1. Also, that's another beauty of blademaster I forgot to mention. You're not at all reliant on teammates after wave 5. With any other class you could have your base overrun and be in trouble. Even if you're demo, if eng doesn't build a locker, you won't necessarily carry your team past wave 10, or past wave 2 of frenzy. And then it'll still take time to accumulate the power to build one yourself. As marksman, you can't do much about enemies rounding the corner on many maps. And without freeze card you need to rely on said randoms for the bosses.

  2. Blademaster is a fun class and the next one I’m working on getting to level 20 after I finish Nomad tonight. Then I’ll have all Assault and Tank classes complete.

  3. Hmm, I'm not fond of protector on horde myself. Find it very limiting, especially if enemies are grouped together. And blademaster applies just as much bleed when perked, I believe, and has a lot more resistance. 32 minimum all types at any time, up to 96 for melee and ballistic.

  4. I haven’t played Protector on Masters yet, just messed around with him early on when it was just “Emile”. Like I said though I think Protector is better for single target but Blademaster is better for crowds, personally I’m more of a single target type of person. Really any melee class will be hard to play on Masters difficulty because you’ll want to keep enemies at range, regardless of how much resistance you have, everything’s still probably going to down you before you can say “oh shit”.

  5. The permanent accuracy penalty in Halo 3 made dual wielding a horrible choice. In Halo 2 the accuracy penalty only applied when firing both weapons at the same time.

  6. Post launch support has ended for the game. Servers have been a major issue with the game the last few months, but maybe they’re fixed as I haven’t had any issues the last few days. I wouldn’t recommend getting the game for just the multiplayer if you’re not familiar with the Gears series. It’s not a ‘dead game’ but it’s definitely had a better player base. The only people that seem to play these days are brand new players just picking up the game or the sweatiest of sweats.

  7. I stopped playing a year and a half ago because of server issues and playing with silvers in masters doesn't sound like much has changed...

  8. Servers got way worse around mid April when packet loss issues with the South Central US server that made the game become virtually unplayable. It looks like they may have finally fixed the issue a few days ago, I say as I knock on wood.

  9. The servers have been dogshit for so long now. It’d be easier to swallow If there were even whispers of Gears 6. Alas…

  10. Yeah it’s goddamn shame that the only real active Gears game right now is virtually unplayable on competitive servers.

  11. Was there ever a fix for hearing footsteps? That’s always bothered me.

  12. The only problem I’ve ever heard with footsteps is somebody running up directly behind me. Which still happens from time to time.

  13. If you’re looking for a ranked system in Gears, you’re long past its prime. The ranked system was overhauled numerous times before support for the game stopped, and it was left in a state where “rank” is no longer a thing.

  14. Do u think mnk would be better or controller?

  15. Personally I play on mouse and keyboard. You may be penalized a bit in the movement area depending on how you set up your keybindings, but I would rather hit fat spreads on people spasming on a wall with barley moving, than spasming myself on a wall and missing my shots.

  16. Gears 5 is the best story since Gears 2. Anybody that hasn’t played it is doing themselves a disservice.

  17. It’s a standard closed bolt automatic rifle. Works similar to an M4A1 in today’s world. But whoever designed it clearly took inspiration from the MP5 submachine gun line giving it a left side charging handle that sticks out like that, and when animating it they gave it the MP5 slap without realizing they didn’t put an indent in the rail to lock the charging handle.

  18. Honestly I love Vega. He’s the typical Jarhead, and that’s not a bad thing. Characters should encompass a large variety, even the stereotypical sort of bland ones. It’s not bad to have one, but you put too many together and that’s where the issues start.

  19. Yep, exactly. At least he was punished, she’ll be rewarded, probably be Sgt Diaz next game

  20. Dom disobeyed orders based on flimsy intel from an old man that his missing wife may have been in the Hollow, stalling the invasion of Nexus by likely a few hours.

  21. I’ve answered this before on a similar thread but here’s basically why, in my mind, they dismissed it:

  22. True, but that works for a description of facts. Here there is little uncertainty on the name. Saren, Sarin, Saran, Seran, whatever you can imagine. That's not something there's a lot of room for error on. I mean why would this dock worker in the middle of nowhere know by name the top council operative? Or if he did hear the name, would he have remembered it was a Turian?

  23. It had to be done. It was an impossible choice that lead to many people resigning/committing suicide over it, but there was no other way.

  24. I matched up with Unyshek in SWAT in Infinite a couple months ago.

  25. Mass effect really would be a much shorter story if they just used helmet cams

  26. Ashley actually makes reference to their armor cams, saying they have them and she hopes the Council accepts it as evidence of the Reapers

  27. I'd rather steal Joker from EDI tbh. I mean, i saw him first...

  28. By far my favorite way to play has been full on paragon, good hearted caring person in ME1

  29. Well... Did you save the council or not???

  30. “It can do tricks to! Like blowing up in your face…”

  31. In January/February of this year I started receiving letters that looked nearly identical to that of a W-2 letter, with the marked edge line for you to bend and tear off neatly…

  32. CT-4763 accidentally pressed an extra zero on the acquisition form for the officer pualdrons and kamas

  33. “Sorry but we can’t order any PT gear, annual clothing budgets been used up in other areas.”

  34. They have scars. Probably different than a II, but absolutely they have scars. If just from having their lungs ripped out and new ones installed.

  35. This is pretty much what I expected, just wanted to be sure I wasn’t entirely mistaken, thanks!

  36. Excuse me, a 5e-ish setting for Halo? Are we talking about D&D?! Please enlight me, that seems DOPE!

  37. The LE versions were a slightly different color scheme than the OG’s. I wasn’t too thrilled about my Adam Fenix having a clone that looked almost identical to my $100+ version.

  38. Adam Fenix didn’t have an LE skin. Mechanic Baird, Commando Dom, Thrashball Cole, Savage Grenadier Elite and Savage Kantus had them, but Adam Fenix remained a unique one to the LE edition.

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