1. I've used both, they both worked equally well. But the FF feeding schedule goes through the grow big quart way too fast. And the gh stays mixed better. So I chose GH on my recent order

  2. Yeah dude i blew thru the grow big before the end of my 2nd grow but have tons of the other nutes that came in the 12 pack.

  3. I dont like concentrate that old. It was sold at full price. Why spend the same $ on something that has probably experienced some potency degradation when the same $ can be spent on something fresh? If it was discounted that would be different

  4. So many down votes all cause dude wants fresh product. Just start growing brother it doesn’t get any fresher than that.

  5. Didn't know that about Colorado, but it's not surprising, considering the Rockies. But, I'm well aware of what Oregon is due for, especially every beach trip I make.

  6. Half the people who camp have no idea how to dig a proper Latrine not to mention make a proper fire circle. Or how to disassemble one.

  7. I’m an Eagle Scout that’s been to the philmont I’ve done my fair Share of shittin in holes and roughing it. I’m trying to shower and wipe my butt comfortably while smoking some weed.

  8. So you switched up from the oil and are just decarbing in the smasher and then adding to a cart? Still I’d say lower the temp and decarb for longer. I decarb at 180-200 for at least an hour usually 1.5-2 hours and it saves so much terps but again whatever works for you best is what I’d stick with.

  9. The Grateful Dead turned them off to vending. It was pandemonium seeing the band there in the 80s. I don't blame them...

  10. My parents payed for a permit to sell hotdogs then they were told they can sell dogs the day of cause there’s a vendor inside that has the contract for all hotdogs so they sold napkins for dollar and you got a free hotdog 😂

  11. So you pay for things but things do not get payed for they get paid for?

  12. Do you see any benefits it’s the way you’re drying compared to hanging?

  13. It would take up the entirety of a room twice this size to dry hanging. Plus it’s messy. Takes more time. If it was a smaller operation, it would probably be worth it to hang.

  14. Notice the difference in quality or taste or weight? I just chopped my first quality grow that I’m super proud of so I decided to try dry and wet trimming to see if there’s a noticeable difference in the quality when it’s all said n done. I don’t have a persons body weight In weed tho lol so I get why you’re wet trimming but if you were doin a smaller op what would you prefer?

  15. To be fair, until we actually see what they provide, I think it is best to be skeptical. Them selling out and having to close is not good for patients though I do know that

  16. I get that but I’m talking about quality not ease of access. they’re brand new haven’t even had a grand opening yet as someone else has mentioned. They’ll get in their groove and start pumping out the goods im sure.

  17. I hope they do but I’m not so sure that they will be able to handle all the hurdles Florida’s placed and keep up the quality. I would go so far as to say that we as patients are responsible for a lot of the problems down here.

  18. I mean they survived in Cali I’m sure they’ll be just fine in Florida but only time will tell.

  19. I’m gonna tell my kids to eat their chicken first or else they’ll end up at the bottom of a bottomless marsh. 😂

  20. Kinda odd considering alpine valley is known to be a honey pot.

  21. I hated dabbing thc a powder it didn’t get me high at all she lacked substance. But I’m sure mixed with something else she packs a punch.

  22. Noooo I have no idea. I was just thinking and then it sorta clicked. I’m guessing that’s the intended use.

  23. Dude soaked buds or wax in everclear and then soaked salt in that. He’s gonna let the Eve clear dry and he’ll be left with thc infused salt for eating.

  24. I have jars of sugar I did the same thing with. Tried to do it with some siracha powered but it just got all clumpy no matter what.

  25. Eyyy sick. I love growing cause it connects me to my plants. I started with fruits and vegetables and slowly fell in love with the struggles of trying to grow some fireee.

  26. I used North Atlantic Seed Company and theirs seems pretty legit. I would recommend them.

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