1. OP-He kisses that mouth, do you think you should tell him? Tell him to get STD tested as well.

  2. Why the hell is eve in the starr force trio, it's so stupid

  3. I like how shy she is, it's so cute

  4. You can ask him/her on a date

  5. love hurts, i always confess, because i don't want to keep it in there

  6. My best friends girlfriend is giving him blowjobs since the second month of their relationship I think it's normal She once even wanted to do him a blowjob in front of me while she was drunk

  7. That's a funny story, she said: "I want to suck ben so badly right now"

  8. why did you still want to play after the disgusting gear update?

  9. The gear update releasing and me not being maxed out anymore (I was free to play) I quit because of that

  10. It's sad how brawl stars is dying and noone plays it anymore Those idiot Devs don't want to fix gears and power 11 It's annoying

  11. I dont think its annoying. Gears i think are ok and pretty good

  12. The progression sucks because of this Power 11 sucks and is too expensive As a f2p you'd need more than 3 years to max your account after having every brawler on power 9

  13. Brawl stars sucks recently tho After gears, nothing has been the same

  14. Yeah the brawl stars devs suck recently

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