1. If you’re smoking a full gram of rosin in 2 days man I’m impressed.

  2. No it's to expensive wouldn't be hard though even in 1 day? Point is they screw you on days!!!

  3. My man if you think you could smoke a gram of rosin in one day, every day, to a point where you’d run out of days, I’m gonna just say have at it

  4. Gota have pts for flower and edibles also! Don't think your getting it!

  5. That would be my guess as well. Otherwise how would shake even come close to 35%?

  6. Purple Panty Dropper which Purple Haze X Oregon Grape X Matanuskan Mist

  7. Businesses are changing definitions because they don't know what they're doing. I saw an ad for temple balls and it was talking about tradition to press it with heat or however they explained it. What it really was is some high temp low grade Rosin 😆. And the price was marked up lol. Straight scammin.

  8. Sounds like False advertisement by revel! I WANT SOME REAL HASH!!!!

  9. Its's bad enough the government is involved with cannabis, really don't need insurance companies involved! Would make things worse not better!!!! FEDERAL LEGALIZATION WITH NO GROW RESTRICTIONS!!!!

  10. Still w8ing on FS to come out w live resin pods!!! Tally Mon is my favorite flower in the program!!!!

  11. My daily is a MJ arsenal Infinity . I have a mini jig and a Titan that I don't use.

  12. Still use my Infinity often but now I got the Gemini my current daily, smooth large hits also little bigger rig! Highly recommend MJ Arsenal Also!!!!!

  13. That's crazy! They know rec will not be happening this year and it's going to drive up prices! IMO!!!

  14. I posted the same its just more medical discrimination!!! THANKS REDDIT!!!!

  15. I think it's cause the subreddit got flagged as 'NSFW' or not safe for work cause of the mature themes and such. I guess they blur the images for those scrolling in public, I think you can turn it off but I'm not sure how

  16. well that's bullshit what if you work in the industry? more medical discrimination!!!

  17. I get that but I don't know if I want to see the pic if its blurred! I'm not clicking on every one that's crazy!!!

  18. Yeah! Get the live resin pods they are far superior to regular distillate!!!!

  19. My dispo just got the 11.32g of northern lights smalls back in and it’s killing me to not go buy it today lmao. Gotta save my money for those 2.5g of rosin lol

  20. Got the FS NL 14g shake for $68 otd on sale mostly (80%) small bud pieces and about 20% good shake, more like ground buds! Sure beat the pow smalls goin around!!!!

  21. Well today is June 3rd no event at zenleaf so not seeing the point of this!!!! Is it false advertising or what?

  22. This is the calendar that BR published. Usually on Event Days, that dispensary has a discount and a rep at that dispo. Any time I’ve seen them at the dispo, it’s usually between 11-2, but the dispo should have some kind of sale for the whole day.

  23. Got their flower once it was crap won't buy anything verano!!!!

  24. Everytime I open my new jar of lighthouse scientific crumble I almost spill it the lid is shit!!!!

  25. I avoid buying most bagged flower because they're so hard to open. They make a lot of the stuff in the program more than inconvenient.

  26. Not like the bags are resealable the seal separates from the bag 8 out of 10 times first time its opened...they are a joke!!!!

  27. The Klutch was Fire think they only ran it once, haven't seen it since really wanted to find a half!!!

  28. People really need to stop buying Chizle until they stop their nasty sterilization methods!!!! Buds supposed to moisten back up very easily theirs does not due to chemicals!!!! AGAIN NASTY!!!!

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