1. They sound pretty great, I’m hearing things I never noticed before on albums I’ve listened to a ton of times. I sometimes wish there was a bit more punch in the low end, but maybe I could adjust the port to enhance that down the line, and I plan to add some batting internally which could help a bit I think.

  2. I'm considering designing a version for the 12". Is

  3. Yes there is also a 322C “high output” model. I haven’t looked k to it very deeply so I’m not sure what the realistic differences are between the two.

  4. Very nice P2P layout! Where do you get those terminal strips hanging off your tube sockets?

  5. Lots available on eBay. Here’s a example.

  6. Great, thanks! I will use some on my next project.

  7. Awesome build! This looks exactly like what I want to do. It’s the perfect combo for my skill level. What’s your website? I’d love to get you beta on how you built this.

  8. Thanks, I’ve actually started working on the blog post this week so it should be up in the next couple of weeks.

  9. Looks very pretty! One question… why did you put stretchers directly below the bench top? It’s gonna make it challenging to clamps to the the bench unless you have really long clamps!

  10. That's a good question, I thought long and hard about this.

  11. Very nice work, finishing looks great.

  12. The VFD is tucked up under the table so it shouldn't get any dust falling directly into it.

  13. I’m seriously impressed. How well does it work?

  14. Thanks! It works great. A (small) part of the reason I built this is because a decent quality bandsaw would cost several thousand to purchase where I am and I’d probably still need to mess around with it a lot to get it to cut nicely anyway.

  15. Is it all plywood? If not wouldn’t the ambient moisture changes cause wood movement that would throw off the wheels being coplanar?

  16. The frame is constructed from pine, but it’s a laminate structure so there is no wood movement. Come to think of it, it’s like a giant piece of plywood!

  17. I’m sure the project would’ve been easier, if you had a bandsaw to build the bandsaw ha ha ha, great job

  18. Once you get about halfway through the build the bandsaw is functional, so you can actually use it to make its own parts :)

  19. Looks really nice - what do you anticipate the max cutting depth will be ?

  20. With the blade guard at its highest position it will clear 270 mm.

  21. Yep, I've seen his work. A friend of mine built an 8 inch version using the 328C which is what got me that interested in trying this out.

  22. Did you get to listen to the 328c? How did they sound?

  23. The 328C seems to sound like 321C but as expected with less bass response due to the smaller driver. The same compression tweeter is in both of these units, although if you go all the way to the 322C I believe that has a different tweeter on it.

  24. Thanks for the response. The reason I ask is that I am planning a build using the 328c. I have space constraints at the moment so don’t think I can manage the 321c or 322c. I’m not a bass head but would like them to sound balanced and not lacking in the bottom end.

  25. Headphone Trick: connect headphones to the output of the OT, energize the PT and listen for hum while you move the 2 around each other. Use wire nuts, or just tape, on each wire of the PT secondary so they are all isolated and there's no current flowing, and connect the primary to mains thru a current-limiting device. Take a TRS headphone jack and solder leads from the Sleeve to the 0-ohm tap and the Tip to the 8-ohm tap.

  26. Thanks, that sounds like an interesting experiment, I’ll give it a go.

  27. The PXfmr and choke look Ok as you drew. Having th OTX on the bottom is good. Place them at right angles.

  28. Thanks, do you mean turn them 90 degrees so they are the same orientation as the choke?

  29. I'm in NZ where we run 230/240v so I guess I should make sure I am using 1A...

  30. By the way, beautiful amp. My goal with this build as well as the last was to spend less and the up with better parts that people usually upgrade anyways.

  31. Thanks, I actually really wanted to purchase the kit as it was my first amp build but shipping to New Zealand and currency conversion makes it ridiculously expensive.

  32. Nice work. Where do you get those breakout turret boards you use around the tube sockets?

  33. How did you get on with this OP?

  34. Does he? I can't seem to find it on his site, do you happen to have any more info?

  35. Hard to tell but that looks more similar to a uni push rip off not uni click so you may need to install like this:

  36. I wish it was that simple! The geometry is not the same, there is an undercut on the short edge so you can’t just lay it down after engaging the long edge at an angle.

  37. You don’t need to tilt the short end in. Tilt the long end and make sure it’s completely flush on both contact edges. Give the panel a few taps on the opposite long end to make sure it’s locked in. Then lower the the panel down and give a few taps on the short end (with something in between) then follow the instructions above ^

  38. I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work. This laminate has a different geometry to all the other generic ones I’ve seen.

  39. I've been using WD40 to clean and then some 3in1 oil. Apparently it's a very common technique and used on firearms for decades etc..

  40. Those are called "dauphine" hands. They were a thing through the early 1960's, so only some early 1500's have them. Yours looks like it's from about 1960; I have a

  41. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

  42. I'm just here to thank you for making me discover Hiatus Kaiyote... Growing old (I'm 46 now) I'm loving more and more this type of soulful, funky, live and a little bit rhythmically complicated music...

  43. It was also my pleasure. These records aren't mine so I am also relatively new to HK, liking what I've heard so far!

  44. I was trying to find it in the comments what's the name of that record??

  45. Man I’ve seen your amps on diy tubes. Didn’t realize you’re the same guy doing this. I’m just getting into woodworking and planning out my bench. I was going to drop serious money on benchcrafted hardware but you’re really inspiring me to try making something myself

  46. Thanks. Glad I've inspired you to give it a go. The BC kits do look really nice but as you say they are pretty pricey, especially if you have to ship internationally.

  47. If you don’t mind me asking, are you an engineer by trade? What’s your background to be a proficient machinist, amp designer, woodworker?

  48. I studied Mechanical Engineering and am employed as a "Product Development Engineer" in the medical device industry, I also studied/worked as a Graphic Designer previous to that. As far as woodworking goes, I'm just learning and would definitely consider myself an amateur. My electronics knowledge is basic, which is why so far I have only built kits or well documented proven designs.

  49. St Peter's cross with the 12 mm steel plate, did it require welding?

  50. No welding. I waterjet cut the profile, drilled and reamed the holes. Turned a custom stainless steel shoulder bolt for the pivot in the middle. Have a look at my Instagram story if you want to see the whole process and how it goes together.

  51. This post doesn't do this justice! Wow so impressed after watching your instagram story

  52. Thanks for checking it out! I am planning on doing another post once the bench is fully completed and I've written it up properly on my website.

  53. Thanks, take a look at my Instagram which is linked above, there’s a couple of stories there which detail the build so far.

  54. hey guys. thought some of you might appreciate this. my uncle has been making amps for years and when i asked for one for my 16th birthday he made this. recently realised it’s been 10 years, and still going strong! can’t remember why i needed 5 inputs and a way of connecting two sets of speakers but here we go.

  55. This is really cool. I’m enjoying your uncles blog. I’ve been looking for a nice tube circuit to build and this has me tempted. I’m an amateur though and not quite sure if I fully understand all of the circuit :)

  56. The stands you have the LS50W's on look very nice. Would you mind telling me what they are? I currently have mine on some budget stands purchased from Best Buy but I'm moving them to the living room and want to upgrade.

  57. I think they are the official Kef stands designed for the LS50?

  58. Jesus Christ. I just paid $270 for a sheet of 3/4” with walnut veneer and thought that was insane.

  59. Yeah we are always so jealous seeing how cheap and readily available that stuff is in the US!

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