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  1. It's almost like free money does that to an economy...

  2. Lol this was done once before and every flamed the OP for wasting tests.

  3. Did anyone read the spellement pack description? It's complete and utter lies lol.

  4. They don't serve me = racist, obviously.

  5. GET A NICE MATTRESS! Your body will thank you, and it's worth every cent.

  6. Just saying... were you not present for the inspection?

  7. If it was so easy and worth it, someone else would've done it by now OP. Skip it.

  8. If it’s the rear, it only goes on one way so the abs ring isn’t it

  9. He said it could he contacting with something, a bracket I believe? Not sure..

  10. You might have lost a spacer and now the speed sensor is touching the abs ring. Look on the brake disc side.

  11. Right... because China's info is legit 😂😂

  12. Don't lose faith! I got a USDA loan approved in this crazy market. It's possible!

  13. Ah yes, because advertising you age to strangers is always a good idea when you're a child.

  14. Yeah, you're also being a horrible customer by watching them work. Leave them to their job- that shit is so annoying.

  15. I managed to buy a house at asking with a fricken USDA loan last month.

  16. I love how people are defending legit theft and blaming OP because of an honest mistake lol

  17. I almost commented "is this an anti-meme"?

  18. I’m British. Lived in America last twenty years and I can’t wait to get home and eat fresh healthy foods of different cultures. Local farms. Fresh cream. The food in my part of the USA is utterly utterly awful yet the Americans constantly joke about how bad the food is in England even though most have never left their own state.

  19. If your food is bad, go shop where it's... not? Crazy concept.

  20. As they say, if you don't like the weather here wait a few days.

  21. If you're only wiping once... I've got some bad news for you....

  22. Your reward is cleaning up the community.

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