1. Appreciate the video. I enjoyed it. I did find the mixing to be a little harsh at times.

  2. I get what you’re saying but these numbers could be skewed by overall volume of WRs that are over 6’ vs under. I’d need to see if that ratio is just the ratio of league wide height difference.

  3. My biggest issue with pretty much all of the movies that came after Predator is how they trivialised the Predator's strength. The first one featured Arnold's character and a team of battle-hardened soldiers, and none of them stood a chance against the Predator in hand-to-hand combat.

  4. I don’t remember much about predator 2 because I haven’t seen it since I first watched it but I remember that final fight and being pissed when Glover just basically killed it in hand to hand combat (sure he had the weapon thingy but still). No offense to Glover but he isn’t Arnold and he didn’t even have to outsmart it or anything (which is pretty much the point to the first movie). AVP kinda brought back the unstoppable Predator though if I remember correctly.

  5. Wasn't the predator wounded, tired on its last legs by that point? Idk, I remember loving that movie

  6. Maybe I’m miss remembering but I thought they were both kinda injured. I liked the movie up to that end, waiting to find out how a detective in his 50s was going to out smart the stronger, more advanced Predator, only to have it end in a mediocre hand to hand combat scene where I’m just wondering how Glover is even standing let alone parrying.

  7. Would gladly trade Giorgiev and Girard for Oettinger.

  8. If dallas is having cap issues signing both Otter and Robertson then how would trading for 8.4 AAV help?

  9. literally who tf is out here taking THG's words as if it's from god himself lmfao

  10. It’s especially weird to say this about THG who never acts like he is always right or high and mighty about his opinions. He’s just a dude who really likes hockey and wants to talk about it.

  11. MacKinnon only scored 40+ once in 9 years zero Harts & Zero Rocket Richards, it's not close & I don't understand the Crosby comparisons.

  12. I’m not going to try and argue that Mackinnon is the better offensive player but using an arbitrary 40 goals in a season mark is really selling Mac short on how good he has been offensively the last 5 years. Over those years he has played 338 games with 167 goals and 442 points. That puts him at a pace of 40.5 goals and 107 points per 82 games. For comparison that’s the same points rate as Leon over that time (though he has a higher goals rate at .55/g vs .49). Mac hasn’t hit 40 goals more that once because of injuries and Covid, not because he isn’t capable. To say he isn’t close to Draisaitl when they have the same points per game over the last 5 years seems overly dismissive.

  13. Karl Mecklenburg is getting some real disrespect in this thread. Ray is the better player by a lot but if this is best player in Denver sports history than Meck’s 11 years, 4x all pro, and 3x AFC champion makes home the greater denver player.

  14. I meant no disrespect to meck. I'm just a way bigger aves fan

  15. I get that and this is the Avs sub so I get the overall feeling, but I just really love Meck and hate that he is almost getting forgotten as a bronco great because that team never won a SB and Denver seems to just want to forget those SBs/teams ever happened cause of the way they ended.

  16. But he's also not generational defensively? He was pretty iffy defensively in the playoffs. Generational defenseman implies you're among the best at both ends of the ice. So guys like Lidstrom, Bourque, and Orr. I don't see how Makar is on their level, and that's not a slight on Makar.

  17. How does comparing Makar to three all time greats who did not play at the same time as Makar show that he isn’t generational? If Makar is the best D of his generation then he is a generational defenseman. I also don’t think we were watching the same playoffs if you think he was iffy defensively. He wasn’t playing his absolute best if the SC finals but he was shutdown in the first 3 series, especially vs Edmonton.

  18. He got 9.5 in the same year Marner, who is a winger, got 10.9, matthews got 11.6, and rantanen got 9.25

  19. Is this accurate? Cap friendly says point signed his current contract in 2021.

  20. I don't think Bettman gets booed because he's the commissioner. He gets booed because he's Bettman. But I'm too selfish to want all of hockey to have Sakic. He's our hockey genius.

  21. Idk, every commissioner of the 4 major sports gets booed. I think the boo’s follow the title at this point more than anything.

  22. I remember him getting booed when he gave out the trophy to the Bucks but I’m not sure it happens consistently. I don’t really follow the NBA as much.

  23. The deal feels like sakic taking a break from the tough negotiations to knock out a quick deal.

  24. Mike Green peaked at 57 points so giving Makar comp seems like it’s a very very low end comp.

  25. Mike Green scored 30 goals with 73 points in 68 games one season. Is it that hard to read a players stats?

  26. Wow, you are 100% right. I am very high and read the assist column instead of the points. Apparently it is that hard for me.

  27. Jfresh had Seattle as one of the best teams in the league last year so, these rankings mean absolutely squat.

  28. If you’re talking about last years version of this war projections before UFAs are signed wouldn’t it make sense that the Kraken are high? They didn’t have any free agents so it was comparing a full team to a bunch of partial teams. Or am I misunderstanding these projections?

  29. Because the penalty is very explictly and clearly defined in the CBA. There is no mention whatsoever of a credit.

  30. So the overall cap available to the players just goes down in this situation?

  31. Yes, just like it would have had the Hawks not traded Keith, or when a player on a 35+ contract retires/is bought out. It doesn't actually change the collective salary dollars paid out to the players though due to the 50/50 revenue split.

  32. A Pussy Riot member escaped house arrest if I remember correctly. There’s a chance but I wouldn’t have high hopes.

  33. The avs window has been kind of open for a few years and will probably be open for another 5. It's pretty crazy.

  34. Yeah, I’d say the window opened up in 2019-20, but didn’t have injury or puck luck vs Dallas and just fell apart against Vegas.

  35. Been traveling so would not be surprised if I missed it, but this article says EJ "will return" to the Avs. Speculation or has he decided to come back?

  36. I haven’t seen anything official so I think it’s more like nobodies heard anything about him retiring so everyone assumes he’s coming back. He said in an interview that he considered retiring last year due to all the injuries but coming off a heathy season, defending a cup, and getting paid 6mill seams like a lot to walk away from.

  37. This might be my favorite goal call of all time, and I only understood a word of it.

  38. Lately doesn't just mean this year. Of the top of my head there are somewhere around 10 HCs right now that are first timers.

  39. Is that a good amount though? I just ran through the NFL coaches and over 20 are in their first head coach stint, which is a league also known for “old boys club” mentality.

  40. I’m fine with sky over Dotson and this is a great answer. My only quibble is with point 2, Vegas is all about getting an equal number of people to bet on each side. Because he’s tied to mahomes people are going to be attracted to that upside and willing to bet on a higher line.

  41. Establish The Run podcast recently did a podcast with someone who works for a Sportsbook and I suggest listening to it because it was really interesting. This was a questioned asked and he basically said that only happens on incredibly large events, like the Super Bowl game lines, otherwise that is not how they set their lines.

  42. Definitely should be above the Steelers and Celtics.

  43. It’s hard to include a team with an 86 year championship drought as a top 5 franchise in all of sports. If you’re adding another baseball team I’d would have to be the cardinals.

  44. The first season is somewhat serious, honestly. After that it flies so far off the rails lmao

  45. They were definitely trying to be more serious in S1 but I can’t take any of their shows seriously, maybe that’s why I enjoy them.

  46. yeah man imagine if his camera grew a gun or barbed-wire bat or something and started attacking the cop

  47. Have you watched the full video? It adds a lot of context.

  48. Don't make any difference now. Browns ownership and GM showed that TDs are more important than human decency . I hope they loose the money, picks and DW#4. I hope Baker wins elsewhere. I hope Browns go last in league for 3 years send loose #1 pick each year. Once the team changes will due to no other owners like the current owners way of doing business....I will be back to a City that it great and deserved much more than the shit show this has caused.

  49. I only want the browns to lose the money if it doesn’t go to Watson. as much as I’m disgusted by the browns here Watson is still the worst in this whole thing and if he lost that contract it would help, even if only slightly.

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