I was at the International Tennis Hall of Fame two days after he retired lol (they were literally playing the last Laver Cup match live there) missed this! They have other kits worn by various players too :) they also have a hologram of him there

  12. Fun fun but let’s never do that again. FAA stresses me out on the regular lol, love the guy tho

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