1. The money being "spent" on Ukraine (meaning actually just giving them equipment we already have) was always gonna be "spent" on the military. Unless you're arguing that the military expenditure should be reduced overall.

  2. Leftists will go nuts about this.

  3. Not sure if the state has body cams, but the county I live in does.

  4. That is the worst response you could have given like legitimately the worst one

  5. Doesn’t the mpg on a normal truck go down when hauling an rv

  6. What’s the percentage of loss of efficiency? So it sounds like this battery is losing 60-70% of its capacity. What’s the range on an F150 without the weight and what does it lose with the weight added on? If it gets 200 miles but can make 600 to the tank normally, the battery is actually working as effective as the gas. I don’t know the range though cause I don’t own one.

  7. When I had a F-250, towing a trailer I got 16m per gallon. Without the trailer, 20m per gallon.

  8. Bussing immigrants to DC was called a 'gimmick' just a couple months back, now it's a 'crisis' with only a few thousand arriving in DC.

  9. Lol. 'Southerners' aren't cowboys. How you even have an idea that they are cowboys baffles me.

  10. Pretty common in Oregon. Most of the ones you have to deal with are homeless. Bike thefts and grabbing stuff out of vehicles is somewhat common.

  11. I'm just happy we're not spending millions each day in Afghanistan! Thanks, Joe!

  12. Glad you support the US military budget, so they can waste it on a grifter! USA🇺🇸; USA🇺🇸!

  13. Why would someone who can pay for government assistance be on government assistance?

  14. Because they hold a job for a month or two, collect unemployment along with SNAP without paying a dime to support the program.

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